On the Bubble – Solar Eclipse – August 21st @ 28 Leo

Credit: National Geographic

Lyrics: Humming House – Great Divide

“We were southern souls on a western road as the valleys climbed into mountains tall and we wondered why we were there at all.  It was the Great Divide and the mountains tall.  Singing, oh – We were singing, oh.  And if we find our way we may never be the same.  And if lose anything, what have we to gain if we don’t try to go, we may never know what we were built to be.  Only we can decide across the Great Divide.” 

August accelerates us.  It’s now undeniable we are in the throes of a “shift.”  When a terminal patient is preparing to transition hospice nurses refer to the patient as “being on the bubble.”  They know it’s simply a matter of time.  They do not know the “WHEN.”  Because the span of a human lifetime is so short, there is no context or framework to view the broader historical point of view.  History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.   On the bubble! 

Over the past one hundred-plus years Humans have been experiencing the process of “Selving.”  That means we can think/act apart from the Collective/Group/Party.  Some call it individuation, some call it molting, others – shedding a skin.  LGBT.  Suffragettes.  Civil Rights.  Environmentalists.  Like the ice that breaks away from glaciers (calving), Humans are breaking away from the current Status QuoIt takes time.  But when it happens, oftentimes we experience it as “all of a sudden.”  An old way of life is simply wearing itself out.   On the bubble!

Eclipses occur when the Sun – Earth – Moon align – casting a shadow on the Moon (Lunar Eclipse) or blocking out the Sun’s light (Solar Eclipse).  The upcoming Solar Eclipse is being called “The Great American Eclipse,” because it will cut a path across the US, from Portland to Charleston.  Eclipses announce change!  On the bubble!

Holy Shift!

It is a Paradox!  A major human cycle is coming to a close. It happens roughly once every 1000 years.  Earth Regeneration.  It started in 1989 with the Uranus – Neptune – Saturn Superconjunction in Capricorn.   The Universe needed to get things moving and has more time than a human can possibly imagine.  The Earth was “seeded.”  All those baby – seedlings born in 1988, 1989 and 1990 are getting ready for their first Saturn Return.  They’ve already had their “dark night of the Soul” when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.  They were born with a purpose and they are not Saviors, but rather the change-makersJust wait till they turn 37 – in Full-Bloom.  Holy-Moly!  On the bubble!

The Cosmic Alarm sounds and they wake up!  As crazy as it sounds, by the time we reach the 2028 US Election there will be a 3rd party, a global political party.  It’s the “after-party.”  We’re shifting from Rule of Law back to Natural Law.  It will take a few hundred years.  Over the next 12 years, the pace of change will be so rapid that people will learn ‘in the moment’ using new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  The ability to gain new knowledge will be more valuable than the knowledge itself.  On the bubble!

In an extension of today’s “gig economy,” companies will set out tasks to be completed – then use information technology to match the task with the people and technology that have the necessary skills, anywhere in the world.  Factory jobs are being replaced with robots.  The majority of jobs that will be needed in 12 years haven’t even been invented yetExpect social disruptionOn the bubble!

The Paradox! In the US it’s becoming self-evident that while the Founding Fathers set out to create a new experiment called “democracy,” they actually recreated massive inequality in present-day America – the very thing they sought to get away from in the 18th century.  During their time a person was born into their class and that’s where they stayed – renting space to farm land unless they were Aristocrats.  There was no time to pursue the illusive “happiness.”  The beginning has been taken out of contextOn the bubble!

The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 28 Leo on August 21st is connected to the August 11, 1999 Eclipse (Saros) and is on the same degree as the August 22, 1998 EclipseHistory RhymesOn the bubble!

August 11, 1999 – August 21, 2017

Asteroid Truth (249521- OOB) was at 27 Aries in 1999 – Uranus stations Rx on 8/3/17 @ 28 Aries. The Truth is that Humans have a much greater capacity to handle change under extreme duress that originally believed.  Self is unfolding.  Without Uranus we would never be able to move from where we tell ourselves We-Are.  What we do Not want to be exposed to and what we NEED to be exposed to are one and the same.  It’s a Paradox!  The angry and disenfranchised played the game called “American Dream” and expected to be rewarded for playing along.  They are disappointed and sought a Savior.  We very much need what is happening and unfoldingIt’s right on timeOn the bubble!

Black Moon Lilith and Pluto were conjunct @ 7 Sagittarius in 1999 – Saturn and Lilith will be conjunct @ 21 Sagittarius.  The question from 1999 that begs to be answered is “what am I saying NO to that I need to be saying YES to?”  The 2017 answer is “drop the agenda.”  Humans get intoxicated with “being wrong.”  We are NOT damned by this-or-that person/force/thing.  That’s false self.  Many want to be able to say and do as they please with no consequences.  If self is being provoked then understand that it is needed so “I can express what is going on inside.It’s a blessing in disguise!  Be grateful.  In October we say YES!

Saturn/Sedna – Uranus – Node T-Square (Taurus/Aquarius/Leo) in 1999 – Saturn/ Lilith – Uranus – Node (Sagittarius/Aries/Leo) Fire Trine in 2017.  Remember Y2KThe world is NOT coming to an End.  “America” is an ideal, a Vision.  America is NOT declining – the rest of the world is “RISING UP.”  Celebrate!  Under the surface what is happening we are each being asked to be our very best Selfless Self.  That’s Leo at its best, She Shines!  At its worst we continue to be the Self-Filled-Self.  Time to bring Heaven down to Earth!  On the bubble!

Convergence – Coalescing – Confluence

How much do we trust our own instincts over what we “believe/were taught” is right/true/correct?  The bigger question is “why do I continue to force myself to try and fit in?”  Stand up and speak out!  Collectively, “WE-ARE” moving away from – detachment, desensitization, distance, disassociation, denial and self-sabotage.  How can “me” being “myself” help others?   This is a brand new conceptOn the bubble!

Mercury is going to station Rx on August 13 @ 11 Virgo and back up to the sensitive Eclipse degree @ 28 Leo, where it will station direct on September 5th.  This gets the ball rolling.  We pull the trigger on “future-forward” by taking a step backWhat?  Mercury gets ahead of the Sun, from Earth’s point of view.  If we “want and need” but do not “trust and believe” we tell ourselves “it is what it is.”  That’s self-denying.  Something comes back from September/October 2016We are beginning to forget what we’ve known previously.

Mercury specializes in mischief when Humans get set in their waysOh my! The Rx will reveal something we could never have found in an “ordinary” state of Mind.  Purge.  Purify.  We-Are beginning to lose interest in self-deception by being aware we are deceiving selfOn the bubble!

Mirror – Mirror – Paradox!

The revelations that will be forthcoming from the August 21st Eclipse @ 28 Leo will be mirrored back during the February 15, 2018 @ 27 Aquarius.  We’ll be on the “other side of the fence” in February.  There’s nothing like a “common enemy” to invigorate and pull people together.  Pay attention to how news is presented.  Folks are standing up and speaking out.  On the bubble!

Life in America is like living in a Reality TV Show.  Popcorn in hand – we wait for the 2 famous words “you’re fired.”  Unless the Tweeter-in-Chief changes trajectories he may get a pink slip.  The West Wing gets high ratings globally.  The media will sell us the whole seat but we only need the edge.  There will be commercial breaks – “but wait – there’s more.”  Since the Universal Law of ‘cause and effect’ has long been established by the scientific community, it seems a bit surreal that we choose not to accept that it is in fact – Universal.  If it is Universal why do we not apply it in our daily lives?  We’ll get the answer before February 2018!  It is a Paradox!  On the bubble!

You’ve heard that voice for so long you believe it to be you, your best friend.  Where is the best place an opponent should hide?  In the very last place you would look.  You’re in a game, you’re in THE game.  Everyone’s in this game and nobody knows it.  And all of this, this is his world, he owns it, he controls it, he tells you what to do, and when to do it.  Do you know what’s so elegant about this little game?  Nobody knows where the enemy is, they don’t even know he exists.  He’s in every one of their heads, and they trust him, because they think they are him.  If you try to destroy him, to save them, they’ll destroy you to save him.  You have to admire the opponents’ elegance.” ~Revolver 2005

“There were ups and downs on those alpine peaks.  There was higher ground.  There were canyons steep, but we found, made our way with our voices proud off the rocky walls.  We could hear their sound singing, oh – We were singing, oh.  If we don’t try to go we may never know.  And if we find our way we may never be the same and if lose anything, what have we to gain, if we don’t try to go we may never know what we were built to be. Only we can decide across the Great Divide.



Step 9: Link – Sync – Begin | December 2016 Astrology

Credit: Robin Robertis

Credit: Robin Robertis

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with them, and they with me.”  ~Revelation 3:20

Link – Sync – Begin!  Life is Dynamic.  Life is not comfortableIt’s a Paradox!  Slow down – turn around, look at the past, so the Future can come into View.  What may seem like chaos and confusion is actually much needed change.  If it was not clear before, it should be obvious by now, that “life as we know it” is being shaken up!  Now the ‘real work’ begins.  Our Culture rewards Pretense.  It’s FAKE!  The more we pretend the more we are rewarded with validation and acceptance.

We each have an Answer – but what’s thequestion?’  It’s something new from ‘beyond our awareness’ and integration is now necessaryBarriers are very flimsy.  Pick Self up and brush off the dustFind The HIGHEST GOODBig-Picture.  Long-term.

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!  For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.”  ~Revelation 19:7

The Universe works in Mysterious Ways!

The New Moon @ 7 Sagittarius, on November 29th, sets the tone and brings much needed clarity and “next steps.”  Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the 9th House of faith, questions, Higher Self, adventure, Fairy Godmother, grandparents, Spirit, long-distance travel, abstract concepts, beliefs, foreigners, higher learning, legal matters, publishing, mysticism, spiritualty, divination, religion, prayer, adapting to outside forces and what “WE-THINK.”  What do “We-Think?”

Jupiter (Truth/expansion) in Libra (balance/relationship) rules the New Moon and is approaching the first Point of Climax (opposite Uranus) on December 26th.  This month brings a brand new point of view about the past, which brings a much needed deep-perspective about the present.  It’s called “Heartsease,” which is defined as “Peace of Mind.”  Living within our own self-constructed adaptations, we take what we are given biologically and survive childhood by ignoring the parts of ourselves that remain un-reflectedOuch!

“A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.”  ~Revelation 12:1

The Sun and Moon are conjoined with Juno (contracts/boundaries), Jupiter’s wife.  Juno co-rules Libra where Jupiter is currently visiting.  Mutual RespectJuno seeks wisdom through relationship.  Women are taught from birth to be the Madonna OR the Whore.  What if there was another option?  The Infinite FeminineLove without attachment.  Why does saying “I love you” have to imply anything?  Why do we expect something in return for our Love?

Think Post-Menopausal FemaleShe seeks only her lover, friend and Companion.  It’s time to remove the man-woman Masks/Roles.  Women are being asked to remove their masks first, by breaking free of The Mind (the part that says I have to take care of my needs, I am on my own and if things not going according to my plan, how can I make it go “my way?”).  Get out of your Head!

There is a dark-side to Juno thoughFeminine Energy is quite Mysterious.  For the past 2000 years we’ve lived under the aggressive-masculine-energy that rewards and recognizes those with the courage and strength to dominate others.  The dark-feminine will use magnetic-seduction for vindication.  She is a Queen and wants recognition with a Crown.  She operates covertly and in hiding.  Since she has had no place to express her feminine energy she often turns on herself.  When she rears her head it’s usually accompanied with seething rage.  Feminine and Masculine Energies complement one another.  Two halves make a Whole.

What “resonates” with the Soul?  It’s not a way of thinking, or an emotion, but rather a deep KNOWING (the Link).  It’s not something we can see or touch, and it cannot be hung on a wall.  Soul StuffHigh-Heart.  Get in SYNC with what resonates with the Soul.  Before we can BEGIN we have to “link and sync.”  Move toward that which has been lost so it can be healed and reintegrated into the Self that is waiting for Redemption.  Both Within and Without – we must define the pieces before building the puzzle.  Link – Sync – Begin!

The irony of it all!  This always happens during the “right timing” of things.  Here in America the Electoral College has chosen the Road to Redemption for us. For my liberal friends, please take a good-long-hard-look at your conservative brothers and sisters.  That’s how you acted in 2008.  And for my conservative friends, please take a good-long-hard-look at how liberals are reacting – it’s how you re-acted in 2008.  We can clearly see the irony of role-reversal nowWe’ve been challenged all year long.  Ready or not the outgrown is already in the process of falling away.

Humans can go about life sharing their Inner-Ness willingly or share it by being that person with such negative traits, you know, “that” person no one wants to be like.  We’ve all met one of those people.  We’ve all been “that person.”  Everyone is a Teacher!  Mastering our own personal growth means the whole planet learns and Universal Balance is attained.  Never allow anyone to put your “sparkly-star-shaped-self” in a beige corner.  The Irony of it all!

“All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast – all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.”  ~Revelation 13:8

December 13th brings the Point of Culmination with the Full Moon @ 22 Gemini.   Old Hippies grow up too.  There are gifts for those willing to flush them out.  Belly laughs are always welcome.  Find the vibration that resonates – link up with it – get in sync with it – persevere.  The key is to PERSEVERE.  Hold the Vibration!  Begin – Take action!  One year from now expect to be amazed.  Between the Full Moon and the Gregorian New Year, expect accelerationProjections rise to the surface faster than a speeding bullet, causing us to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Where are you SupermanTurning the Mental Projector OFF takes a great deal of practice, but the rewards are worth the effort.

When the desire for Absolute Truth is strong enough the ability to renounce the “lies” prevails and we can move onGemini rules the Natural 3rd House of communication, gender, what I-Think, “Will,” early childhood education and friends, laughter, neighbors, siblings, cousins, how I-Pray, day-trips, transactions, how I-speak, hearing, seeing, marketing, advertising, mental projections and preferred mode of transportation.

“Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test those who live on the earth.”  ~Revelation 3:10

Advertisers need and count on weak-willed-humans to survive.  From their point of view, “YOU,” the Consumer, are a “need waiting to be recognized.”  Since Human Will is NOT strong enough to attract what IT truly needs and is vital for Soul/Spirit Survival, they can offer up the latest-and-greatest-next-big-thing, because “it’ll make us feel good about ourselves.”  When Will-Power is extroverted it is weak and desensitized to messages and signals from the body.  Listen to the BODY, it never lies to usAdvertisers help us justify and rationalize our dysfunction. It’s called Retail Therapy!

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook – Linda Lancaster

“After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”  ~Revelation 4:1

December 1stChiron stations Direct @ 20 Pisces – One major challenge for humans is the underlying “wish” that someone else will come to save or redeem us, bring us worth, nurture or define us.  This wish is often born of a hoped-for childhood experience that did not happen.  Grieving the wish allows humans to take ownership of their own lives.  Life ebbs and flows and crossing this threshold reminds us that We-Are now on our way.  We live in a circle of cycles!

December 10thUranus/Chiron Semi-Sextile @ 20 Pisces/Aries (Between 2009 and 2038 they are never more than 3 degrees apart and will make contact 31x).  We each get 31 chances to let the past go personally AND collectivelyThis is chance #16.  Would you believe me if I told you no one is “broken” or needs to be “fixed?”  How many chances will it take for us to “get it?”  Life will go on with OR without our presenceWe-Are all Visitors on EarthWe-Are brainwashed from birth to see “what is NOT” through a steady diet of Self-PityVictims and Survivors!

December 19th – Mercury Rx @ 15 Capricorn – stations Direct @ 28 Sagittarius January 8, 2017.  Rewind.  Walk the Talk!  Our capacity to trust the Mysterious Rhythms that affect our lives is being strengthened.  Achieving “trust in the process” restores Inner Calm that would have once seemed impossible.  This is the same degree Mercury stationed direct on January 25, 2016.  Right back where we started!  If you are reading this then you have a 100% Success Rate for getting through BS!  Remember That!

December 21st – Winter SolsticeHave you ever read the Book of Revelation in the Bible?  Next time you read it, imagine everything being described as happening WITHIN, instead of the outer world.  The “End of Days” is happening inside us, not outside.  Could it possibly be a metaphor for our Inner-ness as it “wakes up?”  That’s a different story altogether!  One of the most interesting things about the Book of Revelation is that it is the only book in the Bible that contains a promise to everyone that reads it will receive a blessing.

“Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”  ~Revelation 1:3

December 24th – 26thSaturn trine Uranus @ 20 Sagittarius/Aries | Jupiter opposite Uranus @ 20 Libra/AriesCome on baby – light my fire.  It’s lighting the road ahead for the Full Moon Eclipse on Feb 11, 2017Imbalance is revealed.  The Universe shuffles situations and circumstances to line up the 2017 scenarios that will play out personally and collectively.  Begin!  The last week of 2016 is going to be a Ride – Hold On!  The Universe sends a Mega-Watt-It’s-Time-Signal.  Expect some kind of Disclosure of our Collective fear, but with the ability to finally find the QUESTION that matches our “answer(s).

Turn OFF Anti-Intuition and trust Self to KNOW what will “feed my Soul/Spirit.”  The Sub-Conscious is becoming Conscious.  Take appropriate action according to your own Soul/Spirit Knowing.  It’s time to re-discover the Living Spirit.  What we see and what we EXPECT to see are probably going to be 2 different pictures.  Expect the Unexpected!  It’s merely an opportunity to see a “real-life” present-day projection playing out in our personal life and on the world stage.  Turn the Projector off please!

December 27th – Mars conjunct South Node @ 6 Pisces – For some, HOPE is restored.  Why do we resist change when it’s obvious the world around us is changing?   Syncretism is defined as the “the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion.”  Knowledge appears in many formsLook for the Truth.  Ask yourself, “what is it I cannot SEE?”  Something deep comes up for re-viewThink back to the beginning of 2015Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

Become aware of personal habits and conditioning.  Nothing can really be taken away from us without our permission.  Remain flexible.  Thanks to greed Humanity has the Internet.  Please – Research for yourself, before jumping to conclusions.  Remember, the Media needs eyeballs to get the advertisers to pay, so they can sell us stuff that will make us feel better about ourselves.  ~sigh~

Sedna Activation – If you were born between 1940 and March 1962, Saturn will transit (trine) your natal Sedna over the next year.  Please say “hello” to your “future Self,” which will be “re-formed” minus the Self-Idealization, in the coming year.  It is not a negative, but it is a Paradox.  It takes great maturity to understand “specialness” creates its own kind of prison.  The “prison break” is scheduled for March 2017.  What you see in Self, please try to see in others.  We are more connected than we realize.    Discipline and perseverance will be rewarded.  Think back to 1992 and 2004. Connect dots.  Link – Sync – BeginFrom my Heart to yours, Merry Christmas!  Thank you for allowing me in your life.

“You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary.”  ~Revelation 2:3

Step 8: Initiate Resurrection Sequence – November 2016 Astrology

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone.  I can see all obstacles in my way.  Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.  Oh, yes I can make it now the pain is gone.  All of the bad feelings have disappeared.  Here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for.” ~Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now

We are witnessing history being written in the Human Legacy.  United we stand, divided we fallWithout the luxury of “Evil” humans cannot experience DualityWithout death we cannot experience Life.  We are standing on the Edge of Glory, but to some, it looks like Hell.  To others it looks like a New Beginning!  No matter what we call it, it’s changeStruggle and drama are optional.

Inside each of us is a deep source of renewal uncorrupted by the personality.  It is the source of the God-Spark-Knowing that resides within.  The Void.  It’s called The Heart of Wisdom.  Approaching the Void requires humility, leaving masks and ego props on the surface, along with all doubt and fear, as we plunge into the murky depths of darkness naked and alone.  How we approach the “Void” will determine what comes to the surface.  The final steps to “recognition” can only be taken alone.  Welcome to November.  Dive Deep!

The New Moon sets the tone for the Collective each month.  The New Moon on October 30th is at 7 ScorpioScorpio season is Autumn in the North (Spring in the South).  Descent into the Underworld!  “Keep it realScorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th House of death, sexuality, orgasm, kundalini awakening, all things taboo, shared resources, taxes, insurance, inheritance, emotional baggage, separation, regeneration, mask, projections, transgenerational patterns and recycling.  Humans fear the “dark places” because we are forced to look at our Inner Demons and psychological issuesScorpio’s symbols are the snake, eagle, phoenix and scorpionWisdom is accessed through “feelings” not logic!  We are Reborn.

*Initiate Resurrection Sequence*

The New Moon is ruled by Pluto (Modern) and Mars (Traditional).  Be open to Higher Inspiration!  Both are in Capricorn, the sign of “Status Quo.”  Both are capable of ruthless destructionMars creates tension with Uranus (frequency change), Eris (hidden superpowers) and Ceres (Single Mother) in Aries (self)Let go and hold on.  Honoring the Truth may sound like an ideal, but it’s nothing more than “next steps.”  To harness Scorpio’s transformative depths requires maturity, but maturity does not happen overnight.  It is the process of elimination.  It’s slow, it’s deliberate and sometimes we have to get burned in the process.

Are we a body with a “Spirit” or a “Spirit” with a body?  Go DEEP inside to the “Root Self.”  It’s our own personal Anti-Christ that thrives through our personal failing.  Without failing how could we ever discover what we’re doing?  Process of Elimination!  It’s easy to see – it’s our own brand of dysfunctional codependent behavior.  Is everyone a Victim?  Step back and observe the big-picture-long-term.  If we-are a body with a Spirit then we are busy fulfilling Human desire.  But, if we-are a Spirit with a body, wouldn’t we be busy “fulfilling Spirit’s desires?”  What are we doing here on Earth?  Are we afraid we’re going to get kicked out of the Garden of Eden againResurrection ahead!


November 14th brings us to the Point of Culmination with the Full Moon @ 22 Taurus, the natural ruler of the 2nd House of our home planet Earth, land, finances, breasts, security, “what’s mine all mine,” sensuality, beauty, fertility, sustainability, craftsmanship and seeds-rooted-in-the-groundTaurus is always in tune with the EarthWithout the valleys, there would be no peaksExpect a breakthroughEnough is enoughVenus rules @ 3 Capricorn and she’s headed to a meeting with Pluto and Jupiter.  It’s time to turn “thought” into “action.”  Something is now within reach as long as we do not fall back into “old habits.”  Rise above the negativity – the natives are NOT happy. 

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

The Full Moon is merging with Sedna, which Ms. Julie Demboski calls our “blind spot.”  (Wish I had thought of that!)  No one sees Sedna coming.  She REVEALS what’s beyond our awareness, the unseen and invisible, our “blind spot.”  Something becomes “Oh-Godself-evident.”  Sedna is the mythic Inuit Princess who, besides Jesus and Hercules, is the only female to go through physical resurrection.  She was a pampered Princess who suffers from “affluenza.”  Wealth and privilege could not save her from her own family.  How do we respond/react when not treated as specialAdjust as needed.

There is no milestone in life where perfection is finally reachedPerfection is a RevelationThe road to hell is paved with good intentions.  What if we were to discover that Earth is not a school, there are no lessons to learn and it’s definitely NOT a playground?  What if it’s all an illusion created by Self to explain and justify the fear of being on EarthHow would it look to shatter one’s self-illusion?  Are we full-filling the “body or Spirit?

Think back to May 2000, that’s when the current Jupiter-Saturn-Cycle was initiated @ 22 Taurus.  They completed their waning square a few months ago.  Next stop for these two is Winter Solstice 2020 @ 0 Aquarius.  By the time humanity reaches this point we will be closer to putting personal desire aside for “greater purpose.”  A way of life is over and we will spend the next 4 years getting over our “fear of change.”  The Universe works in mysterious ways!  Some of it will NOT be pretty to look at either.  This Full Moon brings a taste of things to come.  Between now and 2020 Humanity will make 2 leaps and a bound.  The next 4 years will move quicker.

Exit the Time-Loop-Projector

The Great Attractor is an anomaly that science does not fully understand.  It bends Light so much so that we can see what’s behind it.  It’s called Gravitational Lensing which creates refractive illusions.  It sits at 14 Sagittarius. What goes around comes aroundSaturn (Time) and Venus (Liberty) meet and merge right on the GA before the New MoonMercury (11/4) and Jupiter (11/16) make contact as well this month.

Do you remember the first time you ever fell in love?  Do you remember the “day after” you lost your virginity?  Chances are good that, looking back, few are with their “first love” and we all know the truth about “sex” now.  Now it’s easy to see we actually “fell in love” with our own projection of an Ideal.  As “time” goes by mating with God is the “bar we set” for Total Relationship.  Orgasm is a “little death.”  Is it taboo to talk about having an “orgasm with God?”  Depends on who you ask!

It’s “time” to let go of that ‘crystallized’ image of God as being someone else out there.  The God-Intelligence (insert your deity here) does want to change us – so completely that our “within-ward muscles” get a workout so our God-Spark can shine.  When the “little self” is all squenched up in a tight-little-ball-of-self-interest it’s difficult to wake-up from the “suspended animation” that we call that LifeHave courage.

November 14th – 24thNorth Node crosses Eclipse from September @ 9 Virgo (peaks on the 17th) opposite the February 2017 Eclipse @ 8 PiscesThe children are watching.  What is now “self-evident?

November 17thNeptune conjunct South Node @ 9 Pisces – Think back to January 2000, when Neptune and the South Node merged at 3 Aquarius.  A new cycle begins.  Why do we not likeflow?”  Be done with shattered illusions from the past.  It was all a projectionWhite America is getting a “wake-up” call.

November 19thNeptune Direct @ 9 Pisces – Something from June comes back up for review.  Neptune is the “window of the Soul.”  Synchronicity is alive and well.  Please define “surreal.”  Are signs, symbols and portents confirming our own bias or is this a door to the “promised land?”  Is it “real” or is it a “projection?”  Time will tell.

November 24thHappy Thanksgiving AmericaPluto (change)-Venus (women)-Jupiter (expansion) get all tangled up.  Venus is out-of-bounds all month.  Females are crossing lines and breaking rules in relationships.  “Letting go.”  Imagination is the Engine of CreationIs there another wayExpect changePractice Radical Forgiveness.

Exhaustipated – Too tired to “give a sh*t.”

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

After 20 very long months the US Elections are FINALLY coming to a close.  Some are sure that Donald Trump is the epitome of Evil Incarnate.  Some are sure that Hillary Clinton sold her Evil Soul to the Devil.  Neither candidate is liked or trusted.  No one is right OR wrong.  They are 2 sides of the same coin.  It’s what we project onto a candidate.  The election-cycle has revealed which projections America needs to UnmaskWe will get what we need and we’re going to be busy America!

No matter who gets elected a message will be received in Washington and there will be fallout from the election.  The best news is that we can finally have an open dialogue about all those awkward subjects America pretends do not exist.  “Is this the best America has got” is often the question asked.  Candidates are a reflection of their “voter’s values.”  The world watches to see if democracy can really work.  Can it?

With no one to “vote against” perhaps Americans will “vote for” someone of their choosing.  It’s a Paradox America!  There is no winner.  There is no loser.  A longshot in 2016 could be a “sure thing” in 2020.  The GOP (daddy) didn’t want to be seen as “manipulating” the primary process. #Pussygate – We needed a steady stream of “little shocks” to get our attention.  Thank you Donald Trump.  With the release of the Podesta emails from WikiLeaks, the Democrats (mommy) “#FeelTheBern” as the cat’s outta’ the bag.  Thank you Hillary Clinton.  Who is in charge, “mommy or daddy?

We’re adults – Who needs “mommy OR daddy?”

November 6th /7th can bring a last minute change when Mars merges with the US natal Pluto @ 27 Capricorn.  It’s going to be a nail-biter right up to the bitter end.  Can’t sugarcoat sh*t!  After enough disappointment and frustration humans finally reach the point where “enough is enough.”

No matter what happens it’s all going to work out.  Some will be angry, some will be disappointed, some will be shocked.  One group gets a “reality check.”  Voters “pick the path” to redemption for America.  Choices ripple outward.  Expansion and contraction are hard at work balancing spiritual muscles, moral fiber and teaching humans Radical Forgiveness.  Cultural “Values” and demographics have changed.  This is going to be an exciting monthThe seeds of change sprout!  All is well!

Step 9 – Answer the Call!

“All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  ~Arthur Schopenhauer

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Step 7: Activate System D – October 2016 Astrology

Credit: Parablev

Credit: Parablev













Orphic – (adj.) mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.

Necessity is the Mother of InventionSystem D is French slang for “débrouillard (dey-broo-yar).”  Originally it was used to describe a person that is resourceful, ingenious and a self-starter.  Chefs invoke System D to describe someone with a unique skill-set of joyously improvising with ingredients and circumstances that just so happen to be available.  The keywords are adapt, improvise and “make do” when facing any challenge.   Without endings there can be no possibility of a “fresh beginning.

Sweven – (n.) A vision seen in sleep; a dream.

System D is also used to describe a fast-growing-entrepreneurial-shadow-economic-model in an Economy of Desperation.  It is a product of intelligence, resilience, self-organization, and group solidarity, but more importantly, it follows a number of well-worn though unwritten rulesAdapt!

Alexithymia – (n.) An inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner.

Half of the world’s workers (about 1.8 billion) work in System D, that is, off the books, in jobs that are neither registered nor regulated, getting paid in cash while avoiding paying taxes.  Desperate people turn to System D and it is currently the 2nd fastest growing economy on the planet, behind the US GDP ($14 Trillion) at $10 Trillion GDP.  At its current rate it will overtake the US in this century.  System D looks a lot like the “future of the global economy.”  Welcome to a New Reality!

Cynosure – (n.) Something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc.

The New Moon on September 30th (EDT) is @ 8 Libra, the Natural 7th House of “my other self – friends/family/lovers/partners and those I disagree with.”  Libra seeks Balance.  The fastest way to “know thyself” is through “my other self.”  Get your débrouillard ‘on’ because the Universe sends the “it’s time” signal to “reset” and expand our relationships with Self and others.  Everything in life is cyclically restored by “letting go of the old.”  Adapt!

Internecine – (adj.) Mutually destructive.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  We have the same relationship with everyone and everything (including money) that we have with ourselves.  It’s easy to believe we are having different relationships with different people/things.  It’s what we “project.”  It’s what we “want” to believe is real.  It’s easy to get “trapped in truth.”  Projecting happens when “what Is” does not match “what we believe Is.”  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Kalopsia – (n.) The delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.

September brought change.  Breakdowns are an opportunity to learn how to deal with restoring, repairing and improving whatever is “falling apart.”  Humans are learning a brand new level of self-sufficiency.  Heartache, disappointment, death and decay are rarely seen as beautifulWhy do we see “sadness” as a threat to happiness? Improvise – Adapt – Make-Do!

Selenotropism – (n.) Growth in response to moonlight.

Venus (attraction/money) rules Libra (long-term relationships/ Animus/ enemies /balance) and at her highest she will act as a Great Unifier, the Queen of System D.  She’s visiting Scorpio blowing kisses to NeptuneGive me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free – Venus says.

Hebetude – (n.) The state of being dull or lethargic.

But alas, these two ‘dancing in the depths’ createbubbles.”  It’s a delicate balance!  We are witnessing one of the biggest financial experiments of all time, as Central Banks have run out of levers to pull.  Deflation – Inflation – Balance!   Rates are near Zero and an unprecedented amount of liquidity has been pumped into the system through quantitative easing (QE).   The Derivative Markets have been estimated to be worth $1.2 Quadrillion.  Derivatives are contracts between parties that derive value from the performance of underlying assets, indices, or entities.

Gluggavedur – (n.) “Window-weather;” weather that looks nice through the window rather than being out in it.

At her lowest, she could meltdown into a full-blown-Southern-Style-Hissy-Fit, acting out all her passive-aggressive-projections.  Fairy Tales always begin with “once upon a time,” but Southern Fairy Tales begin with, “girl you ain’t gonna’ believe this sh*t.”  Southern Fairy Tales can come to life leading up to October 6th, when Venus and Black Moon Lilith meet up at 15 Scorpio.  Any lingering relationship fears/ shadows/projections will be brought up for review.  Engage EmpathyBe generous with laughter/humor.

Aquiver – (adj.) Quivering, trembling.

Think back to the last time you were overcome with total JOY.  Do you remember the “moment?”  What was the “trigger” for the overwhelming JOY experienced?  Was it real?  What made it “real?”  Dig deep!  Define “real” please.  The “body” never lies!  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Melliflous – (adj.) A sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to the ear.


The Full Moon on October 16th (EDT) @ 23 Aries activates Eris, the sister of the FM ruler MarsAn adjustment is required.  In 2020 Americans will Party like it’s 1776Eris is our own personal Seal-Team-6.  The House where she resides is where strategic help to overcome obstacles is readily available.  Radical Forgiveness is needed to overcome resentment, letting go of unrequited love and coming to terms with addiction.  Has America become the very thing that birthed the American Revolution?

Ineffable – (adj.) Too great to be expressed in words.

Karma is stepping out of the Big Picture leaving Irony in charge.  Think 250 years in to the future.  Every thought, deed, word and action taken is rushing back from traveling around a “black hole.”  Back to the Future – 19 Years Ago1997!  It wouldn’t be the first time.  Think Outside the Walls!

Peer Pressure is the New Black!

People standing up for injustice.  What is appropriate when we witness someone getting bulliedEris is The Fact-Checker!  All that is really going to change is the number of people who “recognize” what they believe to be “true” isn’t true at all.  We’ve been living in uncertainty and confusion.  Contrast provides the context.  It’s been “training” for the future, starting NOW.  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Do the Unexpected!

Be Counter-Intuitive! The definition of insanity is doing the same over expecting a different outcome.  Look back over the last few years.  I am sure there was some “event” that brought cause for pause.  Looking back is it possible to clearly see the “moment” when “fear” took control?  Think with the Heart, Feel with the MindObserve Self!  What does “fearfeel like in the Mind?  Yes – We-Are – All in the world, but not everyone is “of” the world.  It’s a personal choiceLet go so that “I” may be restored.    Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Hiraeth – (n.) A homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Mars entered Capricorn September 27th thru November 8th.  Mars is “out-of-bounds.”  The upside is a healthy dose of courage, stamina, confidence with a “splash of panache.”  The downside is angry, rash-impulsive, narcissistic and self-centered behavior.  Ouch!  Anger/Fear occurs when something unknown becomes known.  But, is it “real” or a “projection” where words and actions did not match?  There is a difference.  Check motives and pace yourself this monthThink outside the walls!

The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.”  ~William Blake.

Conflict is nothing more than a “Clash of Wills.”  If “I am right” then someone “has to be wrong.”  That’s the “dog-eat-dog-paradigm.”  October presents each of us with plenty of opportunity to create WIN-WIN scenarios.  No one person/group owns the “TRUTH.”  Would it surprise you to understand that the “Left AND Right” make decisions from different parts of their brains?  The “Right” are more risk-averse and make choices from one part of the brain.  They want to know all the details in advance.    The “Left” make decisions from both sides of the brain and while they know there is a problem/issue, they believe they can fix-it-along-the-wayThus – The Clash!

Epoch – (n.) A particular period of time in history or in a person’s life.

Mars (Willpower) in Capricorn (status-quo) will create tension with Jupiter (faith) on October 5th, merge with Pluto (God-Particle) on October 20th and create serious tension with Uranus (frequency) on October 29th.

Sonorous – (adj.) An imposingly deep and full sound.

Another brick in the wall comes down this monthTension creates movementMovement equals change.  It’s time for “Next Steps.”  Humans love “winners.”  We’ve been taught to worship and “love’em.”  Invoke System D!  When conflict appears, understand there is a 3rd Option.  No one has to “surrender” their truth, nor can we “force” the unwillingother” to submit to “my truth.”  “Step back” to “cool off.”  Without placing BLAME, ask yourself “how did this get started?”  Find the “root” of conflict within Self first (my agenda).  Improvise – Adapt – Make-Do!

Long-Term | Big Picture

For a quick refresher, take a look at the dates below.  These are the dates Mars and Pluto have “clashed” since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008!  Look at the distance that has been traveled and the ground covered.  If you are reading this, then understand your success rate for getting through Bull-Sh*t is currently 100%.  Congratulations!

Serendipity – (n.) The chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.

December 29, 2008 @ 1 Capricorn

December 14, 2010 @ 4 Capricorn

November 28, 2012 @ 8 Capricorn

November 11, 2014 @ 11 Capricorn

October 20, 2016 @ 15 Capricorn

Limerance – (n.) The state of being infatuated with another person.

It only takes one person to step back to change the scenario.  Humanity is moving away from the “fight-or-flight” system of Duality.  It takes time!  A brave and confident Mars knows that energy and vision are contagious.  Whether the contagion is “defensive, angry and afraid,” or, that ‘we are each unique and a treasured member of the whole Human Race,’ focus on what you are afraid of “losing.

Bombinate – (v.) To make a humming or buzzing sound.

The bigger question when confronted with conflict is – are we making a choice to “follow fear” or “my own strength and values?”  October is the month to figure out what “investment” we each have in our own personal conflict(s) with self and Others.  Is it possible that someone is “digging up bones that are better left alone?”  We answer that question next month!  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Convergence Ahead Next Stop – Step 8 November!

Old Archetypes are dying.  In November Neptune and the South Node are going to meet at 9 Pisces.  The “child within” knows what it needs.  Atonement.  While difficult to watch at times, the balancing has begun.  Notice all remnants of the “past” reappearing as we approach November.  It’s okay to “just say no” to anything that drains us emotionally.  Forgive Self for all imperfections (they really are perfect though).  Identify what can and cannot be changed.  Be realistic.  Be practical.  Be physically active, get out and enjoy nature in all Her Glory!   Above all, keep your sense of humor.  Respect all of Life’s Colors, not just your favoritesWhen impermanence is accepted we are in tune with The Universe!  Life is NOT happening to us.  We happen TO Life!  Here we “grow” a-gain!

Epiphany – (n.) A moment of sudden realization.

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Step 6: Conquering the Illusion – September 2016 Astrology

spirale,-fraktal-153866“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

There are 3 kinds of knowledge; the “known,” the “unknown” and the “unknowable.”  Conquer the Illusion.  Does the physical body serve the Spiritual Self or does the Spiritual Self serve the physical body?  Hmmm.   Life Observed.  Without the projector of good or bad, right or wrong, me or you, male or female, straight or gay, young or old, religious, spiritual or atheist, redneck or educated, left or right, life is calm, peaceful and stableThe Space of the Interdependent Self.  Collections of “thoughts” create belief(s).  Comparison creates Separation.  What do you believe?

September is the halfway point in the 2016-2017 Astrological Year.  We’ve spent 5 arduous months making space for the Interdependent Self to be activated and housed in a Human body.  We reached Critical Mass (Step 1) in April.  We learned how to “depolarize” (Step 2) negativity in May.  June brought the “Heart Crossing” (Step 3) and, in July we started the process of Building Character (Step 4).  August revealed how and what we were taught to love and hate as children (Step 5).  Recognition!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

Step 6 – Conquer the Illusion!  The New Moon Eclipse on September 1st @ 9 Virgo opens the door for the Trans/personal Self to get acclimated and activated as an  Interdependent Being in the Human Paradox Field.  As the last sign of “selfVirgo is the Bridge between “me” and “we.”  In order for the Transpersonal Self to function it is necessary to “turn off the mental-emotional projector.”  One of the fastest ways to Conquer Illusion is to simply Observe Life.  “WE-ARE” what we “think” and what we “think” is what we projectRunning out of options clears the path to progress.

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

How many people have to be sacrificed to keep one person alive?  The power of the people is in their wallet.  Stop spending to feed the Consumerist Machine.  If all politicians “lie” then why do “the people” continue to vote them into office and then act all surprised when they do-not/cannot full-fill campaign promises?  For those who complain about jobs going to China, stop buying products Made in China.  Buy Local.  The “common cause” is moving away from “the party” and moving towards what’s best for “all the people?”  Inter-dependence!  Whatever the complaint, stop “feeding” it!  Conquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

The past catches up to us1997!  Time lines mergeMacro – Micro.  Virtual Reality – Reality.  Visible – InvisibleMercury (Soul data gatherer), Chiron (Paradox), Ceres (pregnancy), Vesta (mating with God/Universe) and Kore/Persephone (survivor) all co-rule the earthy Virgo, home to the Natural 6th House, sign of The Virgin.  Any woman who has ever given birth remembers how uncomfortable the weeks leading up to birth-event were.  The desire to “give birth” overrides the pain of staying pregnantThe Natural Way!  “Surrender” to the bodyConquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

The Nodes are the balance point, the halfway mark, between here and there of the Interdependent Self.  The Nodes are Invisible – think “quantum-self.”  The space between!  Polarity is the natural partnership between “complements.”  Each gives something the other needs.  It’s a Paradox!  Traversing the Virgo/Pisces Axis humans are forced to confront the “real and ideal.”  Balance!  At their highest Humans  achieve the balance between Inspiration and Perspiration!  Trying to maintain a reality of “either/or” becomes more painful.  Conquer the Illusion!

Where were you in 1997?

T-Square – Eclipse opposite Neptune square Saturn – How much “time” (Saturn) do you have for your spiritual practice (Neptune)?  It’s not about “youorme” it’s about the Human Legacy.  The Universe is sending information and instructions while the Higher Self sends the “it’s Time” signal.  Recreating healthy boundaries is a priority.  During the September 1st/16th 1997 Eclipses at the same degrees, Saturn was conjunct Eris @ 19 Aries.  We learn Compassion through CrisisEris was also a Healer and protector of the elderly and childrenSeptember 10thSaturn and Neptune create tension @ 10 – Sagittarius/PiscesTime to stop playing the Victim CardConquer the Illusion!

We’re not traveling in a straight line – We’re riding a Spiral!

Time to open the “Inner Eyes.”  Eclipses arrive in “pairs,connected and interdependent.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16th @ 24 Pisces brings the “big reveal.”  Neptune (Quest for the Unknowable) rules the natural 12th House of Pisces aka, the Womb, with Jupiter as the Traditional Ruler.  How we handle our “faith” in a Higher Power, trusting in God/Universe and the meaning of Life are all part of the Quest for the UnknowableJupiter enters Libra on September 9th.  Lighten UpCreating “new” RelicsConquer the Illusion!

What if there is noup/down” and it’s really “in/out?”  Ride the Spiral!  “Me” + “You” equals a third entity, an Interdependent Relationship!  The Unknown becomes KnownIf you have astrology software, load your Natal, Pre-Natal Solar and Lunar Eclipse charts to create a chart for your Interdependent Self.  That’s you looking at another you with New Eyes.  Want more of the In-Out-Rabbit-Hole?  Make a “composite” of your own Natal and these 2 Eclipse charts.  Watch the transits over the next 6 months.  We-Are Multi-Dimensional BeingsConquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

September 22nd – Mercury Direct | EquinoxThe tide turns.  Do you remember when you were a child and playing, someone would shout out “do-over?”  Dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s” as Rx Mercury in Virgo encourages “thinking with the Heart AND feeling with the Mind.”   Consider Intuition and Rational Thought as “equal and Interdependent.”  Communication is tied to Emotional Security.  As my grandma used to say “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”  If that’s the case some people would never speak!  Be calm and assertive.  Words are “tools.”  The question is “how can I use my words to IMPROVE the situation?”  Common sense returnsConquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

The Equinox brings BalanceEqual Light and Dark.  Truth and Justice for All!  In the Northern Hemisphere we are descending into the Dark of Winter, while the Southern Hemisphere is ascending into the Light of SummerMatter is Ascending and Spirit is Descending.  After three glorious months of acceleration we prepare for another three months of more expansion of the new Interdependent-SelfDon’t hold on too tightly to plans – be open and willing to receiveLaughter Heals!  Be conscious when participating in/with your “Community.”  The Universe is going to be speeding up meetings between “Souls.”  We are planting new roots for future use.  Each of us has something we “bring to the table.”  We are in this “together.Conquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

September 26thPluto station @ 14 Capricorn | Saturn square Nodes | Uranus conjunct Eris – Expect sudden transitions between Inner and Outer Spaces during September!  There will be some “tense moments.”  Twists and Turns!  Expect a “course correction” for the world at large.  Imagination is the engine of creationUse generously!  Life has a strange way of working things out.  This is a potent day(s) and leading up to it life will feel stranger, fate will spin the wheel and Time is keeping score.  Over-driving (stuck in rational thought) and self-blocking (giving up before starting) isn’t going to cut it anymore.  We have unfinished business to take care of now.  No one gets a “hall pass” to avoid participating in Life.  Find the In/Out BalanceConquer the Illusion!

Be gentle with self, take breaks and listen to the bodyIt NEVER lies to us.  Since the Nodes entered Virgo/Pisces our point of view has been changing – gradually.  It’s speeding up and by standing still now we are dismantling the Status Quo of the past.  Can you see how Neptune’s magic fairy dust has changed the viewSynchronicity is alive, it’s permeating and it’s active.  Remember – Big-Picture – Long-Term!  Drop the labels.  Have you noticed how relationships/work/home are changingHave you noticed how your body makes you feel around certain people, situations and events?  Giving away “pieces of Self” to make “someone elsefeel better is no longer an option.  If you are alive and breathing on this planet you are contributing!  We can be in the world but NOT of it!  Conquer the IllusionWelcome to the Human Paradox Field!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

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