cropped-1475945_608645975873864_787829263_n.jpg“There’s no there there.” ~Gertrude Stein

Welcome to Robin’s Window. My name is Robin Adams and this is my little window to the world. I’ve been working with Astrology for over 25 years. I am not religious. I am not spiritual. I am a Journeyer. I started my first Astrology blog in 2010 and understand that there are many levels and dimensions to a human being. Life begins at the end of illusion…..

There are 3 sides of the coin. The Trinity – – – Heads Tails and The Edge. And it is the “Edge” I focus on here. There are millions of blogs and something for everyone. Astrology has been around for thousands of years and how it works I do not know, but I do know it works.  The information presented is simply an alternative way of experiencing Astrology.

Life is a cycle within a cycle within a cycle. By connecting the dots of the Synodic and Transiting Cycles in the Cosmic Dance one’s experience becomes very clear. Life is lived through the process of elimination. We learn what we want by discovering what we don’t want. Once a human gets past the Contrast Stage of Life, a whole new vista awaits.  Life begins at the end of the Illusion!

There is room for everyone.  We all love, laugh and cry in the same language.  Technology has forged the path, opened the door and leveled the playing field.  We truly are equal.  It will take time.  There are no secrets anymore.  It will require an individual to wake up and ask “why” and “why not?”  Follow that thread and pay close attention to the number of people who tell you that you are wrong.  Trust yourself!

Humans have great inner wisdom but have not been taught how to use the body-wisdom they were born with. Our culture has dumbed us down to the point that the majority of people never dare hope or believe that they can be their own Savior. What a loss!

We are witnessing a brand new way of Being.  From “I-AM” to “WE-ARE.”  If you’ve found your way here then chances are good you are a Journeyer  too and are looking for something different. We are always here, never there. There is no there!

“I invoke the blessed WE-ARE to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds, words and actions for the highest good of everyone today.”  

Thank you for stopping by. Use your own discernment.

Robin 🙂






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  1. I have consulted with Robin, on and off, regarding my natal chart for over 4 years and have not only learned a great deal about astrology, but have broadened my own intuitive skill because of her. Her dedication to clients, personal interest, staying in touch and responding, has been an invaluable support tool for my own personal growth. Thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart.



  2. Wow. I DO love you! I’ve been reading a book on Islamic Design which focuses on the meaning of the geometries used. The center of the circle, the circle, and THE EDGE. Which goes out into reality, moving from point to circle to edge infinitely….and, in another book on DNA I saw that the shape this all makes is the same as the magnetic field the heart puts out of the human body. Which is, at least to this bear’s mind, what you said. Awed bear here.

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  3. Robin, this is my first (reciprocal, actually) visit to your Blog, and I believe that it has as much to do with philosophy as astrology. When you write about the three-0sided coin, that is not about the relative positioning of celestial bodies; but, it how you view things–Life, the World around us, and perhaps one another.

    If you have been blogging for six years, then I certain ly am not one to lecture. But, let me just say that, perhaps, voyagers into your world are standing in the center, and viewing it from the two perspectives–celestial positioning and personal perspective.


    • First of all, thank you for commenting. Depending on who you ask Astrology is a science or a belief system. I see it as a tool for self-discovery. It has helped me and one time saved my life. I love it because it can help a person understand what’s happening, why it is happening and when it’s going to end. Each person receives the information differently. My goal is simply to share and hope the person reading picks up a tidbit here and there that shows them the Spark Within that helps them on their own Journey. I have had 2 NDE’s and been revived. There is NO destination, it’s something I was taught. Both experiences showed me how limited I was in my thinking and as a human being. Just because I do not know something does not mean it doesn’t exist. There is all the room in the Universe for differing points of view. We are all visiting Earth for a brief period of time. Hope that makes sense! Robin 🙂


  4. just poppin in to see how you are..? i havent seen you in my reader for some time now so i had to come see if i had somehow tech-glitched myself (as i do). i am up to date, it seems, but how weird that my likes registered in the reader are not here on the ‘real’ page! i fixed that. ok, wishing all is well…

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