Victim-to-Witness – (Unitrinity: Part I of III) – Solar Eclipse @ 20 Cancer

Credit: Justin Peters

“I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.”  ~Michaelangelo

Timelines rippling.  The Summer of 2018 brings an awakening of the masses.  Three eclipses – sequenced to activate the Paradox of More-Unstoppable.  Failure is the Great Teacher – revealing ultimately that there is no failure, there is only feedbackAdjust accordinglyNews Flash – reality and fantasy are mutually exclusive.  They cannot exist in the same space.  Something’s gotta’ giveThere’s a wave coming!  It’s neither red NOR blue – both colors are the same – surprise.  Victim to Witness!

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and Sun to block the light of the Sun.  It’s ‘our’ shared human Milestone.  It’s other-worldly to experience Totality.

The Sun impregnates the Moon with a ‘seed’ at 20 Cancer during the 13-July EclipseAstrology does NOT compel, it inclines.

The culmination occurs on 10-January-2020 with the Lunar Eclipse @ 20 Cancer -just 2 days before the Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury/Ceres/Jupiter/South Node at 8-22 CapricornMyths and Legends are dying.  Breathless in scope and vast in response – please remove subconscious shackles!  Biology is connected to our perceptions, beliefs, and experiences.  Victim to Witness! 

What is the definition of success and what price will be paid for success – personally AND collectively?

Cancer ‘seeds’ the very much needed qualities passed from life wisdom into life experience.  Cancer is the ‘touchstone’ of our common future, but only if She can free herself from the ghosts of Her pastThe Eclipse opposes Pluto @ 20 Capricorn – but wait – which ghost(s) are we talking about here?  Cancer has to leave nostalgia behind while confronting Her emotional hooks direct-face-to-face – She can free up space, energy and conscious awareness.  Victim to Witness!

Pluto in Capricorn struggles to say ‘YES’ to the Inside.  And what does one do with the ‘NO?’  How do we come to terms with the endless tragedy and heartache?  Will we continue to indulge shamelessly with what everyone knows is totally destructive?  Time will tellEventually all becomes self-evidentVictim to Witness!

Meaning is everythingValues come from feminine energy (Cancer).  Capricorn has inherited a past that insists on keeping Spirit away from Self.  Why do we elevate something over something else’s expense?  Why are we so intoxicated with “being wrong – being damned?”  Where have we stored integrity – and for god’s sake – who keeps character locked away?  Anyone seen Morality lately?  Victim to Witness!

Pluto takes us underground into the Earth’s Soul (our favorite subconscious  program).   What if we were to discover that Jesus didn’t die on the Cross to “save us,” but rather Jesus died on the Cross to show us “how to save ourselves?”  What if Jesus (the man) died to show us how to become “Christ Myself?”  Self-sourcing.  It’s a process of constant-unfolding now.  We’re in ‘it.’  Victim to Witness!

Decrease.  Increase.  The word ‘decrease/sacrifice’ implies something bad – like diminishing returns, less money, less love, less security – you get the pictureIsn’t that really just a tad bit one-sided?  Decrease is essential to the process of growth – it curbs excess, trims the fat and facilitates the restoration of balance.  Decrease can also bring us to our knees.  Without options the path forward is clearVictim to Witness!

“We must shift America from a ‘need to a desire’ culture.  People must be trained to desire, to want new things even before the old had been entirely consumed.  We must shape a new mentality in America. Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.”  ~Paul Mazur – Lehman Brothers – 1927


America (#916) @ 25 Cancer is out-of-bounds – America’s tolerance for corruption has become its greatest Conservative Value.  Living in America is unsettling – few believe they are on ‘solid ground.’  Go ahead – touch the ground.  Is it movingOf course it is!  Earth is hurtling through time and space at a steady 66,000 MPH and Americans believe they have the choice to NOT move forward.  Silly rabbit(s) – Trix are for kids!   Victim to Witness!

How many of the Founding Fathers have reincarnated into black or Hispanic bodies?

Are you taking your body along for the ride –


– is your body taking you along for the ride?

Significant change is upon usHow long does change take?  As long as it takes – some bodies will die avoiding change.  Skip shortcutsGo ahead – try to take a shortcut.  The next 18-24 months will require physical effort – sustained effort – determined baby steps – one at a time.  We were taught subconsciously to see ourselves as victims with a cross to bear full of shame and guilt for simply being born humanVictim to Witness!

It has been estimated that the disproportionately larger brain mass providing the subconscious mind’s function has the ability to interpret and respond to over 40 million nerve impulses per second (Norretranders, 1998).  In contrast, the self-conscious mind’s prefrontal cortex only processes about forty nerve impulses per second.  As an information processor, the subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the self-conscious mind.  Wrap your head around that.  Victim to Witness!

It’s difficult for humans to imagine the depth and scope of this “Force,” that courses through our bodies.  The “force” or energy is “ourSource and we are our own greatest ResourceBe Your Own Guru – No Ritual Required.  Whether we realize it or not, we are in the service of something so much bigger than one person – deeper and much vaster than we can possibly imagine – right now!   Victim to Witness!

Bodies are born.  We are NOT.  Bodies die.  We do NOT.

New thoughtour body is NOT collateral damage in the awakening processNo one is special either (that’s going to be a real deal-breaker for most people).  The body is the vehicle for awakening.  Time to learn how the human body actually works.  Watch how the body reacts when around certain people or eating certain foods.  Being present in the body is the New NormalLearn about your body.  Pay attention to the body.  Listen-Listen!

Aligning subconscious programming with conscious desires, we become the masters of our fate rather than the “victims” of our programs.  Most people only become aware of their subconscious mind’s push-button programs when their own “buttons are pushedby the actions of others.  Pay attention to how your body feels around certain people, places and situations/events.  Just listen to the body – it NEVER lies to us.  Adjust accordingly.  Victim to Witness!

Where do ‘thoughts’ originate?  Retro-forward please.

How did we get here?

Why am I here?

Do you believe that Earth has been ‘discovered’ yet and/or is being observed?

What if Earth is an ‘uncontacted tribe?

And sadly – the butterfly cannot see its own wings!  ~sigh~

….to be continued….

“Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.”  ~Arthur Schopenhauer



8 thoughts on “Victim-to-Witness – (Unitrinity: Part I of III) – Solar Eclipse @ 20 Cancer

  1. Superb Robin…such a wonderful “treat” to have your guidance here today. Missing your presence and yet..totally know your energy is ever steady at the helm of things.
    So good to read your energy and feel this immense message. Victim to Witness indeed..there is so much I will be reading this over and over..absorbing and melding within it.
    Love and Blessings ALL WAYS…
    Deb aka soulspeak

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ms. Deb – You always make me smile! The last 18 months have been a wild ride and my goal is to be more regular in writing again! Thank you for your kindness and support. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You have been immensely missed…included in prayer circle..and enormously cherished all along the way…
    You are such a blessing in this world..Namaste’ and May you create a most amazing adventure this day. ❤😃


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  4. well, where to start? this is Chock Full of powerful truths that will help us all to practice victim-to-witness evolution. the phrase, ‘stern sacred offering’, comes to mind. for those in the process of becoming ‘woke’, this is an invaluable touchstone. i’ll be back. and I already know that every return will offer something uniquely on point. Much Appreciated, robin.


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