Chance and Choice – Full Moon @ 11 Cancer

Credit: Josephine 101 (Deviant Art)

The first step to fixing a problem is to admit there is a problemWe start off the Gregorian New Year with a Full Moon @ 11 Cancer and Uranus (change) stationing Direct @ 24 AriesFull Moons bring adjustmentCulminationSomething is worn outThe Sun sits on the Saturn/Neptune conjunction from 1989 and opposing the USA Inc. Sun.  Activation Point. Humans are discovering they are plugged into an Inter-Galactic-Wifi, astronomy calls it the Galactic CenterChance and Choice!

January brings a Blue Moon Eclipse on 31-January.  The New Moon Sandwich (hot and ready) will be delivered 17-January @ 26 Capricorn.  Choices made this month bring results through the 2018 Summer Eclipse seasonWelcome to a new realityIt won’t be boring.  Utilize all the tools from previous Inner Work – it’s time!  This is what we came to Earth for.  Practical step-by-step work is needed for the Great Grassroots Birthing this year.   Chance and Choice!

If Capricorn is about “process,” then Cancer, at her best, is in tune with Soul-timing, grace-timing and time beyond time.  She can show the way forward while keeping the past and present in her view.  She makes “futures” possible and makes what “happensreal.  Cancer is the lineage holder for all that is to be loved, preserved and revived – the true heritage of future generations.  She seeds qualities that are passed from “life wisdom” into the “Life – Experiment.”  Chance and Choice!

The downsideCancer is susceptible to abuse.  She lives in a Matrix of the “child’s inner world.”  She allows herself to get sucked in to being universal care-giver, perfect mother, good daughter, domestic engineer extraordinaire, the sober businessmanresponsible, ethical and makes it work for everyone else, but HerSelf.  She keeps others away by pretending to be dumb, simple and very unremarkable – the one person no one would look to for anything important. Chance and Choice!

Most people want to do the right thing.  But – Human behavior is driven by relationships, values, hopes and fears – which aren’t always logical.  Psychologically we resist changing our behavior because we are driven by the need to maintain our identity – at ALL costsWe like consistent and predictable resultsStatus Quo!  The question is what needs to be preserved for the next 7 generations?  What wisdom can be handed down now to ensure the lineage thrivesChance and Choice!   

Word – Of – The – Year – 2017 – Complicit 

Systemic problems are solved in one of four ways: 

  • Replacing – change the identity of people within a system so that how the system operates is changed. This approach often creates more problems than currently exist.
  • Side-stepping – Humans  love this option.  It means going around the people altogether to avoid dealing with a problem.  Out-Sourcing jobs is an example.  It comes in handy during emergency situations.  But – it’s expensive.  It’s a quick-temporary-fix.  It’s called – Kick-The-Can-As-Long-As-We-Can.
  • Repairing – Introduce a “change agent.” A thick skin is needed to deal with the resistance that will be met with this option.  The change agent MUST understand the nature of the systemic change needed, have the experience to lead the change and have the power to make the needed change.  Change agents can leverage resources.  “Self-healing.”  
  • Integrating – Step-by-step actions are taken to change the system at the systemic level rather than changing the behaviors of the group. The most powerful way to change a bigger system is to change one component in the system – change myself.  This allows the “change” to ripple and resonate throughout the whole system.  It usually requires a Mentor or Coach from outside the cultural norm.  Hello Saturn! 🙂

A combination of ‘repairing and integrating’ is the most efficient way to eliminate painful and obstinate problems.  No matter how prepared we believe we are, sometimes we don’t have a clue of what we are doing or where we are.  The question for 2018 is “where am I?”  Especially – – when breaking “new ground.”  Unfamiliarity threatens personality.  No one wants to be judged as inferior.  It creates wounds.  Humans do NOT have access to the Master Plan.  Change and Choice!

Reset | Self-Sourcing – Meta + Physical

South Node @ 15 Aquarius – degree 7-August-2017 Lunar Eclipse.  USA Inc. – America is going through her Nodal Return @ 15 Leo/Aquarius.  Religious, spiritual and political dogma are going to get a “re-fresh” this year.  The North Node is activating Pluto in Leo (wake-up), while Jupiter activates Pluto in Scorpio (the death of death).  No one changes their Mind because of “just the facts.”  The Mind MUST feel somethingWe are each connected to a sentient life-stream.  It’s invisible and its presence is being felt by many.  Hit the “reset” button – please.  Change and Choice!

With a 250 year orbit – Ixion –  is the Unforgiven.  Discovered in 2001 it’s going to play a big role in the Grassroots-Trickle-Up-Movement being born here in the USA Inc.  Resonating with Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus Ixion lies out beyond Pluto.  She’s an Outlier and very comfortable with that status.  How can we forgive others if we can’t forgive ourselvesChange and Choice!

Collectively we’re still waiting to get kicked out of Paradise.  Contrary to the high ideals and standards motivating us – to date – no one has been able to match the frequency of the Original Creator Source.  Look DEEP inside.  We can’t remember who we were before we were born into human form and we have not forgiven ourselves for NOT remembering.  Go deeper.  Nothing outside can “can save me now.”  We will save ourselvesChance and Choice!

The Emperor has NO clothes! (Oh my….)

We get a taste of things to come 9-January when the Sun-Venus-Pluto meet at 19 Capricorn.  Fate and Destiny!  Power is oh-so-slowly shifting from West to East.  Stripping another of power does not make one more powerful.  Nor does it make one weaker.  It makes one a Bully.  Who – is – “zooming who?”  No matter how anyone feels about the USA’s Disrupter-In-Chief – America very much needs the coming changes.  Yin-Earth-2018 

America is not losing power – far from it – The world is finally standing up to America – the New Minority.

2018 – Collaboration is the New Black!  We will be making hard choices this month based on “values,” not comfort or expediency.  We are resetting boundaries – tighter and keeping close to “my Core.”  Beliefs are just “thoughts.”  Who can control their thoughtsThink!  Get Real.  Be Real.  Stop allowing others to drain energy from SelfExperiment with playIt’s okay to have fun while working hard.  We will be working hard – supplied with determination to spare.  As for New Year’s Resolutions – ask one question – what’s the craziest thing I can build in the next 27 months?  There’s a “starting point!”  Everyone brings something to the table.  Be optimistic.  Be original.  Be Practical.  Be-YOU-tifulChance and Choice!





13 thoughts on “Chance and Choice – Full Moon @ 11 Cancer

  1. May blessings flow abundant in your world, throughout this New Year. Thank you Robin for the amazing insight and sharing.
    I believe the entire year will be a sting in the tale..indeed….
    Deep breath and Faith in Choices!!! Namaste’ and Illuminated Happiness always!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am very optimistic about 2018. Yes, effort is required – but at least we will finally actually be able to see the “wheel of change” in motion. That is what will encourage us, instead of thinking, “it’ll never change.” You, my dear are a blessing and I appreciate your kindness Ms. Deb. Thank you and Be-YOU-tiful! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are so sweet😊…I too feel very empowered as we enter this year. I have experienced the energetic wave rolling in..where my buoyancy ….became “more”. I feel much Doing here, where yes, there is no hanging out having tea…unless that is scheduled in on our calenders…
        And yes…effort…we know it well indeed!!!
        Robin, you are immensely cherished and so very appreciated…May your year be filled in Illuminated Joy, Wellness, and Love….Namaste’…And Lumen On High!!! LOVE and Light Truly💜💜☀️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. oh, thank you for pointing this out: The Sun sits on the Saturn/Neptune conjunction from 1989. i am always collecting info on this cap stellium birth group.
    Here’s to working hard and having fun at it in 2018 (and the next 27 months). your consistent and encouraging commentry has meant so much, robin, in this big ol’ blogosphere. thank you for being beaUtiful you!


  3. Thank you 🙂

    Saturn is in my eight house, I feel overwhelmed by his crushing forces on my difficult finances,
    everything is ‘on hold’
    I’m leaving behind all that I knew, to create a new emotional life, it is the winter of my hart,
    wisdom ask to let go.
    I dare the unthinkable, yet Saturn remain untouched and preying on the weak, if hardship is hard, lets dial it up a notch.

    There could be a wonderfull global human endavor: unite all human in an effort to blast Saturn out of space, all A-bombs from earth gathered, and rocket it to Saturn, forget Mars people…
    Anyway, wouldn’t that be a positive year 🙂

    Chloé ❤ Saturn


  4. I don’t know who said it – but – “Life asked Death, ‘why do people love me more than you?’ Death replied – “because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.” From my own experience (almost 60 years) Saturn has taught me how to say “YES” when I’ve been saying no. You have courage, more than the average person Chloe. Keep going – one step at a time. Just keep going. ❤


  5. Hi Rob’n,

    This is Saturn, speaking from Paradise.

    I sometimes wonder if it’s really possible to effect the change necessary to get the results I want while being nice like you are here.

    See you talked about a change agent.

    Let’s say you have 100 crabs in a bucket, and 1s trying to escape.

    But the other 99 keep pulling her down.

    Maybe I signed a contract not to help that crab out of the bucket with my bare hands.

    But them crabs don’t listen no matter what anyone says. They just keep bashin’ and a claw-in’ and pulling down my Lola. And My Lola, she knows Paradise. But the others won’t let her keep it, or even share it with them. They want Hell in their bucket.

    What do you think I’mma do?

    I Never signed a contract not to boil the other 99.


    • Thank you for the comment Saturn! 🙂 What I’ve learned in my almost 60 years (through plenty of trial and error), is I cannot save the world, nor is it my place. It is ONLY by changing”me” can I affect change “out-there.” Saying NO to others was a hard lesson for me (It’s not easy for anyone who was indoctrinated to give their power away). Be “at cause,” not “at effect.” It’s just time to stop pretending with others. Not sure if my response helps or hurts, but I always tell everyone, TRUST YOURSELF above all others and listen to your body, it never lies to you. And as an FYI, Saturn is my Inner Mentor! ❤


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