On the Bubble – Solar Eclipse – August 21st @ 28 Leo

Credit: National Geographic

Lyrics: Humming House – Great Divide

“We were southern souls on a western road as the valleys climbed into mountains tall and we wondered why we were there at all.  It was the Great Divide and the mountains tall.  Singing, oh – We were singing, oh.  And if we find our way we may never be the same.  And if lose anything, what have we to gain if we don’t try to go, we may never know what we were built to be.  Only we can decide across the Great Divide.” 

August accelerates us.  It’s now undeniable we are in the throes of a “shift.”  When a terminal patient is preparing to transition hospice nurses refer to the patient as “being on the bubble.”  They know it’s simply a matter of time.  They do not know the “WHEN.”  Because the span of a human lifetime is so short, there is no context or framework to view the broader historical point of view.  History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.   On the bubble! 

Over the past one hundred-plus years Humans have been experiencing the process of “Selving.”  That means we can think/act apart from the Collective/Group/Party.  Some call it individuation, some call it molting, others – shedding a skin.  LGBT.  Suffragettes.  Civil Rights.  Environmentalists.  Like the ice that breaks away from glaciers (calving), Humans are breaking away from the current Status QuoIt takes time.  But when it happens, oftentimes we experience it as “all of a sudden.”  An old way of life is simply wearing itself out.   On the bubble!

Eclipses occur when the Sun – Earth – Moon align – casting a shadow on the Moon (Lunar Eclipse) or blocking out the Sun’s light (Solar Eclipse).  The upcoming Solar Eclipse is being called “The Great American Eclipse,” because it will cut a path across the US, from Portland to Charleston.  Eclipses announce change!  On the bubble!

Holy Shift!

It is a Paradox!  A major human cycle is coming to a close. It happens roughly once every 1000 years.  Earth Regeneration.  It started in 1989 with the Uranus – Neptune – Saturn Superconjunction in Capricorn.   The Universe needed to get things moving and has more time than a human can possibly imagine.  The Earth was “seeded.”  All those baby – seedlings born in 1988, 1989 and 1990 are getting ready for their first Saturn Return.  They’ve already had their “dark night of the Soul” when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.  They were born with a purpose and they are not Saviors, but rather the change-makersJust wait till they turn 37 – in Full-Bloom.  Holy-Moly!  On the bubble!

The Cosmic Alarm sounds and they wake up!  As crazy as it sounds, by the time we reach the 2028 US Election there will be a 3rd party, a global political party.  It’s the “after-party.”  We’re shifting from Rule of Law back to Natural Law.  It will take a few hundred years.  Over the next 12 years, the pace of change will be so rapid that people will learn ‘in the moment’ using new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  The ability to gain new knowledge will be more valuable than the knowledge itself.  On the bubble!

In an extension of today’s “gig economy,” companies will set out tasks to be completed – then use information technology to match the task with the people and technology that have the necessary skills, anywhere in the world.  Factory jobs are being replaced with robots.  The majority of jobs that will be needed in 12 years haven’t even been invented yetExpect social disruptionOn the bubble!

The Paradox! In the US it’s becoming self-evident that while the Founding Fathers set out to create a new experiment called “democracy,” they actually recreated massive inequality in present-day America – the very thing they sought to get away from in the 18th century.  During their time a person was born into their class and that’s where they stayed – renting space to farm land unless they were Aristocrats.  There was no time to pursue the illusive “happiness.”  The beginning has been taken out of contextOn the bubble!

The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 28 Leo on August 21st is connected to the August 11, 1999 Eclipse (Saros) and is on the same degree as the August 22, 1998 EclipseHistory RhymesOn the bubble!

August 11, 1999 – August 21, 2017

Asteroid Truth (249521- OOB) was at 27 Aries in 1999 – Uranus stations Rx on 8/3/17 @ 28 Aries. The Truth is that Humans have a much greater capacity to handle change under extreme duress that originally believed.  Self is unfolding.  Without Uranus we would never be able to move from where we tell ourselves We-Are.  What we do Not want to be exposed to and what we NEED to be exposed to are one and the same.  It’s a Paradox!  The angry and disenfranchised played the game called “American Dream” and expected to be rewarded for playing along.  They are disappointed and sought a Savior.  We very much need what is happening and unfoldingIt’s right on timeOn the bubble!

Black Moon Lilith and Pluto were conjunct @ 7 Sagittarius in 1999 – Saturn and Lilith will be conjunct @ 21 Sagittarius.  The question from 1999 that begs to be answered is “what am I saying NO to that I need to be saying YES to?”  The 2017 answer is “drop the agenda.”  Humans get intoxicated with “being wrong.”  We are NOT damned by this-or-that person/force/thing.  That’s false self.  Many want to be able to say and do as they please with no consequences.  If self is being provoked then understand that it is needed so “I can express what is going on inside.It’s a blessing in disguise!  Be grateful.  In October we say YES!

Saturn/Sedna – Uranus – Node T-Square (Taurus/Aquarius/Leo) in 1999 – Saturn/ Lilith – Uranus – Node (Sagittarius/Aries/Leo) Fire Trine in 2017.  Remember Y2KThe world is NOT coming to an End.  “America” is an ideal, a Vision.  America is NOT declining – the rest of the world is “RISING UP.”  Celebrate!  Under the surface what is happening we are each being asked to be our very best Selfless Self.  That’s Leo at its best, She Shines!  At its worst we continue to be the Self-Filled-Self.  Time to bring Heaven down to Earth!  On the bubble!

Convergence – Coalescing – Confluence

How much do we trust our own instincts over what we “believe/were taught” is right/true/correct?  The bigger question is “why do I continue to force myself to try and fit in?”  Stand up and speak out!  Collectively, “WE-ARE” moving away from – detachment, desensitization, distance, disassociation, denial and self-sabotage.  How can “me” being “myself” help others?   This is a brand new conceptOn the bubble!

Mercury is going to station Rx on August 13 @ 11 Virgo and back up to the sensitive Eclipse degree @ 28 Leo, where it will station direct on September 5th.  This gets the ball rolling.  We pull the trigger on “future-forward” by taking a step backWhat?  Mercury gets ahead of the Sun, from Earth’s point of view.  If we “want and need” but do not “trust and believe” we tell ourselves “it is what it is.”  That’s self-denying.  Something comes back from September/October 2016We are beginning to forget what we’ve known previously.

Mercury specializes in mischief when Humans get set in their waysOh my! The Rx will reveal something we could never have found in an “ordinary” state of Mind.  Purge.  Purify.  We-Are beginning to lose interest in self-deception by being aware we are deceiving selfOn the bubble!

Mirror – Mirror – Paradox!

The revelations that will be forthcoming from the August 21st Eclipse @ 28 Leo will be mirrored back during the February 15, 2018 @ 27 Aquarius.  We’ll be on the “other side of the fence” in February.  There’s nothing like a “common enemy” to invigorate and pull people together.  Pay attention to how news is presented.  Folks are standing up and speaking out.  On the bubble!

Life in America is like living in a Reality TV Show.  Popcorn in hand – we wait for the 2 famous words “you’re fired.”  Unless the Tweeter-in-Chief changes trajectories he may get a pink slip.  The West Wing gets high ratings globally.  The media will sell us the whole seat but we only need the edge.  There will be commercial breaks – “but wait – there’s more.”  Since the Universal Law of ‘cause and effect’ has long been established by the scientific community, it seems a bit surreal that we choose not to accept that it is in fact – Universal.  If it is Universal why do we not apply it in our daily lives?  We’ll get the answer before February 2018!  It is a Paradox!  On the bubble!

You’ve heard that voice for so long you believe it to be you, your best friend.  Where is the best place an opponent should hide?  In the very last place you would look.  You’re in a game, you’re in THE game.  Everyone’s in this game and nobody knows it.  And all of this, this is his world, he owns it, he controls it, he tells you what to do, and when to do it.  Do you know what’s so elegant about this little game?  Nobody knows where the enemy is, they don’t even know he exists.  He’s in every one of their heads, and they trust him, because they think they are him.  If you try to destroy him, to save them, they’ll destroy you to save him.  You have to admire the opponents’ elegance.” ~Revolver 2005

“There were ups and downs on those alpine peaks.  There was higher ground.  There were canyons steep, but we found, made our way with our voices proud off the rocky walls.  We could hear their sound singing, oh – We were singing, oh.  If we don’t try to go we may never know.  And if we find our way we may never be the same and if lose anything, what have we to gain, if we don’t try to go we may never know what we were built to be. Only we can decide across the Great Divide.



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  2. Revolver 2005 nailed it!! Thank you Robin!! I finally started to understand after 5 years of pain!! Just let it all go and you gain everything!! Become one with everything !! Loose the self !! Be free!! Thank you for being there for all those years!!

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