Step 7: Activate System D – October 2016 Astrology

Credit: Parablev

Credit: Parablev













Orphic – (adj.) mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.

Necessity is the Mother of InventionSystem D is French slang for “débrouillard (dey-broo-yar).”  Originally it was used to describe a person that is resourceful, ingenious and a self-starter.  Chefs invoke System D to describe someone with a unique skill-set of joyously improvising with ingredients and circumstances that just so happen to be available.  The keywords are adapt, improvise and “make do” when facing any challenge.   Without endings there can be no possibility of a “fresh beginning.

Sweven – (n.) A vision seen in sleep; a dream.

System D is also used to describe a fast-growing-entrepreneurial-shadow-economic-model in an Economy of Desperation.  It is a product of intelligence, resilience, self-organization, and group solidarity, but more importantly, it follows a number of well-worn though unwritten rulesAdapt!

Alexithymia – (n.) An inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner.

Half of the world’s workers (about 1.8 billion) work in System D, that is, off the books, in jobs that are neither registered nor regulated, getting paid in cash while avoiding paying taxes.  Desperate people turn to System D and it is currently the 2nd fastest growing economy on the planet, behind the US GDP ($14 Trillion) at $10 Trillion GDP.  At its current rate it will overtake the US in this century.  System D looks a lot like the “future of the global economy.”  Welcome to a New Reality!

Cynosure – (n.) Something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc.

The New Moon on September 30th (EDT) is @ 8 Libra, the Natural 7th House of “my other self – friends/family/lovers/partners and those I disagree with.”  Libra seeks Balance.  The fastest way to “know thyself” is through “my other self.”  Get your débrouillard ‘on’ because the Universe sends the “it’s time” signal to “reset” and expand our relationships with Self and others.  Everything in life is cyclically restored by “letting go of the old.”  Adapt!

Internecine – (adj.) Mutually destructive.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  We have the same relationship with everyone and everything (including money) that we have with ourselves.  It’s easy to believe we are having different relationships with different people/things.  It’s what we “project.”  It’s what we “want” to believe is real.  It’s easy to get “trapped in truth.”  Projecting happens when “what Is” does not match “what we believe Is.”  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Kalopsia – (n.) The delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.

September brought change.  Breakdowns are an opportunity to learn how to deal with restoring, repairing and improving whatever is “falling apart.”  Humans are learning a brand new level of self-sufficiency.  Heartache, disappointment, death and decay are rarely seen as beautifulWhy do we see “sadness” as a threat to happiness? Improvise – Adapt – Make-Do!

Selenotropism – (n.) Growth in response to moonlight.

Venus (attraction/money) rules Libra (long-term relationships/ Animus/ enemies /balance) and at her highest she will act as a Great Unifier, the Queen of System D.  She’s visiting Scorpio blowing kisses to NeptuneGive me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free – Venus says.

Hebetude – (n.) The state of being dull or lethargic.

But alas, these two ‘dancing in the depths’ createbubbles.”  It’s a delicate balance!  We are witnessing one of the biggest financial experiments of all time, as Central Banks have run out of levers to pull.  Deflation – Inflation – Balance!   Rates are near Zero and an unprecedented amount of liquidity has been pumped into the system through quantitative easing (QE).   The Derivative Markets have been estimated to be worth $1.2 Quadrillion.  Derivatives are contracts between parties that derive value from the performance of underlying assets, indices, or entities.

Gluggavedur – (n.) “Window-weather;” weather that looks nice through the window rather than being out in it.

At her lowest, she could meltdown into a full-blown-Southern-Style-Hissy-Fit, acting out all her passive-aggressive-projections.  Fairy Tales always begin with “once upon a time,” but Southern Fairy Tales begin with, “girl you ain’t gonna’ believe this sh*t.”  Southern Fairy Tales can come to life leading up to October 6th, when Venus and Black Moon Lilith meet up at 15 Scorpio.  Any lingering relationship fears/ shadows/projections will be brought up for review.  Engage EmpathyBe generous with laughter/humor.

Aquiver – (adj.) Quivering, trembling.

Think back to the last time you were overcome with total JOY.  Do you remember the “moment?”  What was the “trigger” for the overwhelming JOY experienced?  Was it real?  What made it “real?”  Dig deep!  Define “real” please.  The “body” never lies!  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Melliflous – (adj.) A sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to the ear.


The Full Moon on October 16th (EDT) @ 23 Aries activates Eris, the sister of the FM ruler MarsAn adjustment is required.  In 2020 Americans will Party like it’s 1776Eris is our own personal Seal-Team-6.  The House where she resides is where strategic help to overcome obstacles is readily available.  Radical Forgiveness is needed to overcome resentment, letting go of unrequited love and coming to terms with addiction.  Has America become the very thing that birthed the American Revolution?

Ineffable – (adj.) Too great to be expressed in words.

Karma is stepping out of the Big Picture leaving Irony in charge.  Think 250 years in to the future.  Every thought, deed, word and action taken is rushing back from traveling around a “black hole.”  Back to the Future – 19 Years Ago1997!  It wouldn’t be the first time.  Think Outside the Walls!

Peer Pressure is the New Black!

People standing up for injustice.  What is appropriate when we witness someone getting bulliedEris is The Fact-Checker!  All that is really going to change is the number of people who “recognize” what they believe to be “true” isn’t true at all.  We’ve been living in uncertainty and confusion.  Contrast provides the context.  It’s been “training” for the future, starting NOW.  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Do the Unexpected!

Be Counter-Intuitive! The definition of insanity is doing the same over expecting a different outcome.  Look back over the last few years.  I am sure there was some “event” that brought cause for pause.  Looking back is it possible to clearly see the “moment” when “fear” took control?  Think with the Heart, Feel with the MindObserve Self!  What does “fearfeel like in the Mind?  Yes – We-Are – All in the world, but not everyone is “of” the world.  It’s a personal choiceLet go so that “I” may be restored.    Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Hiraeth – (n.) A homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Mars entered Capricorn September 27th thru November 8th.  Mars is “out-of-bounds.”  The upside is a healthy dose of courage, stamina, confidence with a “splash of panache.”  The downside is angry, rash-impulsive, narcissistic and self-centered behavior.  Ouch!  Anger/Fear occurs when something unknown becomes known.  But, is it “real” or a “projection” where words and actions did not match?  There is a difference.  Check motives and pace yourself this monthThink outside the walls!

The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.”  ~William Blake.

Conflict is nothing more than a “Clash of Wills.”  If “I am right” then someone “has to be wrong.”  That’s the “dog-eat-dog-paradigm.”  October presents each of us with plenty of opportunity to create WIN-WIN scenarios.  No one person/group owns the “TRUTH.”  Would it surprise you to understand that the “Left AND Right” make decisions from different parts of their brains?  The “Right” are more risk-averse and make choices from one part of the brain.  They want to know all the details in advance.    The “Left” make decisions from both sides of the brain and while they know there is a problem/issue, they believe they can fix-it-along-the-wayThus – The Clash!

Epoch – (n.) A particular period of time in history or in a person’s life.

Mars (Willpower) in Capricorn (status-quo) will create tension with Jupiter (faith) on October 5th, merge with Pluto (God-Particle) on October 20th and create serious tension with Uranus (frequency) on October 29th.

Sonorous – (adj.) An imposingly deep and full sound.

Another brick in the wall comes down this monthTension creates movementMovement equals change.  It’s time for “Next Steps.”  Humans love “winners.”  We’ve been taught to worship and “love’em.”  Invoke System D!  When conflict appears, understand there is a 3rd Option.  No one has to “surrender” their truth, nor can we “force” the unwillingother” to submit to “my truth.”  “Step back” to “cool off.”  Without placing BLAME, ask yourself “how did this get started?”  Find the “root” of conflict within Self first (my agenda).  Improvise – Adapt – Make-Do!

Long-Term | Big Picture

For a quick refresher, take a look at the dates below.  These are the dates Mars and Pluto have “clashed” since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008!  Look at the distance that has been traveled and the ground covered.  If you are reading this, then understand your success rate for getting through Bull-Sh*t is currently 100%.  Congratulations!

Serendipity – (n.) The chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.

December 29, 2008 @ 1 Capricorn

December 14, 2010 @ 4 Capricorn

November 28, 2012 @ 8 Capricorn

November 11, 2014 @ 11 Capricorn

October 20, 2016 @ 15 Capricorn

Limerance – (n.) The state of being infatuated with another person.

It only takes one person to step back to change the scenario.  Humanity is moving away from the “fight-or-flight” system of Duality.  It takes time!  A brave and confident Mars knows that energy and vision are contagious.  Whether the contagion is “defensive, angry and afraid,” or, that ‘we are each unique and a treasured member of the whole Human Race,’ focus on what you are afraid of “losing.

Bombinate – (v.) To make a humming or buzzing sound.

The bigger question when confronted with conflict is – are we making a choice to “follow fear” or “my own strength and values?”  October is the month to figure out what “investment” we each have in our own personal conflict(s) with self and Others.  Is it possible that someone is “digging up bones that are better left alone?”  We answer that question next month!  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Convergence Ahead Next Stop – Step 8 November!

Old Archetypes are dying.  In November Neptune and the South Node are going to meet at 9 Pisces.  The “child within” knows what it needs.  Atonement.  While difficult to watch at times, the balancing has begun.  Notice all remnants of the “past” reappearing as we approach November.  It’s okay to “just say no” to anything that drains us emotionally.  Forgive Self for all imperfections (they really are perfect though).  Identify what can and cannot be changed.  Be realistic.  Be practical.  Be physically active, get out and enjoy nature in all Her Glory!   Above all, keep your sense of humor.  Respect all of Life’s Colors, not just your favoritesWhen impermanence is accepted we are in tune with The Universe!  Life is NOT happening to us.  We happen TO Life!  Here we “grow” a-gain!

Epiphany – (n.) A moment of sudden realization.

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7 thoughts on “Step 7: Activate System D – October 2016 Astrology

  1. You are always so acute and focused on what really IS important; it often makes me feel like I just cleaned my windshield to read your pieces. Anyway, I actually feel better now about it all, given that we have been FIRMLY in System D for some time now….. plus I LOVE the words……window weather!


  2. Thank you kindly Ms. Boozilla! I love to write! Oh indeed, we have been in System D, but now there will be many more joining us! I have to use words now because I can’t find any songs to match! 🙂

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