Step 5: Teach the children well – August 2016 Astrology

Teach the children well...

Teach the children well | Credit: Disney

“You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, you’ve got to be taught from year to year, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear, you’ve got to be carefully taught.  You’ve got to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made and people whose skin is a diff’rent shade.  You’ve got to be carefully taught.  You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, before you are six or seven or eight, to hate all the people your relatives hate, you’ve got to be carefully taught!”

~South Pacific – Lyrics: You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

The USA is now the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country behind Mexico and the 2nd largest English speaking country behind China.  No matter who gets elected President of the USA Inc., America will experience what is needed to restore balanceWe-Are witnessing a Generational Changing of the Guard.  It’s called a “Turning.  Four 20-year-cycles make a Turning.  Teach the children well!

The first-quarter (first 20 years) starts off in a High Cycle (1945 – 1965).  Twenty years later the “Awakening” occurs (1966 – 1986).   Next comes the Unraveling (1986 – 2006).  We finally arrive at “The Crisis.”  And here We-Are halfway through “The Climax of Crisis” (2006 – 2026).  Since America’s inception we’ve had 3 Turnings.  We are in the 4th Turning (An American Prophecy*).  Teach the children well!

The latest polls indicate that the USA Inc. is the #1perceived threat to world peace” by non-US countries.  Palestine is #2.  Americans do not understand why the world hates them.  It’s the best kept secret in America.  For those who do not understand why black people can’t get past the whole “slavery thing,” the better question is “why can’t I get past the whole Civil War thing?”  The Civil War is slowly fading from America’s ‘collective social memory.’  Teach the children well!

Its history soon to be relegated to the “distant past,” but it’s an ugly stain carrying bitter memories.  No one alive was there so all we have to go on are the memories of our youth received from Elders as an Oral HistorySeeds were planted on BOTH SIDES!  How old is the oldest person from your childhood?  That’s how far your memories go back.  The more the narrative is repeated the longer it takes to remove the “stain” and “restore balance.”  Why must we define people by “RACE?”  Teach the children well!

It’s not like we didn’t know any of this was coming.  The 2 keywords for the next 6 months are “Check Yourself.”  That means “emotional-self-regulation.”  It’s called Emotional Sobriety.  No person, country, religion or belief system has Soul ownership of “Truth.”  Check Yourself.  Spreading hate in the guise of Love helps no one except those who dine on narcissism.  Individuals and Mobs have 2 different decision-making processes.  It’s so easy to “lose control in a mob.”  Check Yourself.  The continued use of “left OR right” promotes “separation.”  Drop labels.  We each belong to the Earth Party.  There is ONLY ONE RACE, the Human RaceTeach the children well!

“Anytime you’re gonna grow, you’re gonna lose something. You’re losing what you’re hanging onto to keep safe. You’re losing habits that you’re comfortable with, you’re losing familiarity.” ― James Hillman

There’s a New Moon @ 10 Leo on August 2nd.  Leo is ruled by the Sun (Sol) and is the natural 5th House of “romance, children, inner child, innocence, creative play and raising hell.”  Keeping the balance on the other side of the fence is Aquarius, the natural 11th House of “hopes, dreams, wishes, ‘out-there,’ friends, Soul-Mates, Kindred Spirits, fellowship, and Future-Forward.”  It’s time to start “accepting that this is where We-Are and get past the hypocrisy.”  Let go, and hold on.  It requires all-encompassing-acceptanceStep 5: Teach the children well!

Full Moon @ 25 Aquarius

August 18th the Full Moon @ 25 Aquarius brings an adjustmentUranus, the Rebel Without Pause, rules the show.  After delivering surprises at his U-Turn Rx station, on July 29th, we get a good look at just how our society is being driven by an ever accelerating wave.  For those who consider themselves “awake” it’s time to Wake Down.   It’s a ParadoxReverse the processU-Turn.  Spirit descends into Matter.  Let go, and hold on!  What is becoming Self-Evident (suddenly seeing and/or understanding)Think 100th MonkeyTechnology is being used to create tomorrow’s disruption, creating exponential change and growth.  Waking DownTeach the children well!

If you were born between 1947 – 1953 Uranus/Eris is merging with your natal Sedna asking you to “tune in to a new-inner-frequency.”  Humans live in a confusing world.  It appears to be chaotic.  Any “shaking up” in life is yanking up the deep-deep-seeded-old roots.  Some days feel like being on “shaky ground.” Instead of focusing on finding the “answer,” focus on asking “the questions.”  Look back into your early childhood to see what “groups” your grandparents and parents disliked.  That’s a clue!   You are not imagining things! And no, there are no words to describe it either!   Teach the children well!

Saturn square Neptune | Jupiter square Saturn

Over the past year we have been tested with the closing squares of Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune.  It’s called “Heavy Lifting.”  Life is not for the faint of heart!  The culmination started in 1989 (Saturn-Neptune) and 2000 (Jupiter-Saturn).  We each get a “do-over” in a choice we made and this the 4th time we’ve made the choice.  Choose again2020 is going to be a bold year when Jupiter/Saturn merge in Aquarius and a brand new cycle begins.  2020 – “Pluto in Libra” for President!  Teach the children well!

Pluto’sthousand-death-march” through Capricorn, since 2008, is tearing down all the “walls” of the Status Quo.  Anything left standing when the Inner Alchemist enters Aquarius in 2023 will be of great use and value for the Social Rebuilding.  Millennials born between 1988-1992 have had a One-Planet-Wrecking-Ball traverse over their natal Uranus-Saturn-Neptune in Capricorn.  Add Uranus squaring the “Young Rebels Without Pause,” and it’s no wonder they’re fed up!  No need to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.  He’s been replaced by an App!    Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th and puts the ball into motionChange is on the way.  Enjoy this brief lull!  Teach the children well!

“The more you talk about it, rehash it, rethink it, cross analyze it, debate it, respond to it, get paranoid about it, compete with it, complain about it, immortalize it, cry over it, kick it, defame it, stalk it, gossip about it, pray over it, put it down or dissect its motives, it continues to rot in your brain.  It is dead.  It is over.  It is gone.  It is done.  It is time to bury it because it is smelling up your life and no one wants to be near your rotted corpse of memories and decaying attitude.  Be the funeral director of your life and bury that thing!  ~Shannon L. Alder

Jupiter – North Node | Neptune – South Node

Generations regulate the velocity of Social Change Jupiter, the Giver of Truth, and the North Node, “the path” met 3 times this year.  (Cue Mission Impossible music)  If you were born between 1965 and 1969 then know that you have officially been notified, awakened and called-on for a “mission.”  Your “mission” should you choose to accept it, is to stand up, speak up, speak out!   You are the first “modern-day-latch-key-kids” so you have some-serious-survival-skills the world is in desperate need of.  Your group is very protective of its own children.  Teach the children well!

What Gen X brings to the table are “liberty, survival and honor.”  Your group is cunning, hard-to-fool-realists who prefer to meet problems head-on and adversaries one-on-one.  Just what we need – practical realistsMorals and Values.    Gen X is the 13th Generation to call itself American.   Teach the children well!

hqdefaultNeptune and the South Node are doing the “longslow-dance.”  Co-Mingling with “shadows and ghosts.”  They will meet and merge in NovemberA generation’s self-perception is its sense of direction and a generation can collectively choose its destiny but no one can choose their generation.  There is a visceral sense of nostalgia and many long for a past that they “remember” as safe (saved).  Is it real or is it “Memorex, the Ideal?”  This nostalgia for a unique past, while expressing urgency for a time-limited future, comes into sharp contrast when trying to comprehend one’s own mortalityA Paradox!  Teach the children well!

Generational aging is what translates the rhythm of the past into the rhythm of the futureNeptune’s long sojourn through Pisces is just what the doctor ordered to melt away fears of “mixing races” and any lingering Male-Savior-Complexes.  Upon entering Aries in 2025 – – (finally the door is wide open) – – Humans can save themselves!  Twisted, manipulated, indoctrinated and taught to seek answers “outside of selfNeptune asks everyone to retreat Within.  Instead of seeking a Male Master from Without, hear the Feminine Spirit WithinWake down!    Time is shaped like a Spiral. Boomers are the Elder Prophets teaching the children about “Values.”  Here’s what Boomers have started doing to make a change in the “name of love” for their grandchildren, click here and here.  No one wants to arrest Nana!  Question: do you judge others as harshly as you judge yourselfTeach the children well!

Mars conjunct Saturn | square Neptune & Nodes

Every word ever spoken out-loud is our Legacy.  Thanks to Mobile technology it’s live-streamed for instant consumption.  The world has changed very little, but our ability to “watch it Live” makes it hard to ignore.  That’s different!  Saturn, the Inner Teacher, stations direct on August 13th @ 9 SagittariusCheck yourself.  After back-tracking it’s “time” to “make-way.”  Humanity is trying to give form to something that has no form.  We’ve never been in ‘this moment‘ before.  Mars steps out of the Rx shadow to meet with Saturn, Neptune and the Nodes the last week of August.   The end of August brings tension to a head to shake off out-dated roles we’ve been playing and alliances we’ve outgrown.  Expect news from a Tech Titan and be on the lookout for the Media to want to “try” to do the “right thing.”  The last week is connected to February 2017 Eclipses.

Mercury Rx 29-14 Virgo –Evolution of Heart

Life is not randomThere is a planThe Devil’s in the detailsThe Mind is a PROJECTOR.  Do you know where your “MIND” is physically located?  Think – because it’s not in my brain.  Every thought is neutral until an “emotion” is attached to it.  Mercury is the “data-miner” of our Cosmic Reality.  Retrograding in the sign of “service/body/sacrifice” brings us to the point of “waking down.”  Counter-Intuitive.  As Spirit descends into Matter, Mercury reveals a path to connect the physical body to the Transpersonal Self.  The sacrifice required to turn off the projector” is moving past the futility of “holding on” and hypocrisyTrust the process. Teach the children well!

During the Rx period, Mercury will re-trace the steps of Jupiter/NodesCreating or re-creating strong boundaries are necessary to take the steps to connect the physical and non-physical Self.  This is brand new territory.  Can we stop demonizing “others” for just a moment please?  The purpose is to disconnect the “projector” so that the new neural pathways can be opened, created and/or restored.  September brings dissolution and revelation.  We “pivot” in next month!  Teach the children well!

“Reflections and ripples of other lives flow into yours, they are not yours.  You do not exist in the same world as in investment banker, a crop-duster or a mother in India.  Yet some of you choose to take on the beliefs of everyone else because it is safer, more comfortable and there is less self-responsibility involved.  If you are focusing on others, there is never a reason to focus on yourself and your own inner work.   What you are doing and how you are living is no one else’s “fault.”  You think, you create, you provide action….own it!” ~ Creator

*Information about The 4th Turning: An American Prophecy comes from a book I re-discovered several months ago.  Originally published in the late 90’s it’s a good read and easy to understand. History keeps repeating itself, but we can change our own history.  Click Here!



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