Bridge of Hearts (Part I) – Full Moon @ 1 Sagittarius

train-on-the-bridge-abstract-hd-wallpaper-480x270Lyrics: Maren Morris – My Church

“I’ve cussed on a Sunday.  I’ve cheated and I’ve lied.  I’ve fallen down from grace a few too many times.  But I find holy redemption when I put this car in drive.  Roll the windows down and turn up the dial.  Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an amen?  Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya, when I play the highway FM.  I find my soul revival, singing every single verse, yeah I guess that’s my church.”

It starts with a “wake-up call.”  What is believed to be “true” is found to be lacking.  There is a noticeable shift in values/thoughts/beliefs.  Disenchantment occurs when “I AM” un-full-filled.  Truth-searching begins.  Detox and purging are initiated to realign outdated values/thoughts/beliefs with a New Truth.  The goal becomes to share the New Truth.  It’s called Truth-Telling.  The paradox is that the moment the “Truth-Telling” begins, the Seeker, once again, ends up asleep at the Wheel of Separation (us vs. them/enlightened vs. unenlightened/religious vs. non-religious).

It’s a Paradox and a Conundrum.

Eventually the Seeker understands that the goal isn’t to transmit the truth but simply to Be the TRUTH.  The Bridge of Hearts is activated by Being appreciative, compassionate, forgiving, understanding and humble.  There is no do, there is only BE.   The Heart is the Bridge between “I-AM” (Mind) and “WE-ARE” (Heart).  The goal is to think with your Heart.  Since 2006 our Soul-Are System has almost tripled in size and doubled the number of planets.  Proof of the Kuiper Belt in 2006 was like finding another planet.  Expanding Human Awareness.

Once a human learns something it cannot be unlearned.

The Full Moon on May 21st is @ 1 Sagittarius and will be followed by a 2nd Full Moon @ 29 Sagittarius on June 20th, a Blue Moon!   Welcome to the Bridge of HeartsExpanding awareness is in the air as Jupiter rules both Full Moons in Sagittarius, the natural 9th House of Higher Self, foreigners, beliefs, philosophy, religion, military, vibrational healing, grandparents and Timeless WisdomJupiter is pointing out childhood programming, education, familial history, friendships, alliances and indoctrination to see what it is exactly that leaves one Un-Full-FilledThe Root Cause!  In other words “what am I missing here?”  KNOW THYSELF.

Mars Rx is conjoining the Full Moon @ 2 Sagittarius and will oppose Venus (attraction) on the 24th.  Martian aggression will likely bring an emotional confrontation if personal energy is unstable, especially for those who have been stewing and seething in frustration.  Anger occurs when something unknown becomes knownResentment is anger at having to please othersWhat if we were to discover that we are on Earth so Life can change usHow are you and your Life getting along these days?

T-Square:  Jupiter | Saturn | Neptune

Neptune is ConsciousnessSaturn is GravityLife is a Force and The Force has awakenedIt is quality not quantity.  Electrical and magnetic in nature Life is a Relationship.  The Heart knows no Ideology.  Between now and the end of September 2016, Humanity will begin to “sync-up” with a new vibrational frequencyGet up to speed.  It takes time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

What will it take for the power of Love to overcome the power of Greed?  The short answer is a great deal of effort.  Make no mistake the Universe has a plan.  Over the next 10 years Humanity will be brought together for a common causeGod won the war, but God’s Children haven’t got the Memo yet.  They will.  Universal Law supersedes Human Law.  Behavior is a choice.  Emotions are not.

Humans are learning about Coherence. Look back to 1989.  What is different between “then” and “now?”  By cleaning up personal energy-fields stability is created for everyone.  If you or someone you know has been dealing with depression here is an alternative that you may or may not find helpful (Click Here).  Unsolved Mystery.  Life is not for the faint of heart!

“When Hank brings the sermon and Cash leads the choir it gets my cold coal heart burning hotter than a ring of fire.  When this wonderful world gets heavy and I need to find my escape I just keep the wheels rolling, radio scrolling until my sins wash away.  Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an amen?  Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya, when I play the highway FM.  I find my soul revival singing every single verse, yeah I guess that’s my church.”

Credit: Unknown

Credit: Unknown

Mercury DirectLiving in Separation requires effort to find Clarity and is the exception rather than the rule.  Once a human sees something, they cannot Un-See It!  Once a human speaks words cannot be taken back.  The world a human “sees” is a reflection of what is being felt inside at that moment in time.  Mercury stations direct on the 22nd.  Open your “new eyes.”  The Full Moon creates “pressure” when one doesn’t understand what is happening, where they are and what they are “supposed” to “Be” DoingCoherence creates stability.  The question Mercury is asking is “can you just see a situation and know it for what it is?”  The bigger question is “who is observing my Mind?

Uranus conjunct Eris – New frequency – tune in.  Humans are natural explorers.  Somewhere tucked away tightly in our DNA is the Knowledge that eventually we will have to leave Spaceship Earth.  We will have to find a new “home” in order for our species to survive.  In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue and America has celebrated his “discovery” ever since.  Eris is on the same degree as the last time (1492) she visited 22 Aries.  That was over 500 years ago.  The Re-Beginning.

Time goes on whether we are paying attention or not.  What will our current state of affairs matter in 500 years and what will life on Earth look like in 500 years in the future, can you imaginePerspective is everything.  People make decisions based on motivation, thoughts and action which is based on a personal frame of reference.  There’s a new discovery awaiting Human Awareness.  Perhaps the new 9th Planet will be located this year.  The masses wake up during the Summer of Change as we are learning how to Be Inner-Galactic-Humans.

Chiron conjunct September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse – It’s time to unlock the History Vault.  Herein lies Ancient Wisdom.  Time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.  The masses will be angry.  No one judges us but self.  There is no right or wrong, no left or right.  Between now and September 16th expect unclaimed pieces and forgotten parts of the past to come up for final review.  Dive in to IT and go way-way-way back.  Look back to the worst year in your life and compare it to “Now.”  Are you better or worse off?  Probably both!  What has changed is personal preferences and priorities.

Between now and June 4th, at the New Moon in Gemini, pay close attention as Synchronicity is working overtime to nudge each of us in a new direction.  During that particular New Moon the Sun (Soul), Moon (Emotion) and Venus (Heart) will be at 14 Gemini.  That’s the degree of “One Face-One-Race.”  Pay attention to the body.  Have you noticed how it “reacts” to certain people/events/situations?  The body never lies.  It has no agenda.

Look back to December 2015 as this is a “peak” moment of discovery.  The human body is like a Tuning Fork (thank you Alison) and is trying to match Earth’s Vibration.  Roll the window down and turn up the music because there is NO destination, there is only the Trip of a LifetimeWelcome to the Bridge of Hearts!

“Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an amen?  Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya, when I play the highway FM.  I find my soul revival singing every single verse, yeah I guess that’s my church.  Hey, Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an amen?  Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya, when I play the highway FM.  I find my soul revival singing every single verse.  Yeah I guess that’s my church, yeah I guess that’s my church, yeah I guess that’s my church.”



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