Déjà vu – Full Moon @ 2 Scorpio

Credit: Unknown

Credit: Unknown

Lyrics: The Zombies – Moving On

“I’m moving on like a ship sailing windblown.  Who can say where the rainbow may be found.  Take my chance and I’ll sail to tomorrow.  April moon can you tell me where I’m bound.  I’m moving on from this place of confusion.  It’s goodbye to trouble I’m leaving behind.  In my life no more grief and no sorrow.  Won’t allow darkness my life to define.”

The term déjà vu is French and means, literally, “already seen.”  It’s defined as the feeling that you have already experienced something that is actually happening for the first time.  Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all.

Coming out of the Stone Age – Welcome to Democracy Spring

Democracy is a governance system in which power resides in the people. Democracy Spring is a coalition of 100+ progressive groups who spent a week protesting peacefully on Capitol Hill.  Unfortunately it did not get much media coverage here in the US.  It did outside the US, especially the day police arrested 85 Senior Citizens for civil disobedience.  In 2010 the Middle East caught the fever and it was called the Arab Spring.  In 2011 it was called the Occupy Movement.  In 2014 Hong Kong called it the Umbrella Revolution.

In the mid-1700’s it was called the Anti-Tax Movement, which turned into the American Revolution.  In the mid-1800’s the Abolition Movement (slavery) turned into the Civil War, and there was the Women’s Right’s Movement (right to vote) and the Temperance Movement (Alcohol Prohibition).  The 1930’s birthed the Labor Movement and the 1960’s brought the Civil Rights Movement, the Environmental Movement and the Anti-War MovementDéjà vu!

We’ve been here before many times!

A Full Moon always brings a change or adjustment to decisions/intentions as set forth during the preceding New MoonPluto (process of elimination) rules the Full Moon and Mars is the traditional ruler.  Potent and powerful, calling for transformation, this Full Moon promises plenty of change, intensity, taboo and secrets revealed personally and collectively.  Something will be eliminated that is no longer working.  Change takes time!  Déjà vu!

The Collective Chain of Events:

Pluto Rx and Mars RxHave courage and be kind, as Cinderella would say.  Back to the Source.  We can treat the symptom or the causeWhich do you prefer?  If we treat the cause then the symptom disappears.   What is the current cause?  It’s complicated, but in the end it all comes down to moneyThe Fusion Evolution of Revolution!  Pick a country, any country and there is a good chance that “the people” want change.  Each country has their own set of rules, regulations, laws and restrictions.  Young.  Old. Black.  White.  Brown.  Native American.  Asian.  Christian.  Jew.  Muslim.  Buddhist. Atheist.  From the left.  From the right.  We were born for this moment in time!   Déjà vu!

Jupiter square Saturn – Expansion and contraction.  Every 20 years these 2 meet and greet and begin another cycle.  Think back to May – June 2000?  They met at 22 Taurus, the degree of “social confirmation.”  Conveniently Mercury will retrograde @ 23 Taurus on the 28th.  This is the point of reconciliation of the past, present and future of our society/cultureJupiter/Saturn are humanity’s Social Destiny.  Generational!  Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000, but George Bush became President.  That was the moment many awakened to the fact that something isn’t quite right hereThanks to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump speaking out about the Primary Process we are coming to grips with the “process of elimination” through which America elects a President.  Déjà vu!

“I won’t cry for the past, for I’ve re-found my freedom at last.  I won’t shy from the strife.  What doesn’t kill me will fill me with life.  And I’m moving on to my dreams of tomorrow.  Thrilled to be wherever my soul may be bound.  Who can tell where the journey may lead me.  Who can say where the rainbow may be found.”

America #916 conjoined Juno Rx – Where is America’s “line in the sand” with global partners?  Smile and say FrenemiesSaudia Arabia announced a plan to sell off $750 billion in US assets if the US passes a bill that would allow Saudia Arabia to be held accountable in Court for acts of terrorism (9/11).  Families of victims feel thwarted in their efforts to learn what they believe to be the truth about the role some Saudi officials played in the terrorist plot.  The “twist” is that if we allow US citizens to sue other governments, then the US government will probably be sued by citizens in other countries.  Retaliation!  That thought keeps members of the government awake at night!  Democracy cannot be sustained if it cannot be seen.  Déjà vu!

Saturn square NeptuneLet’s go GlobalUniversal FormBoundless.  We need a platform, a Global Political PartyOccupy is a Movement with global recognition.  There are others like them.  2024 will bring us our first taste of a Global Political Movement.  The Reagan Revolution is coming to an end but the Reaganites don’t know it yet.  When you start a Movement you never know where it will lead, said Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.  No truer words have even been spoken.  The only constant in life is the “Never-Ending Story.”  These 2 met in 1989 at 10-11 Capricorn.  “Mr. Gorbachov take down that wall,” said Ron Reagan.  What walls are still standing in your own life or in your country?  We will have to do this together.  No one will do it for us.   Déjà vu!

Next Steps?

Baby Steps!

Baby Steps!

This Full Moon is actually “seeding” the New Moon on May 6th @ 16 Taurus.  We are setting the tone over the next 2 weeks for the Next Phase of Restoring Order.  This Full Moon falls on Earth DayHappy Birthday Mama!  I love you!   Scorpio Maxim is “it’s got to be real.”  The bigger question is “when is enough enough?”  How much more can humanity take?  How much more can Earth take?  Expect to see news and views about the environment.  Déjà vu!

Personally:  Connect the dots.  1989, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2012.  What were you personally going through?  Think back to May-August 2015Saturn dredged a channel through Scorpio and now Mars will re-cover this terrain in June and JulyIt’s recycling for the Soul.  Nothing is ever lost.  April 25th – May 8th the North Node will “activate” the September 13, 2015 20 Virgo Solar EclipseTime to implement those plans please!  Think you are unsure of how Pluto works?  Do you use the bathroom?  That’s Pluto!  We all commune with Pluto several times a day through “the process of elimination.”  Déjà vu!

As you look back over the listed years, was there ever a time you were the Hunter or the Hunted, the Cheater or the CheatedOf course!  What was the “cost” paid for security and comfort? Who was the buyer and who was the sellerWe are all equal.  We are all Children of the UniverseWe are all flawed.  We are all perfectly imperfect!  So are those we love AND hate!  Be human, keep it real and above all be yourself  because everyone else is already takenDéjà vu!

We are simply going to begin a course correction this yearTogether!  Baby Steps.  If you get a chance go see the movie “The Big Short.  It explains how and why events transpired with the “to big to fail” banks.  Someone bet against the house and won!  It all started in 2005If you get the chance go see the movie “Trapped.  It captures the biggest Supreme Court case on abortion in a generation.  Does your Zip Code determine your rights?  Déjà vu!

“And I’m moving on to my dreams of tomorrow.  Thrilled to be wherever my soul may be bound.  Who can tell where the journey may lead me.  Who can say where the rainbow may be found.”



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