Roll the Dice – New Moon @ 19 Aquarius

Credit: bwabtalmoslem

Credit: bwabtalmoslem

Lyrics: Aerosmith – Amazing

“I kept the right ones out and let the wrong ones in. Had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins. There were times in my life when I was goin’ insane tryin’ to walk through the pain. When I lost my grip and I hit the floor, Yeah, I thought I could leave but couldn’t get out the door. I was so sick and tired of livin’ a lie. I was wishin that I would die.

The monthly New Moon is the Cosmic Reset Button. The New Moon on February 8th coincides with the Chinese New Year. In the Chinese calendar it’s Year 4157 and 2016 is a Fire Monkey Year. The Monkey is a “trickster” and like his brother, the Coyote, he reveals Truth through opposites. Those who dare to be original will be blessed this year. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. The Monkey is rebellious by nature.

The game board is set with pieces of the past lined up neatly. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and Saturn is the traditional ruler. The Dichotomy of Reality is called Duality. It’s Time (Saturn) to “Roll the Dice (Uranus).” Edgy. Itchy. Scratchy. Serendipitous. Expect the Unexpected. Fate and Fortune changes lives in the blink of an eye.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his site. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” The longer we use labels to point out our differences, the longer it will take to reach the Point of Peace. The Human Mind gives “value” to the different sides of Duality. Positive or Negative. Unfortunately, many have forgotten that BOTH positive AND negative are part of the “whole.

Aquarius is “heaven’s breath” poured onto humanity. Knowledge offered. Ignoring something does not make it go away. It simply lays waiting for the right time to be revealed. In every story there is a beginning, the middle and the “Twist.” The “Twist” means the story will continue. Unity. A different point of view. Aquarius is The Cosmic Soup. February is the transition month. This New Moon is the gateway to next month’s Eclipses bringing dramatic change personally, locally and globally, as we begin the process of passing the torch to the next generation and phasing out a way of life.

Uranus – Pluto – Black Moon Lilith T-Square – By focusing only on the positive, we fool ourselves into thinking we have eliminated the negative. But alas, all that has happened is everything we’ve denied gets stuffed deeper inside us to the point of creating dis-ease in the body. The negative will rear its ugly head when we least expect it. By becoming aware of the positive AND negative within,we learn, through creative tension, to balance BOTH. If we are totally honest with ourselves we remember all the times we have been dishonest. Awareness is gained by recognizing the tension within.

The question to ask is “I feel so fake when I _______________?” *

Uranus Yod | Jupiter/North Node square Pluto | Mars square NM – This is the “thunder in my heart and lightening in my veins.” Are you Non or are you Anti? It’s time to let go of stereotypes and embrace a more accurate picture. “Non” will say “I’m not, I don’t or I won’t” while “Anti” will speak up, in public or your personal life, when an injustice occurs. What’s your favorite “ism?Racism? Change the “C” in racist to a “P.” Click here for 3 minutes of enlightenment. What were you trying to manifest back in 2009? An old dream/goal/desire rises from the ashes to see if there is any “breath” left? Take the best from the past and move forward. Expiration date has passed now!

“It’s Amazing. With the blink of an eye you finally see the light. It’s Amazing. When the moment arrives that you know you’ll be alright. It’s Amazing and I’m sayin’ a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight. That one last shot’s a Permanent Vacation and how high can you fly with broken wings? Life’s a journey not a destination and I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings.”

Saturn square Chiron/South NodeThe Blessing or the Curse, which comes first? Everything in life holds Both a blessing And a curse. We deny/ignore this when we label the events as either positive or negative. Which comes first, the lesson or the experience, the chicken or the egg? It’s the oldest question known to humans. They are BOTH part of the “whole.” It’s the “within” that’s within the “Within.”  What is that “thing” you have wondered, worried about and fought the hardest to ignore?  That’s your starting point.  Eventually we get tired enough to “let go” of that “thing.”   The Twist! The paradox of Life! GO DEEP!

Uranus semi-sextile ChironBe yourself. You are one-of-a-kind. There is nothing to “do,” except “be yourself.” Between 2008 and 2021 Uranus and Chiron are doing a little dance called the Semi-Sextile. They are never more than 3 degrees apart in aspect, making 26 Steps (exact aspects) over the 13-year-period. Our “Collective Saving Grace.” They are working quietly, under the surface, repeating the same thing over and over and over, until weget it.” What is it you are starting to “get?” Instead of trying to control life’s “outer events” we focus on managing new freedom within. We notice internal motives, yearnings and needs. This is the Twist. We are each “free,” but we don’t know it.

Uranus conjunct Eris – The western world is in the throes of a major demographic change. No nation with a white European ethnic majority has evolved to become a non-white-majority nation. The USA Inc. will be the first to go through this dilution of race.  Humanity is in an intense process of emerging into the next cycle of life. Unlike more gradual shifts in awareness we have experienced, this one is happening at a quicker pace and to a degree unexpectedly, without any pauses for contemplation or indecision. Be decisive! Many may even think they are unprepared for such changes in life, but fear not, we are prepared and can put to use all the experiences and wisdom we have each accumulated since the New Moon Eclipse in September 2015. These 2 will merge 3x exactly between June 2016 and March 2017.

Mars/Loving (#43297) opposite Sedna – As my friend Inger says “head’s up!” Check to see where 8 Sagittarius thru 23 Scorpio resides in your chart. That’s the territory that Mars retrogrades over starting in April-June. Mars will spend 9 months in slate Scorpio-early Sagittarius. Think back to Spring 2015.  Saturn was traversing these sensitive degrees, so now we get to clean up the past.  Remember all that confusion and uncertainty? Mars will clarify much and offer redemption along the way. Pay attention over the next 2 weeks as we each get a “preview of coming attractions” during the Rx period, personally and globally. How much does “freedom” cost these days?


Truth (#249521) @ 12 Aquarius square Juno @ 13 Scorpio – A Covenant is a promise, a contract. Juno rules contracts and covenants. We each have a Covenant with the Universe in exchange for our Trip of a Lifetime on Earth. All relationship patterns come up for review. Many will discover something, a “truth” they were not aware of before. “Now I know.” This is not just marriage, but ALL contracts with our Soul, person-to-person, business-to-business and country-to-country.

Be open to what is happening. Compare yourself to no one. Look at the progress made since 2010. This New Moon is meant to help point everyone in the desired direction. It might not look like what you were expecting, but do not withdraw. Stand your ground, take a deep breath and be confident. Please TRUST YOURSELF and by doing that you will be yourself. That’s all we really need to do anyway! Do you feel lucky? I hope so! Roll the Dice and expect to BE INSPIRED!

“You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. But I just couldn’t listen to all that righteous talk, oh yeah. I was out on the street, just tryin’ to survive, scratchin’ to stay Alive. It’s Amazing. With the blink of an eye you finally see the light. It’s Amazing. When the moment arrives that you know you’ll be alright. It’s Amazing and I’m sayin’ a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight.”

*Thank you Dominee!

All is well!  🙂


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