The Long Goodbye – New Moon @ 19 Scorpio”

Credit: Imaginative Artworks

Credit: Imaginative Artworks

Lyrics: Collective Soul – Shine

“Give me a word. Give me a sign. Show me where to look. Tell me what will I find? Lay me on the ground, fly me in the sky, show me where to look, tell me what will I find? Oh, heaven let your light shine down.

November is a “bridge” month as we approach the Year of Goodbye in 2016. It is a convergence and culmination that helps many clear the air and finally, “just let it go.” On November 11th we have the 2nd of five New Moons at 19 degrees. Step 2! Consider this New Moonrealization” on the Road to Self-Evident. In other words, it’s officially “The End of The End of the World.” Time to move past the past!

This New Moon is a “preview of coming attractions” for January 2016. Something unknown becomes “known!” Do you want freedom of religion or the freedom to impose religion? Separate fact from feelings and truth from “my” interpretation. Definitions are very important as they convey ideas, ideals, intentions and “next steps,” words that have many meanings. All subject to individual interpretation and projections.

We live in cycles of circles. 1951-52 and 1989-90, what was happening in your life during this time period? Do you remember? What about 1982 and 2000? We are in the throes of a generational transition that culminates in 2020 when we hit the “reset” button. Complacency is no longer an option! Welcome to the Mutable Years.

“Love is in the water. Love is in the air. Show me where to look. Tell me will love be there? Teach me how to speak. Teach me how to share. Teach me where to go. Tell me will love be there? Oh, heaven let your light shine down.”

The Nones. Have you ever heard of them? Emerging on the scene this group represents those who those who are atheist, agnostic or who say their religion is “nothing in particular.” They now represent 23% of the US population (average age is 36, predominantly male). In 2007 this group represented only 16% of the population. They are the Millennials and represent the largest percentage of the population now.

Subtle – – Robust – – Practical

Humanity is slowly moving toward a solution-based reality. Our dysfunction is clear and apparent now. There is good news. With the advent of the Internet we can use technology to create miracles by working together. The pendulum swings both ways. The question is are we willing to spend what it takes to achieve something new and different, endure what is required of each of us and work as long as it takes?

Here’s something fun! Some politicians are Red, and some are Blue, but all of them are GREEN. Find out to whom a politician is beholden. It’s an App that helps follow the money of politicians. Click here! And the irony of it all? The App was created by a 17-year-old and no, he’s not old enough to Vote, yet! He will be next year. One step at a time!

It’s called Inflation. Let’s say you pay $1000 for a new computer. It’s the same price you paid 5 years ago. Your computer today is faster, has more memory and all kinds of new toys and gadgets. From the government’s perspective you have twice the computing power of the old one so you really only paid $500. Central Bankers are scared because prices are not rising fast enough. The government uses a little “smoke and mirror magic” called Hedonic Quality Adjustment. Click here to learn more.

“Give me a word. Give me a sign. Show me where to look. Tell me what will I find? Lay me on the ground, fly me in the sky, show me where to look, tell me what will I find? Oh, heaven let your light shine down.”

Credit: Steve Cutts

Credit: Steve Cutts

Personally: Every human being on this planet is now being asked to separate truth and fiction. It’s not always pleasant either. Think back to March-May. Remember how confusing everything was? It was like living in a “WTF Groundhog Day!” Hopefully things are much clearer now. If not, they will be by the end of the month.

TRUST YOURSELF! It’s time to remove some masks. Childhood beliefs and programming are coming up from the deep – dark – murky Scorpion depths. The Nodes move into Virgo/Pisces a few hours after the New Moon. The Golden Rule! Refresh your memory here. Change is afoot! Remember, we are each re-writing our own story.

Many are now seeing past the “good/bad dilemma” that keeps us separated from one another.  Remember, we project onto others our demons and desires. Our culture is based on a steady diet of Separation, thus we have Villains and Victims. How many times has our country invaded another country to get rid of the “bad guys?” Did you ever wonder “WHY” they are the bad guys?  Who says they are “bad?

The pressure to be “normal” is strong. As a child what definition of the “American Dream” were you given? I was taught that being married and having children would validate my existence and get me acceptance. They lied. I was sent to college to find a husband. I failed. Is it possible that our addiction to “normal” caused us to sacrifice our values and moral code?

What will we do and how far will we go for acceptance by our Culture? Have you ever accepted the role of “scapegoat” for someone else because their world was falling apart?  Have you ever had the need for what I call a DV (designated victim) so you could feel justified and rationalize your own problems away? We have all been there and done that.

The Holidays are approaching fast now. Anyone who is pointing a finger with blame attached is acting out dysfunction. Demonizing anyone who appears different solves nothing. Until one goes and looks in the mirror at themselves they will continue to stay ‘stuck in hypocrite mode.’ Indoctrinated to be “normal” creates great confusion. Pretty people do ugly things too. The American Dream is one of the best Myths ever created. It’s okay to stop drinking the “Normal Kool-Aid.” Just be yourself, you are more than enoughNow……Shine On! 

“I’m gonna let it shine. I’m gonna let it shine. Heaven send a light, let it shine on me. Heaven send a light, let it shine on me. It’s gonna shine on. Shine on me. It’s gonna shine on. Well come on and shine.”

All is well! 🙂

If life is a trip, then Astrology is your map! If you are interested in or are curious about having your own personal Astrology session, please email me @! Let’s talk!


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