11:11 – Golden Rule – North Node in Virgo

1060366-bigthumbnailLyrics: Blood Sweat and Tears – Ride Captain Ride

“Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay, rolled off of their ship and here’s what they had to say. “We’re calling everyone to ride along to another shore, where we can laugh our lives away and be free once more. Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, be amazed at the friends you’ve got there on your trip. Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, be aware of the things others just might have missed.”

How do you balance the “Invisible Hand” (Pisces) and the “Golden Rule? (Virgo)” It’s called the Rule of Reciprocity. It’s our “oneness.” In theory, our “oneness” is supposed to be self-regulating through empathy for one another. It doesn’t necessarily work out that way. Self-interest is always present, thus the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have done unto you.

The North Node changes signs approximately every 18 months. The North Node is the Soul’s Intent, moral compass and karma regulator and in Astrology/Astronomy the North Node is an invisible point that measures the elliptic of the Moon around Earth. On November 11th, the North Node steps lightly onto 29 Virgo through May 2017.

Think back to June 2006, when the North Node entered Pisces. We are halfway through one cycle, and completing another cycle that started in January 1997 when the North Node last transited Virgo. Can you connect any dots? If not immediately, then certainly by May 2017. We live life in Circles!  If you are 18-19, 36-37, 55-56, 72-73 or 89-90 then you are beginning a Nodal Return.  It’s a brand new cycle in life-path-direction!

Accompanying the North Node is the South Node, exactly 180 degrees away every moment of every day. If the North Node points to “The Way” then the South Node is our comfort zone. It’s our “gifts” from previous lifetimes, favorite pajamas, slippers, comfort food and sanctuary. Because it is so comfortable we sometimes have to be nudged to step away from it. Two of our Universal Guiding Principles are “empathy and compassion.The best part? No government intervention is needed!

Over the next 18 months the dialogue most needed is about the state of our Economy. That’s a touchy subject too. There is great debate regarding “socio-economic equality.” I hear folks saying “I’m tired of paying for the free-loaders in welfare.” Which “free-loaders” are we talking about here? Are we talking about the people trying to feed their families or are we talking about the Corporate Welfare Freeloaders who avoid paying their fair share of taxes? What is the difference in these 2 groups?

The truth is that, in our modern economic system, no political economy is sustainable from an ecological perspective. Reductionism is a word we are all going to learn. It means we are going to break down what’s complicated, the “whole” (Pisces), down into components, or, their individual “interactions” (Virgo). But, it is often easy to lose sight of the “whole.Reductionism in this case refers to “social and human life.Balance is required. We are planting the seeds for 2033 and to date, neither Marxism nor the Free-Enterprise-System have been tried on a global level. Food for thought! We are moving out of our own adolescence. It’s time to embrace intelligently designed-market based solutions that will be essential for the energy system transition ahead.

The Nodes always signal the “timing of the arrival of change.” It’s time for humans to begin a collaborative journey to recognize the Rule of Reciprocity. Quantum physics has taught us that yes, everything is connected to everything else (the very fact you and I have iron in our blood means we are made of Stardust). The focus will be on Ecology, Economic Equality and being in “right relationship.” It sounds good in theory! Look to see where “my conscious” is guiding to practice the Golden Rule.

“No one heard them calling, no one came at all, ‘cause they were too busy watching those old raindrops fall. As a storm was blowing out on the peaceful sea, seventy-three men were sailing off into history. Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, be amazed at the friends you’ve got there on your trip. Ride captain ride on your mystery ship, be aware of the world others just might have missed.”

We’re all going to be doing the “trickle-up-dance.” Personal to global! Human beings. Human consciousness. Human economies. That means we work with neighbors, our communities and others to find a way to help one another. Empathy. Compassion. Devotion. Mercy. How often do you show mercy to othersWhat are you devoted to?  Above all, listen to your body and intuit choices for yourself. When the Nodes transit a personal planet you can expect a change in life direction. TRUST YOURSELF!

We are all ALIVE!

The North Node will transit over the Pluto in Virgo Generation over the next 18 months and if you were born in 1971-72 you will immediately feel the “magnetic pull” of this new direction. Expect a Soul-Code-Activation and an internal “call-to-action” and indeed, expect some restlessness, of the “sacred kind.

Pay attention to the big news story on or around November 11th, because MarsMessage-in-a-Bottle and North Node will both be at 29 Virgo (the degree opposite the April 2015 New Moon Eclipse). We begin breaking down any “victim stories” and reigning in our projections. How much will it cost to live in the past? Mars wants to take action (willpower) and sets the tone! Mars in freedom-fighting Sagittarius will square the Nodes in August 2016.

North Node conjunct Virgo 18-15 signals the “flowering” of events set into motion in 1967. Expect May-August 2016 to be a bit bumpy as politicians have to wrestle with the New Majority as the Majority-Minority gets a resounding wake-up call. The “shot” heard around the world. October 2016 finds the Lord of Karma (Saturn) squaring off with the Nodes to set humanity on path more in keeping with the Golden Rule. Will it be easy? It’s going to require a great effort on everyone’s part.

A word about “karma!” Literally the word “karma” means “actionand the choice of action that we take inevitably results in the workings of the law of ‘cause and effect’ which governs the make-believe Ego-World. “As you sow, shall you reap” is a fine example of ‘cause and effect.’ Just like the Golden Rule. Ahhhh, now I see! Duality and ‘cause and effect’ bring us face-to-face with consequences of choices made.

Choices are either creative or destructive. There is only one condition where we can break the karma-loop. It’s when a chosen action is taken with a total lack of desire to affect an outcome. If we take action with the understanding that “I” (ego-self) am doing this thing, then there are consequences, and, perceived as easy or difficult according to the nature of the action taken. But, if we act through the complete non-attachment and understanding that it is the SELF as the One acting through the “Self of One of the Many” taking action generates no karmic consequences.

When we understand this we are able to leave behind the “ego-self’s-make-believe-world” of being separated from one another! Do unto others as you would have done unto you without fear of consequences or expecting a reward. The North Node is teaching and guiding each of us to act as the “Will of the One Self” which we are being introduced to while the North Node visits Virgo! Collaborate with your Community. Drop borders, fences and labels. The new Golden Rule!

“Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, be amazed at the friends you’ve got there on your trip. Ride captain ride on your mystery ship, be aware of the world others just might have missed. Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip. Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, be aware of a world others just might have missed.”

All is well!  🙂

If life is a trip, then Astrology is your map! If you are interested in or are curious about having your own personal Astrology session, please email me @ robinadams.gc@gmail.com! Let’s talk!


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  1. I do believe this is my favorite one so far–love the depth you get into . (Always)I will re-read this one many times this week so that I can rememer the dates much faster…which will be my way of staying conected to my higher-self.HUGZ

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