Full Circle – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 4 Aries

Lyrics: Epica – Design Your Universe

“We’re blind and eager. Avarice will set us back to blank. Those who wager all will have to name a reason. If you can’t let go, you will end up empty handed. If you can’t control, you’ll live your life in vain. Who decides about my time to come? Who is able to break through the circle of life and doom? Don’t look back. Keep on track to break the curse. Take the chance — Design your Universe.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon. The Earth’s shadow casts a reddish tint onto the Moon. On September 27th at 10:47pm EST the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 4 Aries. This is the 4th in the Blood Moon series, which coincides with Jewish Holidays. Attach fear to that fact or not, it’s a personal choice. This Full Moon is the halfway point that started on the April 18th New Moon and completes itself April 7, 2016. A Full Moon always brings an adjustment.

The world is not coming to an end!

Welcome to a New Edge of Reality. It’s called The Age of Virtue. We do not live life in a straight line. On the contrary, we live life in a Circle. We keep coming back around to the same place in Time. The “past” is always “present” in the “future.” As ruler of Aries, Mars rules this Eclipse. Prepare to start channeling your Inner Luke Skywalker! Mars and Asteroid Skywalker (#274020) are located at 1 and 5 degrees Virgo respectively. Lights! Camera! Action! Virtue!

The Road to Self-Evident! Hippolytus claimed that each human being is a “dwelling place” of infinite power. The Root of the Universe! We are alive. Experiencing life on Earth leads to simultaneous discovery of Creator. The day science proves the existence of the Human Soul will be the day organized religion fulfills a very different function for humans. Expect a discovery around 2025-2035.

Here in the US many go “50 shades of crazy” about Obama apologizing for previous actions in the Middle East. He is the 1st US President to even acknowledge the part we played in destroying a country. We conveniently forget how we toppled a democratically elected leader and installed the US Puppet Shah of Iran because of BP Oil. No wonder they hate us. Can we say “Economic Hitmen?

“We can’t undo what we have done, so show us now what we’ve become. Confront us with our viciousness and our weakness. We can’t evade our destiny so show responsibility. For we all surely have a sense of our consciousness. To take for taking’s sake will leave a path of loss and strain, and endless breaking of faith can warrant acts of treason.”

If Americans were to suddenly wake up one day to discover that all land confiscated illegally from Native Americans was to be returned to their rightful owner how well do you think that would go over? Not to good! As we shout at the top of our voices “stop the immigrant tide,” again, we have forgotten our past. The response is usually “well, I wasn’t born then and I’m not responsible for what happened.” I wonder how Native Americans felt when they were systematically forced onto reservations. How would you feel if you were FORCED to leave your home?

Jade Helm! Remember that? The 8-week training exercise, organized by the Army’s Special Operations Command, was designed to give Special Forces Units realistic war game experience. It was conducted in 7 states but in Texas conspiracy theorists claimed it was part of a government plot to, variously, impose martial law, establish an infrastructure for mass detentions and murders, take away America’s guns, or set the stage for some other unspecified but assuredly nefarious action. The exercise ended September 15th with no government take-over! Self-Evident!

Credit: sillymickel.blogspot.com

Credit: sillymickel.blogspot.com

We are at the beginning of the balancing out period that will take us to the end of 2020. It’s called The Mutable Years. It’s gonna’ get “funky” over the next year. Saturn will square Neptune. It’s the next big thing and humanity is going to take a wide turn ahead. Adapt and flow. Reality meets illusion! Uranus is systematically merging with Sedna in our charts. It’s waking up the SuperconsciousExpect a Resurrection!

Think back to 1995. The Dow broke 5000 for the first time. The Unibomber and Oklahoma City happened. Yahoo was born and the 104th Congress was installed with Republicans on control for the first time since 1955. The Midwest had a Heat Wave, a millionaire named Steve Forbes decided to run for President and Congress shut down the government 2x in a year. You used stealth in a situation to help you transform something. What was it? Saturn (time/form) is currently crossing Pluto’s (trans-form) path in Sagittarius (ideas meet ideals) in 1995.

“If you can’t let go, you will end up empty handed. If you can’t control, you’ll live your life in vain. Who decides about what’s true or false? Who is able to sift through the treasures from the flukes? The time has come. We have to see that total wisdom is in reach. The time has come to color in the lines. We must identify the signs. So many people are full of hate while love and light are in their reach.”

Neptune (illusion/enlightenment) and Chiron (irony/paradox) are sailing over the Piscean water of the womb Saturn traversed in 1995. The question is “how much was my Soul worth back then and what is it worth today?” How much is a human life worth in USD$? Uranus is digging up bones Saturn buried in 1997 when he was in Aries. How much does “compromise” cost these days? It’s getting more complicated! The past is in front of us now. Deja Vue! Self-Evident!

Put yourself in another’s shoes. The chart set-up for this Eclipse is almost an “all or nothing” deal. Pisces/Virgo and Aries/Libra.   Life is Relationship. What is the most important thing to you in a relationship? Many will start to notice that some folks “talk” but don’t offer much “substance.How important is substance to you? And then look at the boundaries in your relationships. Look back to 1989, 1995 and 1997. Remember all those things you were afraid were going to happen? What is now Self-Evident?

A question of Time…

Waking up to the fact that there is a fatal flaw in what we think is “perfect” can be quite a shock. Inequality. Subordination. Unconscious Inferiority. How much “truth” has been compromised personally, locally and globally? Many are awakening to the fact that they have been or are being used as a pawn, being manipulated through flattery or unrealistic promises. The question to ask are: “where have I sold myself short?

Why do humans always need to feel special or unique? Why doesn’t anyone want to be ordinary? We live life in “potentials” and “actuals.” Think back to April. What did you “intend” to happen? What “potential” were you focused on and how much progress has been made on bringing that “potential” to “actuality?What area of your life have you compromised in the most? Is it the same area that you compromised in 1989. 1995 or 1997? Think! Feel! See! Hear! Back to the beginning! Full Circle! May the Force be with you Luke!

“So many people will harm themselves but life can be so beautiful. So many people will idolize while their own success is in their reach. Don’t forget you’re able to design your own universe. Find your balance, sink into rumination. Ipsum te reperies potire mundorum potire omnis mundi (in the world you will find everything in the world).”

All is well! 🙂

If life is a trip, then Astrology is your map! If you are interested in or are curious about having your own personal Astrology session, please email me @ robinadams.gc@gmail.com! Let’s talk!


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