The “L” Word – Mercury Rx in Libra



Lyrics: Halley Devestern – Money Ain’t Time

“You think you can fool the Devil with all your fancy things and even your good friends gotta kiss your ring. Honey you ain’t nothing but the beating of your heart. You think you can rise above it with a swagger and a smile.  But you’ll be in the same hole in a little while when you stand next to a dead man, God can’t tell you apart.”

Mercury is a planet of extremes and is riddled with contradictions. It’s the smallest planet in our Soul-Are-System. It takes 88 days to orbit the Sun once. From Earth’s point of view it takes 116 days. And one day on Mercury last 176 Earth days. Talk about confusing! Perspective and point of view are everything.

In school I learned the Soul-Are-System ended at Pluto. Today we know that our Soul-Are-System is actually 3-Light-Years across. Mercury is a “wandering” planet. That means, depending on Earth’s point of view, it can rise in the morning or the evening. Never in the middle of the night!

Three times a year the “little planet that could” pauses, from the Earth’s point of view, and appears to move backward in the dark sky. Retrograde! Time to re-think, re-vise, re-consider.  In Astrology Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury’s placement in a chart reveals how we see, think, hear, the sound of our voice, communicate, process information, travel, pray and how we Learn. Retrograde in Venusruled Libra, the focus is on relationship communication!

L + Earn = Learn! The “L” Word!

Every human being on this planet loves, laughs, cries and poops in the same language. We simply use different words to describe the act. Adjectives used to describe Verbs! We hear folks “talking” about Separation. We’re all One, right? We are all made of stardust, it’s true. The very use of “you” or “me” implies separation and being different. All languages imply separation.

“You know it’s forever, the time that you’ll be dead and it’s a long way to heaven with all of that bread. They say time is money, but Honey, money ain’t time. You think there ain’t nothing you can’t buy or sell and anyone gets in your way you’ll send’em straight to hell but honey you ain’t got the power to keep from getting old.”

Mercury enters Libra (how I relate to myself through my other self, aka you) on August 27 and stations retrograde on September 17 @ 15 Libra, just 2 days after the Solar Eclipse. It stations Direct on October 9 @ 0 Libra. Time to “L-Earn” how “my words” keep us separate from one another!  This ain’t no Fairy Tale.  This is your life!

Mercury is without gender. No “he” or “she” it’s just “IS and WE-ARE.” Do you communicate with men and women the same way? Consciously “YES.” Unconsciously “NO.” During this retrograde Lesson Earned. Lesson Learned! The Human Mind dwells in the Duality of “either/or” not in the wholeness of “unfolding change.

August 28Expect a Message. 2015 has been a wild and wooly year. We have seen the best and worst in others. Everyone is searching to find their bearings. The Wise know better than to get caught up in all the excitement because once one gets to the end of the Mercury Rx period one can easily see clearly where everyone else stands.

September 9 & September 24 – Friendly advice from the Astrologer – – before pointing fingers at another please take a deep breath and look inside Self. Something inside, somewhere along the way was frozen in place and it’s time to “thaw.” Something from deep in the Unconscious created the current stagnation. Humans use all kinds of mechanisms to cope with change. The word “discern” simply means “this is not right for me.

September 29 – Owls are equated with Wisdom. They can see in the darkness. Sometimes when we are faced with darkness it’s best to simply fly away. If this is what you need to do, then as Nike says “just do it.

September 30 – Inner Equilibrium is nourished when we listen to our Intuition. The body never lies to us because it has no pre-conceived ideas that will lead us astray. Listen to your intuition closely! Intuition is a gift we bring with us to use “as needed” and it’s the perfect prescription for peace!

October 8 – 10 – Scroll up and re-read August 28. Remember that message you received? This is the Turning Point. Prepare to make a fresh start. It will feel like “coming home” after a very long trip. Be open. Be receptive. Something is building within and looking back over cyclical patterns that recur throughout one’s life brings a wider sense of the rhythms of increase and decrease. There is a rhythm to life. Welcome to the next phase of life!

Pay attention because it will be very easy to slip into “what-if” mode. Do you really think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? When we run on “what-if” that’s a sure sign the Mind is running the show! Yikes! This Rx period would be a great time to get the body moving with plenty of activity, because movement forces us to NOT focus on thought, it takes “energy” out of “my Mind.”  Click here to learn why and re-train your brain.  Otherwise, we can drive ourselves crazy as well as those we love! Prepare to L-Earn.

L + Earn = Learn!

If your birthday is +/- 2 days of September 24, October 9, January 6, December 23, April 5, March 21, July 7 or June 21, or have personal planets 0-15 Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer you will experience this stronger than others.

“You look down upon us all, every single one smug and suave in your tower when the day is done. But you’ll never understand, not everybody’s digging for gold. Ask the Devil to cut you a break. He’ll take your money, take all he can take but it won’t save you from the fire and the stake.”  (Click here to listen)

All is well!  🙂

If life is a trip, then Astrology is your map!  If you are interested in or are curious about having your own personal Astrology session, please email me @!  Let’s talk!


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  1. This is most helpful…thank you!Working on my kitchen today tomorrow and Wed.—YIPEE !!!It’s supposed to be ok, weather wise until Thurs.  that will be most helpful.HUGZ

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