Life begins at the end of the Illusion – Full Moon @ 6 Pisces



Lyrics: Banks – Beggin’ for Thread

So I got edges that scratch and sometimes I don’t got a filter, but I’m so tired of eating all of my misspoken words. I know my disposition gets confusing. My disproportionate reactions fuse with my eager state. That’s why you wanna’ come out and play with me. Yeah – – Why – – Why – – Why?

Humanity reached the Tipping Point in late 2012. Alas, we are just now waking up to what that really means for each of us, collectively! It’s definitely NOT what we thought it was back in 2012. Would you believe me, if I told you that everyone makes a Covenant with the Universe in exchange for the privilege of receiving a lifetime on Earth?

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!

There’s a Full Moon on August 29, 2015 @ 6 Pisces. Adjustments are needed. Jupiter and Neptune co-rule Pisces. Jupiter is just behind the Sun and Neptune is just ahead of the Moon as these 2 gas giants prepare to stand across the fence from one another on September 17th @ 7 Virgo/Pisces. Neptune provides the inspiration or illusion to guide each of us to Jupiter’s Truth and Meaning!   Their current cycle started in late May 2009 – 2012 and completes itself in 2022.

What is coming Full Circle in your life? Think back to February/March 2015. When something (or someone) has served its purpose, it will go away. Expect Soul Closure in regards to a relationship or situation. “I understand now.” The definition of Self Love is accepting what “I cannot change.” Everyone will experience some kind of closure, some more than others. There is a big difference in “being patient” and “having patience.” Have patience!

Here’s where we each get to see one another’s Covenant. A Covenant is a promise or pledge and we each agreed to share our own unique Light-Gift with others while here on Earth. We can either be a positive force in sharing our Light-Gift or a negative force where we are “that person” no one wants to be like. We all know one of “those people.” We’ve all been “that person” at some point in our life. See?

Something unknown will become known. There are two realities operating in the same “space.” One reality-space we see and experience with our human senses. The other reality-space is experienced in the “space” where no words are needed. Everyone on the planet is aware of at least one of these “spaces.” One visible! One invisible! Both! At the same time!

“I got some dirt on my shoes. My words can come out as a pistol and I’m no good at aiming, but I can aim it at you. I know my actions, they may get confusing but my unstable ways is my solution to even space. That’s why you wanna’ come out and play with me, yeah.”

Before you act, ask this simple question “What’s my why?”

Why am I doing what I am doing? Check motives. Check old patterns and habits. This Moon activates the Unconscious. What outcome would I like to see, and how much emotion is packed in a desired “outcome?” Be aware of the “Presence” that permeates the Universe. Is God truth because everyone agrees God is God? Our entire civilization has been built around the idea that God sent His Son to Earth, literally or figuratively, but what if the “gods” were really future Earthlings? How does one discern the Truth?

Black Moon Lilith just entered the sign of balance, justice and relationship, Libra, with Mercury and the North Node. She spends 9 months in each sign. Gestating. We do not know what she will birth until she enters the next sign. Coming out of Virgo (health/body) she’s given birth to another layer of Women’s Sexuality. Sprout Pharmaceutical just announced the female version of “the little blue pill. Bottled Libido. Hmmm. Does that make men and women equal?

She meets the North Node on September 7th as we each see how “separation” is operating in our lives. Want to see how “separation” operates in your life? Pay attention to the “words” used (us/them – me/you). When we get “judgey” it usually means that a) an unspoken expectation is not being met, or b) someone is displaying behavior that needs to be addressed within Self. The bigger question is “why am I judgey to begin with?” Answer that question to find what is of real value.

Venus and Mars, the traditional Lovers, are in Leo, and will meet up September 1st. Think back to late February. They met at 1 Aries. Something was initiated. They will meet one last time in 2015 on November 3rd, at 24 Virgo. Venus is weakened as she is coming to the end of her rare retrograde period on September 6th. Look at relationships. Since July 25th her goal has been to answer one question, “how does this relationship resonate in my heart?How much does it cost and what is the benefit?

This is the Full Moon that precedes the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 28, so understand that individually we are preparing for a change that will come to fruition around October 27th. We are re-creating new patterns and paradigms. The key to this Full Moon is to pay close attention to what we “project” onto others and our own Covenant made to the Universe? We are all perfectly IMPERFECT, that’s what makes human so unique. Who “I AM” is reflected back through our “WE ARE” relationship.

Note to Self: Happiness is the result of “my” interpretation and response to circumstances, NOT the circumstances.

If your birthday is +/- 2 days of February 25, May 28, August 29 or November 29 you will feel this Moon stronger than others.

“Stooped down and out, you got me beggin’ for thread to sew this hole up that you ripped in my head. Stupidly think you had it under control, strapped down to something that you don’t understand. Don’t know what you were getting yourself into. You should have known. Secretly, I think you knew.”   (Click here to see the Video)

All is well! 🙂

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