Circular Paths – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 14 Libra

A different kind of Heart!  Credit: Kancano

A different kind of Heart! Credit: Kancano

Lyrics: Cat Stevens – The Road to Find Out

“Well I left my happy home to see what I could find out. I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out. Well I hit the rowdy road and many kinds I met there. Many stories told me of the way to get there. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out. There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out.”

Heart Rising! Are you having a Revolution or a Revolution in your life? Revolution is defined as “an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed” AND “a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.” The Universe hides what we want so She can give us what we need. Have you ever noticed that? Frustration occurs when we have not considered all our options. What we seek must be united with how we find our truth within. Circular Paths.

Is this a Revolution or a Revolution?

We live in layers. There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th at 14 Libra @ 8:06AM EST. Libra is ruled by Venus, the Heart of the Matter, the natural ruler of the 7th House of “my other Self” aka “partner | relationships.Venus is currently home in her other home sign of Taurus (value/money) so as the Hostess with the Mostess of the Big Event, expect party favors. Standing at the Gate of WE ARE, there is no more I AMletting go” or “release work” to be done. Between now and the New Moon on April 18th please pick up and dispose of any refuse or trash left over from this cycle. If apologies or amends need to be made this is the time. Time for a Revolution! Circular Paths.

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Life is A Relationship. Hard to believe. We believe we are having different relationships with different people/things/situations. We have ONE relationship with everyone and everything. Venus rules love and money. Ask a Financial Planner about people and their relationship with money. This Eclipse is tucked in between Passover and EasterVenus is 3 steps away from Sedna in Taurus. How ironic. Sedna is the only known female to be transformed from human to god.  Just like Jesus.  Expect this Eclipse to ignite a Resurrection of the HeartA Party of OneCircular Paths.

Pluto | Moon – Earth – North Node | Sun – Psyche – Uranus – South Node | Cardinal T-Square. We are in an intense process of emerging into the next cycle of life. From I AM to WE ARE. Up to now the “shifts” have been more gradual but the next few months will probably bring more rapid and sudden “shifts” without much time to pause for contemplation or indecision. We have been preparing for this particular “shift” in Awareness since 2010. We are more than prepared and can put to use the experiences and wisdom we have accumulated up to now. Circular Paths.

“Well in the end I’ll know, but on the way I wonder through descending snow, and through the frost and thunder. I listen to the wind come howl, telling me I have to hurry. I listen to the robin’s song saying not to worry. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out.   There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out.”

Globally: God won the war. God’s children keep fighting. Welcome to the Era of Transparency. Since 1776 the US has been at war 218 out of 239 years. We are not fighting a war, we’re building an Empire. The Eclipse is impacting the US, Syria, Iran and Israel’s nativity. Expect unrest. There has never been a peace-time President. Expect change in direction soon. Who owes who what? Why? Follow the money. The world will soon project their Dark-Shadow on the US. Jupiter is sitting on ready and rocking on roll at 12 Leo. The Gate opens on April 8th. Jupiter is going to “pop” the question. If God is the ocean, then we are the drops. Circular Paths.



Personally: Know Thyself.  The Illusive Shadow-Self! Which “self” are we talking about? Well, let’s see, there is “my Soul Self, my Conscious Self, my Unconscious self, my Subconscious Self, my Ego Self, my Thought Self, my Emotional Self and my Physical Self.” That’s quite a few “me’s.” Which one of your “Self’s” currently captures most of your time and attention? Different Selves have different destinations. We live in layers. “Thyself is Timeless.” Circular Paths.

This Eclipse allows each of us to do a “gut-check” on our own. Stand back from Instant Gratification, ignore the need to Control and forget about the Next Big Thing. The need for speed is the fastest way to ignite the Ego. Many will take the Ego-Path. Within 2 weeks of this Eclipse each of us will have an opportunity to assess if the desire for “quick, fast and in a hurry” is really taking “me” to “my” real goal. And what is the “real goal?” Hmmm, I bet it’s not the Next Big Thing. What is lacking is discipline. Slow down. Stay Neutral. The Road to Find Out leads everyone to their own Living TruthHeart Rising! Circular Paths.

Libra is co-ruled by Vulcan (h46) Hephaestus (2212), Hera (103), Juno, Pallas Athene, Minerva (93), Paris (3317), Eros (433) and Psyche (16) the Soul. Is it possible that Karma is the gravity that holds us hostage here on Earth? Is it possible to be “enlightened” while my brothers and sisters are still living in war, poverty, abuse and depression? How can one hold the energy of “equality” in one’s heart while focused only on one’s spiritual growth? None of us have “made it” until we all have made it. That’s an interesting thought. Circular Paths.

“Then I found myself alone, hopin’ someone would miss me. Thinking about my home, and the last woman to kiss me, kiss me. But sometimes you have to moan when nothing seems to suit ya’. But nevertheless you know you’re locked towards the future. So on and on you go, the seconds tick the time out. There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out.”

This is The Trip of a Lifetime, so let’s talk “destination.” Where exactly are you going? Would you believe me if I told you there were not any “lessons” to learn in life? What if we were to discover that it was simply a control mechanism used to “keep me in line?” It’s called the Intimacy of Opposites.  Meeting in the middle.  Balance. How would that affect one’s outlook about “what I am doing, why I am here and where I am going?It is a Party of OneDrama is optional. Circular Paths.

Be bold.  Take risks with your feelings, and more importantly, take risks with the Truth of who you are, the Truth you Know in your Heart and Soul. There is no longer a need to be subjected to conditioned fears of letting others know one another. Just be yourself, you’re more than enough. Don’t believe me, TRUST YOURSELF, above all.  We each have the strength to deal with others reactions and rather than play it safe, allow Self to be vulnerable. Circular Paths.

The love that you are seeking everywhere is already present within you. It may be evoked by any number of people or events. A mountain can evoke this love. A sunset can evoke this love.  A child. A partner. Inner-Peace.  You. Me. WE-ARE the Love. All of us! But it starts with “me.The source of all love is within you, me and WEA Party of OneCircular Paths.

“Then I found my head one day when I wasn’t even trying and here I have to say, ‘cause there is no use in lying, lying.’ Yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now? Kick out the devil’s sin, pick up, pick up a good book now.”




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