The Soul knows what’s coming next – New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 29 Pisces | Equinox

The Swingtime - Credit: NASA

The Swingtime – Credit: NASA

Lyrics: Lorelei – The Mortal Immortal (Part 4 – Lore of Lies)

“In this tale of a lost soul a tale of the tired and insane. In this world of nothing science has forgotten him and the world is moving on. Cursed to love no one. He can never die in vain. He amounts to nothing as he stands alone because the world is fucking gone.”

The Swingtime is the gestation period for the Soul before birth into human form on the Mothership Earth. I would imagine there would be someone there to say “Bon Voyage.” Maybe an Angelic Travel Agent going over our Itinerary for The Trip of a Lifetime one more time (yep, I got it). She offers one last piece of information, before we forget, when she says “whatever you do don’t drink the Kool-Aid.”  What is Kool-Aid?  “Life is but a dream, remember that.

The Soul knows what’s coming next.

For those who use symbolism, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th at 5:45am EST speaks volumes. Total Eclipse of the Heart. At 29 Pisces we have reached The End of the Zodiac. This is also the degree that began the Age of Pisces 2000+ years ago. The Swingtime lasts until the next Eclipse on September 13th.  At 6:44pm EST the Sun enters Aries and, for a moment, we reach perfect equilibrium. Equinox. Half-day. Half-night. BALANCE! Deep breath. Exhale slowly. Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Pisces (Spiritual Universe) is the home of the natural 12th House, aka The Womb. Ancient Astrologers called it the “House of Self-Undoing and Hidden Matters.” Modern Astrology sees it as the “House of Cosmic Reflection | Human Projections.” A Mirror! That which “Ilove or hate in “you” is what “Ilove or hate in “me.” Toxicity in others reveals where “I” stand. The physical and spiritual components can never be separated from each other. They directly impact everything we can see in Life. They impact what we cannot see with our physical eyes.

Pisces (Unseen) is ruled by Neptune (Soul) and co-ruled by Jupiter (expansion), Venus (relationship |Esoteric Ruler), Lorelei (Magic – 165), Siren (Enchantment 1009), Dionysus (Divine Bridge of Christ3671), Odysseus (Path Home1143) and Penelope (Loyalty/Fidelity – 201). Neptune takes in heat from the Sun, but has an unexplained internal heat source so it puts off more heat than it takes in. Interesting! Neptune dissolves boundaries from within. Neptune dissolves reality so we can see the Truth (whatever that is to each of us).

“Is this how it ends as he stands to fight a battle he can never win? Is this how it ends as he stands to fight a battle he can never win? Tell me how it ends! Now he can reach the stars, for he is one of them. A severed story of a false constellation would turn back time with no hesitation.”

Think about trying to nail Jello to a tree. It finally slides off the tree in November. Neptune is in Pisces. He’s the vengeful god we read about in the Bible. He also rules earthquakes, water, glamor, celebrities, consciousness, Soul Remembering, alcohol, drugs, addiction, mental health, movies, illusion, transcendence, confusion, mercy, compassion, empathy, deceit, intuition, feet, loss of memory (Alzheimer’s Disease), abandonment and abstract thinking. He gets around.

Think of this New Moon as a “Coming Out Party.” It sets the tone for the next 6+ months.

The Soul always knows what’s coming next.

Cue the Cosmic Dancers.

Leap-frog. Swing-time-dance! Yods are quirky Mission Statements that we like to ignore because they require effort. Two 150-degree angles point toward the Mission. The 2 planets at the base support one another to bring the Mission to our attention by catching us off guard. Major lesson in balance! There are multiple layers of reality and it is good to be open to “experiencing” what “I cannot see.” This Eclipse is a “transformational Soul experience,” make no mistake. We are leaving our Savior Complex behind. Coming out! Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

“What does this mean to me? A mindless tragedy? What will it take to free my mind from insanity? Frozen in time, melting inside. Too old to live. Too young to die. Do I pray to a god, or just pray to me? From the brink my mind is severed for no one can truly live forever. Forever.”

Mission – Neptune | Lorelei | Mercury @ Apex with Jupiter and North Node @ the base. Listen more. Talk less. Over the next 6 months our Cultural Beliefs will be challenged. That’s a good thing! Time to speak up! To be healed we must believe in the possibility of healing. We cannot avoid Spirit. Sometimes people NEED Ceremony. It creates the Magic that allows healing to happen. Sometimes a move is as much symbolic as it is physical. Sacrifice and effort create Dreams. What is your definition of “timelessness?” What is your relationship with “timelessness?Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Find 20 minutes to sit in the dark, quiet your Mind and listen to your Soul. Please.

Mission – Jupiter @ Apex with Pluto and Neptune | Lorelei | Mercury @ base. What’s the difference between Equality and Equity? Sometimes what our Ego wants and what our Soul wants are two different things. That small still voice within will be getting louder over the next 6+ months. LISTEN. Then speak out. Remember, we are all working on dropping our Savior Complex. Who is your Savior? Are you playing Savior to another? What is your definition of a Savior? What roles does spirituality/religion play in your life now? Is it a lifestyle or something you do when you have time?

Mission – North Node @ Apex with Neptune and Venus @ base. Life is A relationship. New opportunities will be forthcoming in the next 6+ months in the House where the Libra resides but Neptune requires that we “surrender” or “let go” of a very deeply ingrained belief that no longer serves us. What practical steps can be taken to follow the Soul’s true-heart-desire? Where do “I” need to “take charge?Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next. Humans want peace. We believe.

Mission – Black Moon Lilith @ Apex with South Node | Uranus and Penelope (201) @ base. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Get fooled three times and I think we can officially call it the beginning of an abusive relationship. BML only rears her head when we avoid standing up and speaking out about a behavior that is not appropriate. Abuse comes in many forms too. Oddly enough we find that many abusers do not see their behavior as abusive. Sad, but true. Be faithful to Self! TRUST YOURSELF! Be true to Self! Get out of the “comfort zone.Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Mission – Sedna @ Apex with Odysseus and Pallas Athene @ base. The journey to discovering How-To-Be-An-Advocate is rarely linear. “Moldy-White-Bread-Exceptionalism.” Pay attention to the number of “entitled” people you come across. Our governments are projections of us. Term Limits for Congress? Ouch!  Planting a seed.  Be strategic when dealing with organizations, groups or religion/spirituality. There is an Advocate in your presence somewhere, or perhaps you are an Advocate for another. If we don’t reach out and help one another, we will continue to be lost at sea like Odysseus for 10 years.

“This is the story of the lost in a time where time is lost. The mortal immortal. Is he blessed, or is he cursed? To live for death is his only thirst! Doomed to wait, the end is near left with nothing but his thoughts is the only thing he fears. I stand along with my past looking back at me. My future’s dim and I’ve seen all there is to see. I’d take it back just to rewrite history but now it’s gone and I’m stuck with my misery.”

The Journey from “I AM” to “WE ARE” is not without pitfalls along the way. There are no magic potions. Moving into the “new” is going to require a great deal of work, personally, locally and globally. It all starts with “me.” We have to take chances and a few risks. Be a “contributor.” Getting stronger!   Many will find themselves disappointing others. Plans may change. No matter what listen to the Inner Soul, the Inner Knowledge, the God-Spark Within. Time to reclaim personal Spiritual Authority! Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Every storm runs out of rain. Coming out of the Uranus-Pluto square is gratifying. But it’s time to get ready for the Next-Big-Thing. Saturn squares Neptune and can make creative/practical adjustments. They operate on a 36 year cycle and we are coming to the End of a cycle in the not-to-distant-future. Uranus/Pluto was about sprouting “seeds,” but Saturn-Neptune is about the Harvest. Resolution! Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Saturn and Neptune met and merged in 1989 @ 10-11 Capricorn. 1998-99 brought their opening square @ 29 Aries | Capricorn. 2006-2007 brought opportunity for growth through their opposition @ 17-21 Aquarius | Leo. 2015-2016 brings the closing square @ 7, 10 & 12 Sagittarius | Pisces. Can you see your own progress? If you have personal planets at any of these degrees you already feel the internal-engine-of-change-refueling-process. Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Saturn stationed retrograde on March 14th at 4 Sagittarius (mutable fire). Life is a cycle in a cycle in a cycle. Structure for the Soul.  Defining Perception. Two distinct points of view. Reality meets illusionResponsibility meets fantasy. Between a rock and a dream. And something’s gotta’ give.

Dipping our toes back into the murky Scorpio swampland this Summer will allow each of us to review unconscious fears of death, sexuality and the power of the almighty dollar, the most favored Western God. As we grow up we realize that the fantasy “somewhere out there someone is going to come and save me” must be faced realistically. “Happily ever after” cannot survive either. Youth passes into maturity and can never be regained physically, but memory and wisdom offer us Saturn’s most precious gift, Patience.

Yes or no?

yinyangWelcome to the Swingtime.  In dealing with the frustration of toxic people and situations clarity comes quicker when we move away from “either/or.”  Ask Yes or No instead.   STAY NEUTRAL.  Here are a few questions to help get you started.  Make up your own.

Is this person irritating me trying to protect a personal belief they have? Yes or no?

Is this action good my own personal growth? Yes or No?

Is someone trying to do something they do not want to do or believe in? Yes or No?

Do I need to re-consider a belief that I have? Yes or no?

Does my frustration come from a fear of appearing different? Yes or no?

Am I using the full capability of my imagination to find a solution? Yes or no?

Does this really have anything to do with meYes or No?

Remember, the Soul knows what’s next! Trust yourself!

“Commoners in the life we waste away. The world crumbles, you stay the same. To live forever is a hard thing to bear. Mortal immortal, your end is near.”

For those who have been in a stressful situation please CLICK HERE and take the Adrenal Fatigue Test (3 minutes).  Look at your score and decide for yourself if you need to contact your healthcare professional.  Saturn is our “body.”  Take care of it!


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