New Moon @ 29 Aquarius

Credit: The Daily Beast

Credit: The Daily Beast

Lyrics: The Killers – Spaceman

“It started with a low light, next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed and then they took my blood type. It left a strange impression in my head. You know that I was hoping that I could leave this star-crossed world behind, but when they cut me open, I guess I changed my mind.”

The Human Race is in the process of reconciling the progression of change, adjustment and readjustment. We are marching toward a new and unrevealed Planetary Destiny. There is a New Moon on February 18th @ 29 Aquarius at 6:48pm EST. The Sun enters Pisces at 6:50pm EST. This is the 2nd New Moon in Aquarius and is called a Black Moon. It’s also a Super-Moon because the Moon is closer to the Mother-Ship Earth than normal. This is the last New Moon in the Eclipse Cycle that started with the October 23rd Eclipse @ 0 Scorpio. Setting the stage. The End of the Beginning.

Energy. Vibration. Frequency. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can be transformed. Everything in the Universe vibrates, including you and me. The question is “what frequency am I vibrating at?Uranus rules Aquarius. Uranus vibration is electrical in nature and when active in a chart oftentimes feels like “thunder in my veins and lightening in my heart.” Rebellious in nature the goal is to be true to myself above all. We KNOW what we KNOW, but how can we KNOW what we don’t KNOW? Time to Embrace our Ignorance!

Without Embracing Ignorance, there is no room for creativity, invention or innovation. There is little or no ability to leverage Knowledge beyond what is required to maintain the status quo. Over a hundred years ago Madame Helena Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine) identified the human illusion that we are the Center of the Universe as our biggest liability. This is the illusion from which we now have to free ourselves in order to build a new set of relationships and share the planet with a changed intention. It takes TIME!

Uranus (Cosmic Rebel/change agent) is in Aries (self) closing in on the 7th tense aspect called a square (tension) with Pluto (transformer) in Capricorn (status quo) on March 17th. Moving from the 3D duality paradigm of right/wrong, good/bad and light/dark is not without growing pains. Many lives are being sacrificed because we do not yet have enough people vibrating at a high enough frequency to affect change. But we will. The world we live in today is going to be quite different in 10 years. What would you like to BE in 10 years? Ponder that please.

“And you know I might have just flown too far from the floor this time, cause they’re calling me by my name and the zipping white light beams. Disregards the bombs and satellites. That was the turning point. That was one lonely night. The star maker says, ‘It ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna’ make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.”

Would you like to meet your Multi-Dimensional Self? Let’s play a little game, shall we? Go to Google and type in a search for your name (ladies use as many last names as you’ve got and guy’s, use your middle name in variations).  Just play with it.  Start looking at the people you share a name with. Who are they? I do not suggest you do this to compare yourself to others, but rather to see what you “share” with others with your name.

Imagine that there is ONE (fill in your name here) and all of you are living out different versions of the same NAME, in multiple lives/dimensions. See? There will be older and younger versions of your name. Who are these people? What do they do? Involved in? Life is lived through the process of elimination and there are many variables to Life. True Wisdom comes when we realize how little we KNOW.

Perspective. Think back to 1990 – 1992. Conjure that up in your Mind. If you and I had first met back then what “story” would you have told me about your life? This year Pluto (re-formation) will cover the degrees that Saturn (time/responsibility), Uranus (change agent) and Neptune (the collective fantasy/multiple dimensions) traversed through Capricorn (structure/patriarch/Daddy authority/status quo/profit) during that time period.

If we met today what would be the “story” you share with me? What is different between then and now? Pluto says “your CULT-ure has taught you from birth that Wholeness is found ‘out there somewhere’ and can be purchased on credit, no less. Communion with Source? That is an inside job.

How much do I not know about my current challenge(s),” is the first step in Embracing Ignorance. Make a list of as many aspects/facets/sides to the challenge (or that will seriously affect the challenge) that you do not know. The first few will be easy. See if you can come up with at least 15 to 20. We are likely to find the most useful and fruitful beginnings for breakthroughs in those last 5-10 aspects that we worked so hard to discover. The only way to embrace something new is to see the gap it will address and feel the need to address it.

“Well now I’m back at home, and I’m looking forward to this life I live. You know its gonna haunt me so hesitation to this life I give. You think you might cross over. You’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. You better look it over before you make that leap. And you know I’m fine, but I hear those voices at night sometimes. They justify my claim and the public don’t dwell my transmission cause it wasn’t televised.”

Oh those pesky Yods! We can all be together but we do not have to be the same. Don’t believe me, then go back to the Google search. Pluto/Ceres and Chiron act as the base of a quirky aspect called a Yod with the King of the Gods, Jupiter, sitting at the apex point. Healing (Chiron) comes from upsetting the Status Quo (Pluto/Ceres). We are all on a Mission (Jupiter) to speak up and speak OUT. Here comes a big dose of courage!

Jupiter says, “to accomplish the miraculous one must attempt the ridiculous. Before one attempts the ridiculous one must announce it to the world. If one does not have the courage to announce it out-loud then at least whisper it in the dark. It is very important to hear SELF say it. Then take action. Are you sufficiently ridiculous to do this?

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo is acting up with the South Node/Uranus in Aries. Oh tsk – tsk! As we mature we no longer have need of her services to bring awareness out of the darkness. Her message is clear – – “it appears that things have to get pretty bad before enough people are ready to give up their security and embrace change. And oh my darlings, the darkness will continue for as long as it takes in order for critical mass to be reached.” We still NEED the Dark Force.

In multiple dimensions we do not create polarity/darkness/contrast. We INTEGRATE it. WE BE-COME the Higher Realm. Everything simply IS. As long as the world continues to live in the Land of Contrast, aka 3D, we will all experience the challenges. Many are learning how to operate in the 5D world. Uranus comes to the rescue starting this Summer when, starting with those 60 and older, will have to turn in their favorite Kool-Aid-Cup-Holders. Uranus works in “waves.

“My global position systems are vocally addressed. They say the Nile used to run from East to West. They say the Nile used to run From East to West. And you know I’m fine but I hear those voices at night sometimes. The star maker says, ‘it ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.’ It’s all in my Mind. It’s all in my Mind. It’s all in my Mind. It’s all in my Mind.”

Just as Uranus/Pluto finish their dance it’s time to prepare for the next big thing – –Saturn square Neptune. We are getting a small taste of “things to come.” This is what could be called a Reality Check. Saturn is the cold hard truth and called Father Time. Milestones. Memories. Maturity. If Saturn is death, then Neptune is Life After Death. We’re all One, right? There are 7+ billion “One’s” residing on Mother Earth with 7+ billion different points of view.

Credit: Snappy Croc's Garden

Credit: Snappy Croc’s Garden

We can all be together but we do not have to be the same. Got it? Good! Some of the topics we will be covering over the next 20 months will be re-defining God/religion/spirituality, mental illness, aging and right to death, corruption at the highest levels and “what I project onto others.” Do not allow others to influence us to the point that we get all riled up without double-checking for “myself.” The big vaccination debate is a great example. It’s good to question experts and authorities. Projections are obvious and easy to spot. TRUST YOURSELF!

Everyone is much more powerful these days. For better or worse. Have you noticed your own new “super-powers?” Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Unveil. Upgrade. Unlock.

When the Mind and Body are BOTH Awake, one is truly Awake.

When the Mind and Body are BOTH A-sleep, one is Dreaming.

When the Mind is Awake and the Body is A-sleep, one is lucid-dreaming.

When the Mind is asleep and the Body is A-wake, one is sleep-walking.

The goal is/has been to Awaken what has been locked away within so we can re-establish contact with “my higher Self” so “I” can remember “my purpose” here on Earth.   It all begins with self-observation and listening to “my” heart. Pure Esoteric Knowledge, aka the God-Spark that resides Within.

Expect Magic. See a Miracle. Be yourself, you are so much more than enough. Don’t listen to self-help-gurus who have a “secret” to sell you. Don’t listen to me. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Question everything especially the TRUTH. The truth is hidden in plain sight for those willing to see past their own ignorance. The path to Wholeness is located within Self. It’s called the God-Spark. Simple. Direct. Honest. Welcome to The End of The Beginning!

“But, it was the turning point, oh what a lonely night. The star maker says, ‘it ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.’ The star maker says, ‘it ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.”










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