From “Having” to “Being” – Chariklo in Capricorn 2015 – 2020



Grace defies logic and reason.” ~Bono

Energy. Vibration. Frequency. Humans are free. They do not understand that yet. We cannot RE-Write His-story, but we can WRITE Her-Story. We are each our own Chief Life Officer (CLO). Everyone has a Board of Directors in their “Head.” Good News! It was a unanimous vote and effective immediately, the Board of Directors will begin moving to their brand new, fully remodeled Conference Room in “my Heart.” Smart place to make sound decisions! Minor Planet/Asteroid Chariklo (#10199) entered Capricorn on January 27th and will assist Humans as we make the transition from “having” to “being.

During her trip-time through Sagittarius over the past 5 years everyone has experienced “time” speeding up. With her entrance into Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (Time), she introduces a brand new concept to Humans. Time is a man-made “construct” that acts as the “glue” to create “reality.” She says, “time hasn’t speeded up my friend, it is merely Consciousness that is racing to catch up to a new multi-dimensional reality.” The journey from “having” to “Being.

“Peace comes not from the absence of conflict, but from the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

Chariklo spends roughly 5 years in each sign. Since December 2010 she has been visiting Sagittarius. She fully commits to Capricorn November 14, 2015 after her Summer retrograde back into Sagittarius. If your birthday is December 17 – 25, March 17 – 24, June 18 – 25, September 20 – 27, or you have personal planets/sensitive angles at 26 Sagittarius/Pisces/Gemini/Virgo – 3 Capricorn/Aries/ Cancer / Libra you will feel her presence stronger than others this year. From “Having” to “Being.

Chariklo (10199) was discovered February 15, 1997 and given her name in 1999. It takes her 62-63 years to travel around the Sun once. The name Chariklo means “graceful spinner.” She is roughly 160 miles wide (250 km) and has 2 Rings discovered in 2013. Classified as a Centaur, with a fairly stable orbit between Saturn and Uranus, she is the first Official Female Member of the “Boys Club” with Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. She is the only Minor Planet/Asteroid with “rings.” From “Having” to “Being.”  You Go Girl!

The discovery of her Rings reveals how little we really know of how our Soul-Are System works. Science said this was impossible. Chariklo’s Rings say “pledging basic support for the humane treatment of the marginalized while supporting their exclusion through every other means possible is no longer acceptable.” Indeed. We all laugh and cry in the same language. From “Having” to “Being.

“Every choice moves us closer to or farther away from something. Where are your choices taking your life? What do your behaviors demonstrate that you are saying yes or no to in life?” ~Eric Allenbaugh

Chariklo has quite an interesting story. She was born a Nymph, into royalty no less, her father was Apollo (Asteroid 1862) the Sun-God.  She was Chiron’s wife and gave birth to their daughter Okyrhoe (52872). Chiron was discovered in 1977, so both are relatively new in our Sphere of Knowing. Chiron in Astrology is called the Wounded Healer. He gives to others what he cannot give to himself. Pure Irony! These two are without doubt the Ultimate Unreconstructed Hippie Power Couple.   They KNOW the path to balancing the baser Human nature with Divine Nature. They have lived the dream and are more than willing to share their Wisdom with those who have “ears” to Listen and patience to Learn.

One of the most powerful aspects to her story is that she transformed herself from a Nymph into a Centaur. As a Water-Nymph she was very much in touch with her unconsciousness, emotions and intuition. Transforming herself into a Centaur made her a bona-fide Priestess Shaman. The Chariklo Return at around 62-62 is when the “transformation” occurs in a human. The Chiron Return at 50-51 is where we each heal from our “parent’s wound” they handed to us at birth. The Chariklo Return is where we move from “seeking to BE beautiful” to “being Beauty-Full.” As the old saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the Be-Hold-Her.

“Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.” ~Greg Anderson

Chariklo is our compassion, patience, tolerance, grace, inner beauty and empathy. She is our connection to the visible and invisible. She understands how humans believe they are unique or special. She also understands that Humans exist in a non-Human Universe. She has great patience. One foot in both worlds! Multiple Dimensions. She is the Sacred Marriage of “my body and Spirit” that part of us lets us know “I am at peace with myself.” She is quite concerned with the boundaries that “are” and “are not” acceptable to “my Spirit.” It is the difference in “having” and “Being.

Once a transit occurs it doesn’t end there. The sensitive degrees activated during the Uranus/Pluto Square simply wait for another planet to transit it to “awaken” the previous issues for further healing, change and transformation. Think back to 2008/2009. Pluto had just entered Capricorn and the financial meltdown had begun. Chariklo will be covering the degrees this year that Pluto inched through in 2008. Pluto and Uranus are coming to the close of their Opening Square in March. Time for some transformation and healing. There will be resistance. Time is the glue that keeps a person Fear-Full.

“…if you believe it you will see it….” ~My Grandma

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and concerned with big business, government, structure, the rules and the Daddy Principle, aka Father knows best. Her Grace includes compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. She’s going to be the “Voice of Reason” for the “talking Heads” once we get them installed in that new conference room in “my Heart.” In Capricorn She is Matriarch of the Global Family.

Being angry at the past will get us no-where! This year we will start to understand that in order to “fix” our financial/personal dysfunction we cannot point fingers. Forgive and move forward. Forgiveness is going to be a big theme around the Eclipse’s this year. We actually need one another and that is how we “save” the day! This will not happen overnight, but economists and governments understand that if we pull one thread of the financial sweater it can unravel.

Greece has a new government. Syriza. The People spoke and Syriza (radical left win party with Communist roots) has won! The EU will have its first kinda-pink-Communist member. That’s something! It’s the Journey from “Having” to “Being.” Greece is a painful reminder of the process an Economic Hitman will take to bring a country under another country’s control. This is a process and change requires time. Time is a measurement.

“Masters of reality still meet us in dreams to tell us that we’ve never lost the shield we need against dragons, that blue-fire voltage arcs through us now to change our world as we wish. Intuition whispers true: We’re not dust, we’re magic!” ~Richard Bach

She was companion, Consort and lover to Athena (881), the Goddess of Wisdom and technically trans-gender. Look at the progress of Gay Marriage and trans-gender (LGBT) rights as well as dropping the “don’t ask, don’t tell” mandate in the military (Sagittarius). Change is here and there is plenty of room to GROW! Hopefully we can conclude this matter once and for all when Chariklo hits the sensitive 10-15 Capricorn degrees in 2017 (a BIG year of Re-Formation for all of us Visitors on Earth), just as Pluto is opposing his discovery degree in Cancer. That will be interesting and very dynamic.

There is no one planet or transit, but rather, a repeated awakening of energies blending a signature energy, frequency and vibration for timing change in the Human Condition. Saturn and Jupiter will also be activating the degrees of the Uranus/Pluto square-dance over the next few years too. Change will unfold on time.

“One word frees us from the weight and pain of life; that word is love.” ~Sophocles

Chariklo is the Mid-Wife of Death. She is a “gentle Spirit” and assumes nothing. She cared for her husband Chiron during his death transition. She and her husband were Shamans and Healers. It is our soft spot and gentle side that appears when another is in pain, whether it is human or animal. She performs a service by helping us “get right and (re)membering with my Soul.”   There is no judgment. She leads by example. Start paying attention to drugs with side effects that require more drugs. Who determines our “right-to-die?” What is the definition of “death with Dignity?” Who decides who owns our DNA (this will be a big deal in 2020)? Sick-care vs. Health-care? There is a difference. We have much work ahead of us.

She can always be found attending to those going through a Rite-of-Passage. Some of the roles Chariklo plays in our lives are supportive step-parent, Single Parent, doctors, nurses, massage and physical therapists, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, minister, supportive grandparent, a friend who simply listens, AA/NA Sponsors, anyone who acts as an advocate for another, those wo work in research and development, those who work with drug addicts and the mentally ill and the widow/er who cares for a dying spouse. This is not a complete list. Chariklo does NOT judge anyone and has attained Emotional Sobriety. Her goal is to help heal through unconditional understanding. She is a Way-Shower.

“It is important not to ‘need’ what you are calling to you but rather to have a certain detachment about it. Let it be all right if it doesn’t come, or if it comes in a different form than what you expect. After you have asked for something, surrender to whatever comes as being appropriate.” ~Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Credit: Forward Times

Credit: Forward Times

Mark your calendar for February 11th because Saturn is going to form a rare Septile to the North Node and this will activate Chariklo’s Light Codes. Think back to May 25, 2013. Can you remember what you were focused on in the weeks leading up to that date? This is one of those rare moments in “time” where we get to see our “thoughts” become “things.” Even if you know nothing about Astrology you know what “FATE” feels like. We all recognize its appearance in our lives. Nothing is “meant to be” it is simply the Universe’s way of saying “I have answered your prayer.Energy, vibration and frequency merge to bring non-rational opportunities and open doors to those interested in a new life-direction. This is Divine Magic, “wands are optional.

Choice is individual. There are no “right or wrong” choices, there are only “and-both” choices now. Be patient as you move your Board of Directors to the Conference Room in “my heart.” They’ve never been here before and neither have we! Be open to Miracles this month! Prepare. Care. Believe. Forgive. Change. Risk. Choose. Relax. Listen. Pray. Persist. Smile. Focus. Act. Trust. Accept. Wait.

“Peace is not won by those who fiercely guard their differences, but by those who with open minds and hearts seek out connections.” ~Katherine Paterson


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