Frequency Illusion – New Moon @ 0 Sagittarius

Credit: Rumi/Facebook

Credit: Rumi/Facebook

“Be careful. People like to be told what they already know. Remember that. They get uncomfortable when you tell them new things. New things…well, new things aren’t what they expect. They like to know that, say, a dog will bite a man. That is what dogs do. They don’t want to know that man bites a dog, because the world is not supposed to happen like that. In short, what people think they want is news, but what they really crave is olds…Not news but olds, telling people that what they think they already know is true.” ~Terry Pratchett

Life is an illusion of separation. Everything we think about another is nothing more than a projection of the “separation within.” That’s why we seek out folks of “like-mind.” Do you know anyone of “Light Mind?”  Open your eyes please.  There are a few million out-thereTRUST YOURSELF!

It’s called Frequency Illusion. It’s getting a new red car and you start seeing red cars everywhere. Or you are pregnant and see pregnant women everywhere. When the Frequency Illusion goes from a passive phenomenon to an active pursuit, that’s when you start to experience confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a filter through which we see a reality that matches our expectations. Ouch! It causes us to think selectively, but the real trouble begins when confirmation bias distorts our active pursuit of facts. “Is the Universe trying to tell me something,” we wonder.

There’s a New Moon on November 22nd(EST) at 0 Sagittarius, the sign of adventure and ruled by Jupiter, Mr. Optimistic Himself, King of the Gods! He is in Leo, the sign of Largess. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! The beginning. Unwritten. Exploration. Gear up. The next chapter. Namaste means “I bow for you.” Recognition. We all laugh and cry in the same language. What makes you laugh? What brings tears? The Mystery of Life! We live on a most amazing bio-sphere called Mothership Earth. How did we get here? We’re spreading our wings. We turn our focus “out-there.” Surprise! Expansion! Leaps and bounds of Knowledge.

Some feel alive for the first time. Many are still unawake. More are anxious. A few are scared sh*t-less. Take “fear” out of “anxiety” and all that’s left is “excitement.Jupiter rules the day. Jupiter’s help-yourself-cafeteria-style buffet, will be all the rage during the Holiday-Gobble-Get-Together. Let’s be THANK-FULL. But can we change things up this year? How different will this time next year be for you? What we do today can change the world forever. It is our actions that will transform the world into a place in which we can all live together and not against each other.

Like stair-steps the Universe has laid out a path of New Beginnings for each of us as we head toward the next set of Divinely Timed Eclipses. Each New Moon is at the 0-degree and the message is “try something new please.” In Sagittarius we are tasked with being open to “different and diverse.FREEDOM! Stop focusing on the “outcome” and “just make a plan, oh, and let’s be flexible, can we?” What’s the difference between An Inconvenient Truth and A Reassuring Lie? Irrational decisions are made based on emotions many times. Why do we do that?

Between now and the end of the year, please pace yourself. Jupiter may rule the day, but the Big Guy is pausing at 22 Leo preparing to station retrograde (from the Mothership’s point of view) on December 8th.   Re-View! Watch overspending. Could bring regret in January. The question Jupiter is asking is “what is my greatest strength and how do I express it? Can I participate as a “Changer?” Think back to around June 13th. What has changed since then? Progress in the House where Sagittarius resides! 2014 has been about the Inward Journey. 2015 will be the outward expression of “all I’ve learned this year.” It’s easy to see how “my point of view” can distort reality.

Credit: Adrian Capusan

Credit: Adrian Capusan

Neptune took a pause” on November 16th @ 4 Pisces, stationing Direct, and “I can see clearly now.Venus entered Sagittarius and is just itching to go on a Road Trip. Fast cars and freedom. When you see a chance, take it. The Sun and Saturn in Scorpio took a lunch” and outlined a plan for 2015. Fork in the Road my friends. Change is one right hard decision away. Chiron will pause and exhale Amazing Grace @ 13 Pisces on the 23rd. Walking with Grace. Mars and his Sister, Eris, are ganging up to rouse us from inertia and apathy. Jupiter is their “daddy.Black Moon Lilith is at 29 Leo and will birth some new Rock Stars upon her entrance to Virgo on December 3rdRock Stars of Service. Unsung Sheros. Healers. Belief-makers. Dream-weavers. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Consciousness is waking up. Light-in-up! Play with It. Gestalt:A system, the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts.” Welcome to the Age of Failure. That means “time to bounce back.” The human mind is so wedded to its stereotypes and so distracted by vivid descriptions that it will seize upon them, even when they defy logic, rather than upon truly relevant facts. Consider whatever promises the better experience in the future, not that which negates the feeling of loss in the past. Why do people worry about things they’ve already lost? Questioning everything allows Consciousnessbreathing space.” Room to grow. Time to find. Give curiosity free rein!

Globally: Moral Responsibility? There are no coincidences in the Universe, only convergences of will, intent and experience. ISIS is the “face of Humanity Past.” It’s complicated. It’s a quagmire. It’s not for the faint of heart. Follow the money, ALWAYS follow the money. They have one American prisoner left, a 26 year old female aid worker. No decision has been announced regarding her fate. While they are known for killing women and children beheading an American female will change the playing field. The good news is that many countries are starting to work together to stop ISIS. That would not have happened a year ago. The economic and political boundaries are being reset in the Middle East. It will probably take another 10 years before the whole truth and nothing but the truth is transparently clear about their financing. It’s going to be shocking too (Sedna in Gemini)!

Locally: The world waits in breathless anticipation for the US to wake up. It will take another 2 years before that ball’s-in-motion. The US is in the throes of a Changing of the Guard. Pluto-in-Virgogeneration. “We the people” spoke during the mid-term elections, but what was the message? Pay attention to NFL domestic violence, Ferguson, Fracking, the fresh water supply in California, Detroit, Big Banks, Wall St. and Net Neutrality. Let’s not forget “too big to fail.” Why do we keep letting mega-companies merge and eliminate competition? Competition is the fuel that drives free market capitalism. Right? Follow the money! Chiron’s pass over the US Sedna @ 15 Pisces will not be without pain. Summer of 2016 Americans pay The Piper. More people are accepting the challenge to create a more just economy. Keep up the good work!

Personally: Whatever we suppress or deny and attempt to keep out of conscious awareness will show up somewhere and somehow as our shadow aspects. Projection. Stereotype. Put out of consciousness for good reason at one time, they remain contained by shame and guilt. STOP THAT! We don’t have “bad thoughts,” that’s the “voice in my head” telling “me” what “I SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT” think and feel. I don’t think so! Now is the time to allow these elements to surface and embrace them, whether they are perceived as good, bad or ugly. Dark means “without light.” Nothing more, don’t give it power! Shine a light on all the “ugly.LOOK AT IT! What do you see?

Credit: Matthew H. Irvin

Credit: Matthew H. Irvin

Balance! Individually we all come face-to-face with Moral Beliefs. Walk your talk. Lead by example. No one person can change the world, but we each affect another. We move from Belief to Being. Remember, Consciousness is waking up! And all of “those people” are just like “me!” Shit.

The Misconception: Our opinions and beliefs are the result of years of rational, objective analysis.

The Truth: Our opinions and beliefs are the result of years of paying attention to information which confirmed what we believed while ignoring information which challenged our preconceived notions.

“Whenever your opinions or beliefs are so intertwined with your self-image you couldn’t pull them away without damaging your core concepts of self, you avoid situations which may cause harm to those beliefs.” ~David McRaney


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