Shhh, listen – Full Moon @ 16 Pisces

1346319094-protestors-march-on-opening-day-of-republican-national-convention_1410442Lyrics: Garth Brooks – People Loving People

“Doctor, you ain’t got a pill for whatever’s makin’ this world ill. You can’t get forgived inside the store and peace, it’s a politician’s war. You won’t find no resolution in the bottom of the bottle, in the stars, or Aristotle. The only answer to the problem is people loving people.”

If humans knew the almighty power of their thoughts no one on this planet would ever have another negative thought again. EVER!!! But alas, humans are born blind into and locked away in the Mind-Made Prison of Duality. The truth is hiding in plain sight. Symbols. Synchronicity. Serendipity. The Trinity is gone. Quad-inity. Father God, Mother God, Christ-child and Holy Spirit. How often do you “LISTEN” to your thoughts? Your brain? If you don’t listen to your own thoughts how well do you listen to what others are saying? How well do others listen to you? Do you listen to your own thoughts before communicating with another? Shhhh, listen!

A Full Moon brings a change in point of view. Unknown becomes Known. Ancient memories. On September 8th the Sun and Moon/Earth stand in opposition to one another at 16 Pisces/Virgo. Faith. Hope. Inspiration. Love. Denial. Illusion. Christ Consciousness. Pisces rules the natural 12th House of the Zodiac. Ancient Astrologers called this the House of Self-Un-Doing. Self-sabotage. I prefer to call it the House of All My Cosmic Selves. By now everyone should be comfortable with “living in uncertainty.” Letting go! Shhhh, listen!

As the ruler of Pisces this is Neptune’s party. The God of the Sea is in his home sign of Pisces. Respect the water! We are setting the tone and intent for the next 6 months. Work with it! Flood. Tsunami. Heavy Weather. Are you riding the cosmic emotional waves? I hope so. While it doesn’t make the challenges any less challenging those “waves” are creating long-overdue-and-much-needed-change. Jupiter co-rules and and in Leo says “let’s play volleyball.” I am not having much fun, but I am having the “time of my life.” If you find yourself struggling with these changes, may I remind you that “this too shall pass.” As Lao Tzu said, “when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.Shhhh, listen!

“That’s the enemy of everything that’s evil. Ain’t no quick fix at the end of a needle. It’s just people lovin’ people. Words aren’t what they seem to be. Talk is cheap, but lies are free. We fear what we don’t understand and we been scared since time began.”

Chasing happiness? If so, answer this question; what is the definition of happiness? Relationships are coming into CLEAR focus now. Some possible areas of focus.  Venus (my spiritual relationship with love/money) is the Esoteric Ruler of Pisces (unconscious/Christ Consciousness) and is opposing Neptune (illusion/ enlightenment). Juno (are my partner and I going in the same direction on all levels?) and DNA (quantum field of choice/ body intelligence) in Cancer (habits / patterns) are dancing in harmony with Vesta (why this is important to me) and Saturn (maturity) in Scorpio (Divine Mother Energy) and Moon (child)/Earth (home) and Chiron (healing for-giving/irony) in Pisces.



Karma has left the building. Irony took its place. A Grand Water Trine! Small waves lapping onto the beach. Peace! The Sun (the stuff that makes me who I am/Spirit) in Virgo (my body and my place in the Big Picture) shines a very bright light and this Full Moon is a GIFT from the Universe, the Original Zen Master. Mother will wrap you in her loving arms. People loving people. It’s not for the faint of heart! Shhhh, listen!

What are you doing and who are you doing it with? Alignment. Calibration. Choice. Balance. Healing power. Giving. Receiving. Fathers and daughters. Mothers and sons. Holy Spirit. Saints. Sinners. Friends. Lovers. Acquaintances. Artists. Poets. Dreamers. Misfits. Mystics. Saviors. All are welcome! Trust Self. Have you noticed how what you think about or focus on appears in your life much faster now? That’s the Mighty Power of THOUGHT. It’s called Cellular Intelligence. Innate. The Divine God-Spark within. A season of surprises! Intuition. What’s the BIG difference in your life between “now” and the beginning of March? Is this it? Is this all there is, what do you think? Shhhh, listen!

“All the colors and the cultures circle ’round us on a spindle. It’s a complicated riddle. The solution is so simple, it’s people loving people. That’s the enemy of everything that’s evil. Ain’t no quick fix at the end of a needle. It’s just people lovin’ people.”

There are 4 Ways To Listen to Self, how do you listen to yourself?

#1) The Unrelated Response:

Example:I lost $1000 at the racetrack last night!

Response: “I went to see “The Expendables III” It was great. I went to see it because recommended it…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.”

Reaction: When do I get to talk about my $1,000 and why don’t you want to listen to my telling you about it? That’s why I started telling you about it!


#2) A Tangential Response:

Example:I lost a $1,000 at the racetrack last night!

Response: “You did? I lost $3,000 there a couple of weeks ago and you know what happened, I….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!”

Reaction: Same as the reaction above, only now, “Why are you taking the football out of my hand and running for your own touchdown?


#3) Furthering Response:

Example: “I lost $1,000 at the racetrack last night!

Response: “You did? How did you do that?”

Reaction: Now I get to talk further about what I first introduced to you because you want to listen further to what I want to say! Good!


#4) Feeling Response:

Example:I lost $1,000 at the racetrack last night!

Response: “Oh! That’s a chunk of change! I bet that really hurt, huh?”

Reaction: Now you are asking me how I felt about it, rather than what happened. I am free to tell you how I feel about losing and how much it meant to me. Wow!

NOTE: A poll discovered that ones and twos were used 80% of the time!

~Author Unknown~

What kind of listener are you and what kind of listeners do you have in your life? Just because the world has speeded up does not mean we have to speed up. Slow down. Listen to intuition. More and more Human Beings are asking their own consciousness and innate Self,is there more than I’ve been told?” They are starting to listen, not for a voice, but for information that is intuitive and from the innate. They begin to receive the chills, the validations, and they move forward. There is so much communication between you and your cellular structure that you’re about to discover. The Innate Intuition God-Spark will supply that as well.  It will help you to turn left, turn right, and know what’s real and what’s not real. Just LISTEN, you know much more than you realize! Shhhh, listen!

“You can pawn it off on kings and queens and those behind the curtain. Say I can’t make a difference in a world so full of hurtin’, but I believe the remedy starts right here with you and me, people loving people. That’s the enemy of everything that’s evil. Ain’t no quick fix at the end of a needle. It’s just people lovin’ people. It’s just people lovin’ people.”





2 thoughts on “Shhh, listen – Full Moon @ 16 Pisces

  1. I AM going to receive some divine message of some sort on this full moon. It’s directly on my sun at 16 Pisces. The day shall be spent in reflection and meditation at my trailer-in-the-woods. I’m too wary to venture out into the world on a day when I’ll be a literal sponge (moreso than usual, and that’s quite a bit.)

    This thing, clairsentience – well, I’ve been invested lately in research around what it is, how it works, how one can determine what sensation is signaling what energetic environmental condition, etc. It gets stronger the more I focus on it. Someone mentions “draft notice” just in casual, unattached conversation that I am overhearing and it -seems like- I key into the world’s attitude about such a thing, getting a powerful tightening, gravity point in my center chest. It would be so much easier if it were a vision, a voice. Then there would be little need for experimentation, and a whole lot less doubt.

    Get all-over waves of body tingles when I read the word, Jesus. Is this my subconscious communicating with me? Or tangible perception of energy? What about all the other sensations that pop up here and there? Maybe I just have a hernia (lol). I’ll give myself one over the impatience I feel trying to figure this all out 🙂


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