IoE– Neptune Rx Pisces/Mercury Rx Cancer


Underwater Train/Venice

Lyrics: My Morning Jacket – Two Halves

“Remember when you were seventeen. You was goin’ crazy, you know what I mean. It wasn’t that long ago. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t that long ago. You think you’re so much smarter now.”

Today there are more things connected to the Internet than there are people in the world. In the very near future, pretty much everything you can imagine will “wake up.” Can you imagine an “internet” that is “conscious and self-aware?” What happens when the Internet wakes up?  When smart things everywhere are connected together, we will be able to DO and BE more, so say “experts.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a paradigm shift that marks a new era of opportunity for everyone, from consumers and businesses to cities and governments. We will move through our days and nights surrounded by connectivity that intelligently responds to what we need and want, what we call the Digital Sixth Sense.  Key elements that make it real are already here. Smartphones are the most natural tool to deliver IoE experiences.

If dead people could talk what do you think they would want most to tell us? Life is about to get very simple. It comes down to “a” choice. “Will I full-fill my destiny here on Earth or will I not?” When we die either we did or we didn’t. And of course, the next question is “what is my purpose?” It’s simple. Purpose is an experience that you can share with others. What are you currently sharing with others? It’s your passion. In what situations have you experienced your life to the fullest? Do you live your passion as fully as you can? How do you limit your experience of passion? How do you ration your passion? Oh, and passion equates to the God-Spark.

The Spring Storm season is over. It’s time to tidy up the debris and begin rebuilding. It’s amazing what treasures can be found after a storm. That which is not visible suddenly becomes visible. Beliefs make life way to complicated. No one can full-fill their purpose if their own life is in disarray. In order to full-fill one’s purpose one must set their own affairs in order. Otherwise one would end up wrestling with self-conflict via relationships with others. Relationships always reveal one’s personal hidden issues.  Welcome to reality!

The Universe has a funny way of getting us to where we need to BE. We crossed the point of no return a couple of years ago. We peel away the dead skin of outdated beliefs and behaviors one layer at a time. Some are peeling it away faster than others. The process will keep repeating until we “get it.” And what are we supposed to be “getting?The obvious! There are 7+ billion sharing One Mothership. We all need to get along and take care of Timeship Earth. Oh, it won’t happen overnight. Right now one in four children 5 and under in the US is white. In 50 years or less everyone will be color-blind.

June 7th, Mercury (communication, travel, transactions, sight, hearing, thought process and how I pray) pauses at 3 Cancer and, from Earth’s point of view, stations retrograde @ 7:57AM EST. It travels back into Gemini on July 17th and will station direct on July 1st @ 24 Gemini. On June 9th, Neptune (Cosmic Connector, ancient memories, DNA and consciousness) stations retrograde @ 7 Pisces until November 16th, when it stations direct @ 4 Pisces. Both planets will be retrograde in their home sign, so they both have some extra “oomph.” Expect a ghost from the past to show up at the beginning or end of the Mercury Rx. Retrogrades are the time periods we re-vise, re-think, re-consider, re-view and do over the past. See something from a different point of view. Neptune will bring to the forefront something invisible and make it visible. Illusion or enlightenment?

Credit: Earth Porn/FB - Jacracanda Street Sydney, Australia

Credit: Earth Porn/FB – Jacracanda Street Sydney, Australia

Neptune wants to know “what is returning home?” During the initial spiritual awakening period most people have the urge to “go home.” No physical place can satisfy the Soul’s search for home though. It is the “home within” we seek. Emotional homecoming is sought because it represents the Soul’s deepest yearning for Divine Union and the end of traveling. This is a good time to take a respite, or a rest-stop. Our native home can provide a sense of peace and contentment. Environmental harmony brings wholeness. There could be a period of pause as many are getting their bearings as to the true direction of “home.Neptune transits are famous for creating a fog so thick we can’t see what’s right in front of us. Dazed and confused. The range of emotions can run the gamut of ecstatic bliss to sudden reality check seeing the “real truth.

“Twenty one everything stays in place. Forty one some things start to fade. Well, when you’re so young (so young), you wanna be older (so young) and when you’re older, you want the body you have now.”

Pain and pleasure are the Twins that can never separate themselves from one another. It’s the model for duality created on Mothership Earth. Mercury Rx asks each of us to reconsider how consciously we participate in life. Remember, lack of freedom occurs at the exact point where pain and please meet. That’s the point of balance where “CHOICE” is made. Mercury Rx starts out by asking “how well can you resist the temptation to play God and try to control?” Whatever fear causes you aversion also binds you to it. The faster one runs, the more isolated one becomes, which in turn fuels self-destructive behavior. Here is a chance to find SELF-RESPECT! Find your VOICE!

The Universe works in very mysterious ways. The goal is GLOBAL PEACE AND HARMONY. That’s roughly 200 years out, so just know that everything we do today is for our grand-children’s great-grand-children. Remember it’s the Internet of Everything. We are all connected now thanks to technology. Everything is going to be re-structured. Between now and mid-September the Universe is going to wake all humans up to a much needed change in our global financial system.

Money is NOT the root of all evil either. Say it out loud “I LOVE MONEY.” Starting saying thank you, thank you, thank you, instead of a wish-list/laundry-list in the daily prayers. That’s the secret to The Secret! Saying “thank you” brings quick results, because deep down inside most people believe MONEY is a bad thing. It’s not! That’s what you were taught as a child.

Jupiter will be squaring Sedna of those born between 1940 and 1993 (through September). Watch the DOW as it inches its way to 17000. Expect to have something brought to your attention (look for natal Sedna and transiting Jupiter in your chart) to show you where you feel entitled but you are not unless everyone receives equal treatment. It’s time to get down to the root cause of some serious issues here in the US. Ever watch a politician talk out both sides of their mouth? Pay attention! We are how we treat each other.

The mid-term elections are in November. Judge NO ONE please! When we judge others our “minds” are closed. Try to see the predicament they are in and be grateful that this person has brought a lesson up for your own review. We are ALL on the Path of Choice right now. Some are called to service whether they are ready or not. Look at it this way, if a building was on fire would you stop and ask yourself “am I ready for this fire in my life right now?”  Is it really the pursuit of happiness that drives humans or is it the pursuit of wholeness?

If your birthday is +/- 2 days of February 26th, May 16th or 29th, August 31st, November 30th, June 25th, September 17th or 27th, December 17th or 25th or March 15th or 24ththen you will feel the Rx stations stronger than others.

Credit: John H. Moore

Credit: John H. Moore

We are in the throes of a paradigm-shift. IoE. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I suspect that many will become aware of a “presence.” Some have felt it for months or years, while others are simply becoming aware of it. What do you call that “presence?” It’s the multi-dimensional “you” that you are sensing. Some can clearly see how the “big picture” is playing out as a “miracle.TRUST YOURSELF. Some feel the need to hibernate right now. That’s the integration process of the frequency upgrades of inner KNOWING. Expect personal revelation during June. “Will I full-fill my destiny here on Earth or will I not?”   This is where we can meet “my true self.”   Be gentle with yourself this month and give yourself permission to chill out!  TRUST YOURSELF!  Thank you Joy-Joy-Joy!

“I believe in a perfect world. You rule your own universe. The only gun you’ll ever need will be in your brain. The only gun you’ll need is in your hands. You want this now you want that. Can’t have it all you should enjoy what you have. But I know what you want. Well I know what you want. Well I know what you want. You want the better of two halves.”




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