Revelation Perfection – Mars Direct @ 9 Libra

Credit: Our Real Amazing World

Credit: Our Real Amazing World

Lyrics: Avicii – Wake Me Up

“Feeling my way through the darkness guided by a beating heart. I can’t tell where the journey will end but I know where to start. They tell me I’m too young to understand. They say I’m caught up in a dream. Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes. Well that’s fine by me.”

To fulfill one’s purpose on Earth requires one to be in PERFECT control of Self.   Being “perfect” is not the goal. One cannot experience truth until “fantasy” has been tasted. Fantasy can be bittersweet. When YOU KNOW something, YOU KNOW it. Choices are already made when YOU KNOW. Decisions made without KNOWING are merely presumptions. They are based on emotion, not foundation. People with purpose are not burdened with decisions. Relief. Release. Reciprocation.

Mars is ego, intent, courage, ability to assert myself and willfulness. In Libra, the sign of relationships, Mars is weak and has a tendency to let “my other self” make the decisions. He is the peaceful warrior. At its worst Mars conceals his agenda, getting others to do the dirty work for him. Retrograde periods are really an illusion based on our limited point of view from Earth. During a retrograde period past events/people/situations are brought up for review and reconsideration. Mars stationed retrograde on March 1st at 27 Libra and stations direct on May 19th (EST) at 9 Libra. The focus of the past 2.5 months has been all about re-balancing relationships. All my relations, past and present. Clarification!

February-May 1982. Can you remember that far back? That’s the last time Mars spent a full retrograde in Libra. In our dual culture we tend to focus on “right” or “wrong.” The only way for one of us to be right is for one of us to be wrong. Ouch! Well, Mars Rx in Libra has found a brand new point of view. It is NOTright” or “wrong.” It is “yes” or “no.” There is a BIG difference. How did you know who do you wrong? Did you dis-respect someone or was someone disrespectful of you? Did you know that anger occurs when something unknown becomes KNOWN? When YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW.

“So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older. All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost. I tried carrying the weight of the world, but I only have two hands. Hope I get the chance to travel the world, but I don’t have any plans.”

Life is relationship. Mars will spend over 8 months total in Libra (12/8/13 – 7/26/14). Caught somewhere between “people are strange” and “listen to what the Man says” the question Mars has focused on during the Rx period is “where is the balance of respect?” It’s easy to be committed when we are being mindful of the common well-being of all. Consider BOTH sides. When we stop trying to be “right” we are respecting “the other’s” dignity. Differences can be worked out! Mutual respect can bring about peace very quickly. Partisan competitiveness causes unbalance. Ambivalence and indecision occur when one feels disrespected. Only one point of view creates a stalemate. Purge. Stagnation. Seduction.

Mars was the trigger for the Cardinal Cross that is quickly dissipating into a T-Square, now that Jupiter is moving on. Tension. Creates movement. Think back to the beginning of January and mid-April. Mars crossed 13 Libra. Who was right and who was wrong? June 16th-18th Mars will cross this sensitive spot one last time. The question is not about being “right” or “wrong,” but rather it’s time to decide what’s “yes” or “no.” Every time you find yourself thinking someone else is right or wrong, change that to “yes or no.” Surprise, because in order to get a yes or no answer we have to change the questions. A change in point of view! Dogma. Miasmic.



Between now and mid-June Mars is going to try to determine exactly where his relationship skills are needed. We are learning how to bring the macrocosm and the microcosm together. The point of balance. The path of destiny is achieved but it requires PERFECT control of “me, myself and I.” Thus a new skill-set is needed. Lack of ambition feeds idleness, corners get cut, others have to “pull my weight” and then resentment builds in relationships. It goes downhill quickly at that point. Emotional satisfaction is pure Soul food.

If you were born between 1950 and 1973 Mars will be in opposition to your natal Eris in Aries, the Goddess of Discord. Eris is your own personal Seal-Team-6, a Master Strategist. For the next few weeks it is important to THINK before inserting foot in mouth. Baby steps, one conversation at a time. YES OR NO? NOT right or wrong. Peaceful Warrior. For those born between 1940-1950 think back to late Winter/early Spring of 1997. You’re long overdue for healing and reconciliation of a matter that has perhaps confounded you for years. What was so important and creating friction in your life? It matters NOT now. If you’re 28-32 you are seeing the consequences of choices made up to now. If you’re 35-42 all that glitters is not gold. Wealth comes in many forms.

“Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes. Life’s a game, made for everyone and love is the prize. So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older. All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost.”

Remember Cruinthe (#3753)? On the 22nd-23rd it reaches opposition to Mars. The Cruinthe were the earliest known land-explorers. The Picts, as they were known, were a Celtic matrilineal group. Tattoos. Warriors. Equestrian. Aristocrat. The timing of this meeting indicates that YES, something brand new is giving birth to itself, but it is born from the carelessness and recklessness of others. Everyone receives back all that has been given away. Take heed of opportunities that arise from others mistakes. Mastery of Self is crucial to being able to see the opportunity when it presents itself.

This opposition sets “timing” in motion for mid-July when Mars merges with the North Node @ 23 Libra. This alignment announces the arrival of destiny. Expect unexpected and out of the blue coincidences/meetings over the next couple of months. Listen to the God-Spark of Knowledge within as it is leading each of us through a series of steps to take us “home.”   Revelation Perfection! You have to make room for others in your life. Why would you make someone a priority when they make you an option?

Exclusivity aint’ gonna’ cut it anymore. Do you need to make amends to anyone? THINK. May 27th Venus co-mingles energy with the South Node at 28 Aries. Expect an old ghost to drop by for a short visit.   Share respect and “my good intentions” please. Mars in Libra is learning how to share. What do you have to share? What do you wish someone was willing to share with you? All systems are “go,” but that does not bring immediate results.

Our Real Amazing World/Facebook

Our Real Amazing World/Facebook – This is a once in a lifetime shot of a tornado sucking up a rainbow!

All comes in good time and lessons have to be learned before the next stage can be reached. For now, tidy up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The pace picks up dramatically at the New Moon on the 28th. We all begin our new Dance Class! A kind word or a smile goes a long way these days. Inventory old baggage claims. Some could receive a message from the past (Oct. 2010/June 2011). Fast cars and freedom? Optimism, hope and faith return. PERFECT control of self. TRUST YOURSELF. Yes or no?

“Didn’t know I was lost, I didn’t know I was lost. I didn’t know I was lost. I didn’t know (didn’t know, didn’t know).




2 thoughts on “Revelation Perfection – Mars Direct @ 9 Libra

  1. So many things to think about here… the last few months have been an ironic roller coaster. Hubby and I have composite sun in a stellium at 13 capricorn. We’re both pluto people 😉 Now the 4th person in a few years has “exited” the 3rd wheel position in our relationship. A leo who swore to KNOWING through clairvoyance that we three were involved in future travels together as a literal rock band. Who was right, and who was wrong? That’s the question I’ve been racking my brain with since a sudden severing of ties on may 4th. Playing together sounded flat and incongruous. I get a feeling for these things, and I truly felt nothing. From the very beginning the two of us doubted the reality of this coming together, but enthusiasm for helping, healing and change got us playing the part. That healing did take place, then left us wondering why we were going through the motions in a relationship that already “felt” over. Nothing coalesced whatsoever… rampant paranoia on the part of the leo, and a – decision – I realize now, made long ago on the part of my husband. A “NO!” All we truly want is to be together. Outsiders ALWAYS complicate things. Robin, you’ve shed so much light on this situation, I have to thank you! Stand in our truth. This drama is really surrounding my Libra rising, Scorpio man. He KNOWS so many things and yet denies speaking them, to placate those around him. My own Scorpio, Pluto rising urges him to blurt it out! Burn those bridges, because while the opportunity exists for you to cross over, so shall the other come to your side and do what they will! If they’re influencing a choice, changing a direction, it’s a detraction from your destiny. Were we all on the same path? Or just at an intersection…

    Hubby is suddenly, uncharacteristically in action. He’s saying we’re moving to the northwest (a long held dream of mine, to move far from central Oklahoma) and he’s ready to be spontaneous again. Looking for more work and letting the inner child out to play here and there. Being optimistic, sometimes. Serious Saturn’s been transiting his Sun and Moon/Venus – He’s got a short 2 year break before his Saturn return – I figure now’s the time for all these long held dreams and DECISIONS to manifest! And indeed they have already 🙂 Thank goodness, because he’s been lethargic, stationary, unmotivated and unwilling. Now that his life is back in his hands, Mars is back in action, and I’m finally getting some work done of my own, things are improving quickly, although much of the “magic” of March and April is gone.

    I love esoteric astrology! Again, thank you so much…


    • You are so welcome Kristen and thank you! You KNOW what you KNOW, right? TRUST YOURSELF! My experience has taught me that people come and go “as needed” for both mine and their own Soul growth. It’s almost as if their Spirit and mine are speaking a a language known only to the Spirits involved (if that makes sense). You (hubby) + me (Kristen) = One (composite)! The relationship has its own energy signature too. A 3rd entity. It has a function and purpose too!

      Don’t know what kind of software you use, but if you are open to a little “unraveling and untangling” may I suggest you pull up both your and hubby’s Draconic charts. We experience life in multiple layers simultaneously, thus we are truly multi-dimensional beings. The Draconic chart is your “Spirit/Soul’s” work here on Earth, while the natal chart is the Ego’s experience. Does this make sense?

      Compare Draconic Hubby to Natal Composite, then your Draconic to Composite, then Draconic Composite to Natal Composite and both natal charts. We are always operating in “layers” of awareness, at least, that’s been my experience. We get so caught up in the day-2-day-BS that we forget there is a BIG PICTURE operating here too, just under the surface via natal, progressed, solar arc, solar returns! Would love to hear feedback if you try this…..You won’t be disappointed!

      Thank you again for the comment! You helped me more than you know!



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