Holy Shift – Solar Eclipse @ 8 Taurus

Credit: Deviantart

Credit: Deviantart

Eclipses are the Universe’s way of signaling Earth that “it’s time to balance things out.” A quickening. It’s that feeling that something has changed inside but it still looks the same on the outside. Awareness. Warp. Bend. Stretch. New frequency. New people. New Earth. Holy Shift! April has been a “Bear to Cross.” In mythology Earth was the Original Virgin Mother. It was just “Her” at the beginning. After the beginning She called forth her equal, Uranus. They created many children together. Holy Shift!

In 1972 James Lovelock proposed that the Earth is a sentient being regulating the processes of the natural environment by balancing various aspects of it against others. Gaia makes modifications as necessary to keep life running smoothly for all its inhabitants. Gaia does not have an “anthrocentric” (centered on humans) perspective and humans are but a small pixel in Her big picture. She nurtures the whole. If Earth is not a sentient being then She sure acts like one! Holy Shift!

Take a deep breath. April will conclude. On time. Integration. Synthesis. Amalgamation. Alchemy. The Sun and Moon meet in their monthly ritual at 8 Taurus to begin a new cycle. Gaia (1184), the Earth Godess, is also at 8 Taurus. Earth is sitting at 8 Scorpio, ready to regenerate. The Moon moves between the Sun and Earth to cast a shadow of darkness on Earth and release the Sun’spearls of wisdom.Taurus is fixed, an Earth sign. Strength. Stubborn. Sensual. Pleasure. Material stuff. It rules the 2nd House of money and “what I value most.” Close to the Earth. It’s time to begin again. Renewal. Holy Shift!

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, so she hosts both of the April eclipses. Since her once-in-a-lifetime Transit of the Sun in Gemini, her message has been “let’s bring an end to slavery and duality in ALL relationships.” Easier said than done. It will take a couple of generations to accomplish the goal. Me + you = One. Masculine or feminine? How about “human?” Balance. There’s only one race, human. Yes, we are truly all the same inside. Why do we have all these labels, categories and groupings? Is it really necessary to keep us apart from each other? Holy Shift!

Something is done, over, finished. Shame and blame have no place in life. No expectations, no disappointment. Stick to the facts. Finding the new normal. Actions speak louder than words. Be practical. When was the last time you put your hands in the good Earth? It’s good for the Soul. Mankind foolishly believes that Nature can be contained, managed, restrained and controlled. She can’t. Silly humans. You’ll see over the next six months. What is it in your world that you believe you can “manage and control?Gaia has a message for each of us. Holy Shift!

She says “hello, do you remember me? I’m a Sentient Being just like you. I regulate your activities in my hallowed and holy space. My relationship with the Universe affects each of you. Go ahead and wipe out a disease and I’ll call forth something more deadly. My relationship with the Solar System creates weather and causes me to bulge and regenerate. I am Mother Nature, what are you? It’s Spring in the northern hemisphere and when you look out your window do you see the Confetti from Heaven in my greatest display of colorful creation on Earth? From my point of view everything I give life to has value and meaning. Stop disrespecting me and my creation.” The effects of a Solar Eclipse can be felt for a long time. Every month the Moon will cross this point and re-awaken the need to remember where shame, blame and control are over-active in our lives. Holy Shift!


Pay attention to issues locally and globally that involve ‘labels, prejudice/bias and slavery.’ Here in the US, we have Mr. Cliven Bundy (read here) taking a stand on welfare, slavery and the right to bear arms. The politicians loved him until their association became a political liability. Hmm. Be grateful to this man’s brave Spirit who is willing to stand up and be “that person.”  He’s been grazing his cattle on government land without paying for years and now owes “we the people” over one million dollars in grazing fees. He met the bill collector at the door with guns. It has not occurred to him that he is the one taking advantage of the system. He’s white and believes he’s right. The inequality of wealth distribution. Holy Shift!

Mother Nature is blurring the lines of ‘color’ in humans. It’s called “majority-minority” and by 2043 whites will officially be the minority (read here). Why do we count “color” as a factor in race? There are many who fear others of a different race. In just one generation we are seeing fewer white children being born and more “mixed” babies. It will take about 20-30 more years before we erase this “fear of others different from me belief” from the human condition. Every time someone says “oh, this isn’t about race,” well guess what? It is about race or the person saying it wouldn’t have made the comment. How do you personally participate in bias and prejudice? Check yourself! Holy Shift!

Every atom in the Universe has a God-Spark. That’s a little piece of our Creator (insert your Deity here) installed in our personal operating system called DNA. The God-Spark! If you haven’t already, you can expect to become aware of its presence over the next 6-8 weeks. Many describe a feeling of “total empty.” Excellent. That means you are ready to experience the fullness of the Intuitive God-Spark. If we listen IT will be our guide. Earth is not in a “wonderful state” right now. But I see signs of incredible growth and joy in creating a new state of being (click here and here). If we trust the God-Spark within there is no need to make choices. We’re already free, but many are still unaware. That presence you’ve recently become aware of is the God-Spark speaking. Shhhh, LISTEN. Holy Shift!

What are your beliefs about your body? Are you willing to let go of the old in exchange for a spiritual belief about your body? Do you believe you can heal? Write a list of physical and emotional illnesses and how you think these may be connected to your underlying thoughts or fears. Self-acceptance and unconditional Love. This Eclipse signals re-fresh-meant. A cool mist. Cucumber water. Hot rock massage. Cleaning out closets, drawers and crevices. Enjoying a meal. Take a deep breath. Calm. Holy Shift!

What’s being brought to our attention is the “fear projector.” The Mind. Our individual point of view will determine “how” we experience life. Opposite focus. In the Land of Contrary. If always focusing on others focus on self. If always focusing on self, focus on others. Feel the contrary points of view when you get irritated and out of balance. By acknowledging the contrary a door opens and easier to see how Earth, the Sentient Being, to view us. A dialogue begins. Trust yourself. You have the “spark of God” within. Where the macrocosm meets the microcosm. Let it shine! Holy Shift!


Expect something NEW to be revealed this week. Pay attention to what is of value. The only enemy we ever encounter comes from within. It’s time to rebuild or renew something, be it a relationship, career, self, friends, family or personal empowerment. Smell the flowers. Pay attention to consumption. Less is more. The New Moon is when we set our intent. Choices made now have consequences in October. Expect some really wonky weather over the next few months. Keep it real in relationships. It’s getting easier to become an activist. Be conscious. And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! Trust the God-Spark within! You’re more than enough! Holy Shift!

“Everything — absolutely everything — that happens in our lives has a spiritual cause. Mental, emotional and physical events are only effects.  When we are struggling with any challenge, whether it be ill health, a lack of money, a lost job, relationships, an accident, whatever — we need to look for the spiritual learning. We can ask ourselves, “What quality does my soul want me to live more fully?”  ~John Robson


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