Magnum Opus – Venus Resurrected

2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick's Alchemical Magnum Opus

2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick’s Alchemical Magnum Opus

“The real nature of matter was unknown to the alchemist. Inasmuch as he tried to explore it he projected the unconscious into the darkness of matter in order to illuminate it. In order to explain the mystery of matter he projected yet another mystery – his own psychic background – into what was to be explained.” ~Carl Jung

Balance. Perspective. Patience. Emotional maturity. Self-control. The end of Tribal Structure. Resistance. No beginning without an ending. Thousands of years of grievances manifested. When what is false fails us we are appreciative of the help we receive. Lessons in compassion and empathy always bring Grace. Where there is choice bondage is alive and well. When there is total and complete self-trust, there is no need for choice. We “Know” what to do, don’t we?

The ultimate goal of alchemy is a process known as the great work, or the Magnum Opus in Latin. It involves spiritual transformation, involving the shedding of impurities, the joining of opposites, and the refinement of materials. Exactly what the end result of this profound transformation varies from person to person: self-realization, communion with divinity, fulfillment of purpose, and so forth. Part of the transformation may involve a better understanding of what the end goal even is. After all, it is accepted that few if any alchemists have ever reached their goal. The pursuit of the goal is every bit as important as the goal itself. Know thyself!

Astrology reveals timing, synchronicity and serendipity of change. The transiting planets alert us to the timing of the change. A point of reference is always helpful. Even though we are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the Venus Transit (Venus conjunct Sun @ 15 Gemini) we are nowhere close to the end of the effect on us. There will not be another Venus Transit of the Sun for another 115 years. In June 2012 Saturn was in Libra and Mars was preparing to enter Libra, where it is currently retrograde. The North Node entered Libra on 2/29 and now we revisit the past. Imagine a sunflower as it is wilting and dropping its seeds. Time for seeds to sprout!

Traditional astrology may set the tone for our experience, but the Minor Planets and Asteroids add the spice to life! Everyone is affected based on the individual chart. Find 15 Gemini in your chart and see what it connects to, planets or angles.

April 1st – 17th – Chiron square @ 15 Pisces: With Pluto Rx, the Eclipse and the Cardinal Cross all bearing down on individuals Chiron sneaks up on us. This is our weak spot. There is an emotional vampire in the midst. Someone or something may be irritating, brings cause for concern or perhaps merely the awareness that “something isn’t quite right.” Whatever it is, it is sucking up precious energy. Chances are good that this is something that has been operating for a while now. Do not be upset at the person or situation, the real question is “why am I allowing this to continue in my life?” It is simply a pattern that has been running for so long that we will call this “auto-pilot.” Be grateful for this Teacher. Gemini communicates, thinks, sees and hears. How to recognize it? It’s that same conversation you keep having over and over without a different outcome! It’s time to turn off your Idiot Compassion. Another’s problem is NOT your Magnum Opus! It’s their issue and no, it’s not nice to try to help someone who did not ask for help. That’s “your” pattern.

May 17th – 21st – Asteroid Mary @ 15 Virgo – (in effect +/- 1 day)Mary Magdalene was The Evangelist. She is the closest thing we have to a Christian Goddess. She and Jesus had a very unique relationship, according to non-biblical texts. The bible calls her the “Apostle to the Apostles.” Apostle has multiple meanings and most of them apply to Mary Magdalene with ease. She is sent on a mission. She discovered the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Happy Easter.   She had a mission (destiny). She is an authoritative person sent out to preach the Gospel. She is the first to advocate an important belief. She points the way as disciple, partner and evangelist.

In apocryphal texts, she is portrayed as a visionary and leader of the early movement whom Jesus loved more than he loved the other disciples. Virgo serves and square Gemini, who sees two sides of the coin equally, asks the question “how can I be of service if I am not seen as having a voice?You don’t have to wear a halo to effect change. During this time period we each find “my voice.” It’s simply a matter of understanding that if you do your part: visualize, prepare the way, and act “as if,” without looking over your shoulder for quick results, what you want must be added unto you, as will the feelings of worthiness, appreciation and loving your most lovable self.

May 21st – June 16th – Uranus sextile @ 15 Aries – This is an activation of one of the Codes of Knowing. This is also where the next Lunar Eclipse will take place on October 8th. Pay close attention to what is going on in your life during this time period. You will see this again sooner than you think, likely in September. If Pluto is synchronicity, then Uranus is pure serendipity. Uranus is Venus’ father. Unexpected magic, out of the blue. If you’re in the mood and are available there is a good chance that a potential relationship could appear, “daddy-approved” too. It will be different because “equality” will be at play.  Eye-2-eye!

Remember, Venus was full-grown at birth. If you’re a woman, how did your father treat you as an equal, or how did he let you know you were equal to a task? All relationships will receive a little magic during this time period, serendipity. Locked inside our DNA is ALL Knowledge of past, present and future. Uranus crossing a point from the past “awakens” the seed and activates what is to be “remembered.” Expect the unexpected and it’s oh so easy to get in this “flow.” This is some kind of “good ju-ju.” Enjoy it.

June 6th – Sun @ 15 Gemini – (in effect +/- 2 days) The Sun is the brightest and biggest point in our Solar system. It’s our life-force, our Soul essence in astrology. This is Solar-Feminine energy balancing out Lunar Masculine. Expect to feel more empowered, both men and women. Women are bolder in speaking up and men are more comfortable with their Inner Feminine, or “anima” as Jung called it. Look at how much more empowered you are now versus June 2012. If inequality exists in your world, expect to see the “light.”  Compassion and empathy, hopefully, will rule the day. Look for some big news about same-sex relationships. Some countries are executing homosexuals. That was the topic-de-jour in May/June 2012. We’ve made progress, but we still have a long way to go before all are considered equal in the eyes of God and the governments of the world.  It will take the next 115 years to wipe out slavery.  Completely.

June 15th – 16th – Asteroid DNA (55555) @ 15 Gemini – (in effect +/- 1 day) – In June 2012 Asteroid DNA was retrograde and close to Saturn in Libra. Uranus’ “lightening rod” and DNA’s Code of Knowing are “unlocked” and work together now to bring to our attention to our personal Magnum Opus in relationships. Everything is relationship. Expect to have an extreme “déjà vu” experience. Or perhaps, it will come to you in a dream. This is connecting the dots and putting the puzzle pieces together. This is not a “fact” to be revealed, but rather this is Truth in Knowing. Whatever you do, write it down and put it somewhere you will see it every day until it is completely absorbed.

July 20th – 22nd – Asteroid Lucifer @ 15 Gemini – (in effect +/- 1 day) Lucifer literally means Light-Bringer. He was the Fallen Angel, kicked out of heaven because he would not worship God’s handiwork, aka humans. In the bible he is referred to as the “morning star.” Venus’ dance with the Sun makes her both the “morning star” and/or the “evening star.Lucifer will bring to your attention where “self-doubt” exists and what you “demonize.” Or, perhaps you are the subject of someone else’s demonization. Some Christians demonize homosexuals, some whites demonize blacks and anyone who may appear to be from an Islamic country. Immigration will likely be in the news, and yes, Lucifer will bring our hypocrisy to the forefront. That’s our biggest fear here in the US currently. Go ask a Native American how well white people keep their promises. Demonization includes prejudice and bias.

If you find yourself in a situation where you realize you are demonizing a group of people or a situation, ask yourself “what am I really afraid of? Where did that belief come from?” Demonization is a learned behavior! Who taught you to fear? Lucifer is about “shining.” Our culture doesn’t like anyone who steps up and acts in a fearless manner or counter-culture to the so-called-norm, especially someone who acts in a manner that allows them to “shine.” Thus, we doubt ourselves. Lucifer is self-interested and that doesn’t fit to well in our culture. Lucifer shines to be of service. You have to have self-confidence to accomplish big goals. Don’t be shy now!

Credit: Asher Svidensky - Picture of Ash Pol, the youngest and only female Golden Eagle Huntress in the world.  She is 13 and from Mongolia.

Credit: Asher Svidensky – Picture of Ash Pol, the youngest and only Golden Eagle Huntress in the world. She is 13 and from Mongolia. Magnum Opus!

July 6th – Venus @ 15 Gemini – Resurrection! Old beliefs and belief systems are being re-evaluated. The currents are already moving. Everything takes time and again, it will be another 115 years before Venus dances across the Sun again. Expect destiny to appear. Health, wealth, relationships and spirituality are the four main forces we work on to maintain balance. This is but year 2 in a brand new 2600 year cycle. Take a moment to revisit June 2012 and see how your own personal Magnum Opus is progressing!

Venus represents all the female archetypes under the Sun. That is the Queen of Heaven’s domain. Solar Feminine and Lunar Masculine. Think back to 2012 and the, oh so rare, Venus Transit. In Gemini we dance with duality. The Twins. Communication, thoughts, thought process, seeing, hearing and how “I” pray. Venus has an interesting story. She sprang from the ocean foam, fully grown, when Saturn castrated their father, Uranus, and flung his testicles into the ocean. The Goddess of Love. She seeks relationship. Venus rules Libra (love) and Taurus (money), which just so happen to be where the Spring 2014 Eclipses fall. It’s all tied to-get-her.  Put a circle around these dates.  TRUST YOURSELF and all will be well!   What’s your Magnum Opus?

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.” Carl Jung

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