The Collective Self – Lunar Eclipse @ 25 Libra

Credit: The Upbeat Dad

Credit: The Upbeat Dad

 Lyrics: Whitney Houston – The Greatest Love of All

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be. Everybody’s searching for a hero. People need someone to look up to. I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs. A lonely place to be and so I learned to depend on me.”

Turn it on. Pass it on. Light it up!

A Lunar Eclipse can only occur when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon casting a red shadow on the Full Moon, or aka Blood Moon. A Blood Moon Tetrad, in astrology, is four Total Lunar Eclipses in a row with no partial Eclipses in between. It happens 7 times in this century. This is the only time it occurs on the Jewish Holy Days of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). The last time that four Blood Moons occurred together was 1967-68 and before that, 1949-50. Since 1 AD, this Tetrad has occurred on these Holy Days only 7 times. In 2014-2015, it will be the 8th time. It won’t occur again for another 500 years (an Eris Cycle).

Passover (First Feast Day) – April 15, 2014

Feast of Sukkot (Last Fall Feast Day) – October 8, 2014

Passover – April 4, 2015

Feast of Sukkot – September 28, 2015

The final confrontation! The Lunar Eclipse on April 15th at 3:46am EST at 25 Libra (we and us) is the mirror of the October 18, 2013 Eclipse at 25 Aries (me, myself and I – click here to re-read post). How has your point of view changed over the past 6 months? What is it you are seeing differently now? Balance. Justice. Equality. Connection. Sharing. Venus rules Libra so this is a Good Godess Event. She’s seeking a Cosmic Connection. At 10 Pisces Venus is sitting pretty snuggled up between Neptune and Chiron. This is saving Grace. The Collective Self. The effects of an Eclipse are felt up to 3 months in advance and for months or years afterward, depending on what is being connected to in one’s personal chart.

Surrender is the Soul’s way of following its own destiny. Opportunity, occasion and timeliness bring good fortune as destiny plays out. Divine timing! Any challenges you have had over the past 6 months have been Teachers. Now. Regeneration. Calm and fear. It will take months for the full effects to unfold. And unfold is the key here. Nothing forced. The question for each of my 7+ billion brothers and sisters is “what is being asked of me?” Synchronicity. Serendipity. Integration! For some, this transition will be effortless. For others it will be a struggle. We act as individuals, Collectively!

Self-control. Self-mastery. Compassion. Empathy. Let me see how it feels to walk in your shoes. What keeps you in bondage? What is it that is dominating your life? Bondage keeps the Soul in pain and the body subservient. There is no freedom when stuck between pain and pleasure. Limitations. Unethical principles. Crippling dependency. Staying calm and centered guarantees that “will and determination” have a chance to overcome temptations that can lead one astray. Yes, it takes courage and consistent effort to remain conscious at all times. Trickle up please!

Signs. Symbols. Omens. Fate, karma and destiny are alive and well!

This Eclipse acts as the Cosmic Trigger and the next six months are spent in deep integration. Codes of Knowing. Full-fill destiny. Everything is AMPED UP now. Positive and negative. Love and hate. Harmony and disharmony. Ease and dis-ease. Earth is detoxing. Earthquakes, volcanos, mudslides and stormy weather. Mama Gaia is a sentient Being too. Keep it simple. If life is stressful there is a good chance that one could be trying to put a square peg into a round hole. The old model of being, doing and seeing are fading faster now. If you are confused, this is good. It means it is time to start asking lots of questions. Be very curious. Clarity strikes the Heart. Revelation from the Soul. Create it. Emanate it and the Collective Self responds. The Universe will leave bread crumbs that anyone can find if they are unsure of direction. Pay attention to the odd, weird and/or wonky!

Understand we are all cleaning up our own vibrational patterns. The human brain is nothing more than a pattern-recognition machine. That’s why it is so important to slow down and be aware of what actions are being taken. BE CONSCIOUS. Something is being stirred up; issues, feelings, fears and hope. We will all spend the next 6 months integrating this new frequency into our bodies. Take really good care of your body or it will talk back loudly to you. Listen to it, it never lies. Follow its inclinations. There are no rules, listen to it.

“I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows. If I fail, if I succeed at least I’ll live as I believe. No matter what they take from me. They can’t take away my dignity. Because the greatest love of all is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all. Inside of me, the greatest love of all is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself it is the greatest love of all.”

Credit: Rolf Maeder

Credit: Rolf Maeder

Generations! We’re not that far apart. It comes down to the point of reference. Baby Boomers are spenders, love their TV, self-centered, optimistic, driven, believe in paying their dues and work is their life. Gen X are the free agents, debtors, believe in competence at work, are skeptical, self-reliant, love their computers and work to live. The Millennials are confident, goal-oriented, savers, egalitarian, have integrated work and life, love their iPhones and working incorporating the Collective Self. Every choice we make now is for the future and survival of human race. Grandchildren.

Older generations identify with other more pressing issues like the economy, healthcare, Crimea, the missing flight 370. The environment makes the list, but it just isn’t the top priority right now. Silent and Boomer generations have learned how to be green. Over the years they have been taught the value of “reduce, reuse, recycle” to the point where they now proudly fill the green recycle bins and happily cart them to the curb for pick up. By doing so, they have learned and adapted the behavior once only found in “an environmentalist.

Millennials have a different frame of reference. In one study it was learned that they don’t think of simple recycling as a particularly “green” behavior. It’s how you dispose of your trash and garbage. No big deal. To truly be “an environmentalist,” you should be collecting and using rain water, deploying solar panels, putting up a wind turbine and recycling gray water. If you aren’t doing all that, you can’t call yourself “an environmentalist.Different points of view based on a point of reference.

There are some truly amazing things happening on this planet. Giving birth. Destination date? 2020! Want to never have to pay an electric bill again? Click here to download instructions for a free-energy-machine. The catch? You have to build it yourself or get someone to build it for you. Can you imagine what would happen if we no longer needed to purchase electricity from the power company? Intentional living. Communities with shared goals and a vision. The Collective Self.

Globally the Eclipse is affecting the USA’s Sun (government) at 13 Cancer so expect much change to be initiated in the coming weeks. The mid-term elections are in November. Expect a big turnover in Public Servants. Incumbents struggle. Expect to see the beginnings of a 3rd party birthing itself in the next 6 months. Shock and surprise are due at the 2016 Presidential election. We can also expect some type of change in global financial markets. You will know change has arrived when the Dow hits 17,000. May take a while. The RMB (Chinese currency) is quietly replacing the US Petro-Dollar as the global currency of exchange. Here’s the deal, no matter what happens, just understand that life as we know it has to be balanced out. History keeps repeating itself so humans can stop repeating the madness. We will get there!

Personally? Support your local community. Buy local. Shop local. Understand that those who yell the loudest are the most afraid of change. The goal with this eclipse is to open our hearts AND our minds to new possibility in relationships. The field of possibility cannot be seen clearly if one is not participating in Conscious Integration of Change. Remember, if you are confused, that’s good. Just start asking questions! Lots of questions! Be the change you want to see in the world. Birthing the Collective Self requires participation from everyone. Find your Tribe, that group of like-minded Souls who are headed in the same direction as you are. Quiet withdrawal from the energy vampires is fine. Breaking it down. Rebuilding begins in July. Smile at a stranger and when in doubt about anything or anyone there is only one question, “how does it feel to walk in your shoes?

The Collective Self! Turn it on. Pass it on. Light it up!

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be. And if, by chance, that special place that you’ve been dreaming of leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love.”


3 thoughts on “The Collective Self – Lunar Eclipse @ 25 Libra

  1. Excellent post! Back in October I was neck-deep in fearful anticipation of comet ison… barely sleeping, just constant research and planning for the worst. Simultaneously reaching ever new levels of revelation – chills up the spine, jump to your feet, AH HA! regarding my astrology and spiritual studies – there was good with the bad, in the extreme. Now I face a similar total re-adjustment of what is “believed.” Really lost my consciousness in the last few days, even had a few blowups with my husband. Just really uncharacteristic – I returned to old, knee-jerk reactions. Synchronicity was lost. But just a few days before that, beautiful miracles and a calm, free sense of spirit unlike anything come before! The ups and downs are becoming more distinct and FAR more powerful. I can only imagine where my grasping-for-truth intellect will be in the next few weeks. Consciously attempting to keep that higher ground in all my interactions. We are all being tested unlike ever before. The true nature of us all is being laid bare and how we deal with that is what is vital to our evolution now. It’s NOT easy 🙂


    • Thank you Kristen! Indeed, we are all being tested. So am I….Remaining conscious helps so much I have found. Oh yes, seeing one’s self as we really are, without the illusion, can be scary and beautiful at the same time.

      It will smooth out here soon and your efforts will pay you back ten-fold! I’m with you, LOL, and I feel it too! Keep going, my friend…..:-)


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