Blueprint of Destiny – Cardinal Cross (Uranus square Pluto – Part 5 of 7)

Credit: Earth Porn/Facebook

Credit: Earth Porn/Facebook

Lyrics: Mr. Mister – Kyrie Eleison

“Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie. The wind blows hard against this mountain side, across the sea into my soul. It reaches into where I cannot hide, setting my feet upon the road.”

The mystery of a Soul’s destiny is an enigma waiting to be understood. Unraveling or decoding the mystery cannot be forced. It unfolds. On time. Being aware of who you are, what you are and where you are at all times is the first step. If awareness is not fulfilled, then inspiration is lost. Dancing with the dark side. Stormy weather. Seeing. Knowing. Doing. Preparation. You “feel” something coming perhaps. You “sense” life around you. Before you do anything contemplation is necessary. Life is a very long process.

April is going to be an amazing month. It is not without tension though. Expect speed bumps. Locked inside your DNA is a blueprint for you mission/purpose. We each have a destiny on Earth. We have been preparing for this for a few years. Movement. The message is clear and simple. Participate in life. Caught somewhere between “still haven’t found what I’m lookin’ for” and “knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door” each Soul will make the transition from “human” to “Earthling” over the next 6 months. Lord have mercy!

This month is going to feel fated, karmic and destiny is at play. You will find yourself saying at least once (probably a few times), “this was meant to be.” Meetings. Signs. Memories. Symbols. All converge for a moment in time to re-mind each of us that it is “time.” We have all been preparing for years. Now it is time to decide to full-fill a personal destiny. All we have to do is listen within and follow the God-Spark nudging. Sounds simple. For some yes. For others no. Many will not make the transition until July. Everyone is working from their own personal Blueprint.  It’s a personal choice.  Lord have mercy.

Uranus Pluto and Jupiter are standing guard at the Gate of Change waiting for Mars to step into place to “trigger” the upgraded Blueprint of Destiny. April 22nd/23rd all four square one another at 13 Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Mars says, “action is ALWAYS required to find one’s strength and courage.” Change occurs over time.  One step at a time.  Small  steps. Some thing will stimulate you. Ahh, there’s recognition knocking on the door. Something needs to be done. Listen. Contemplate. You will know when it is time to take action. Be sure to speak with the “heart” and the “mind” before taking action. Feel the decision to act and do not be surprised if you only understand the first few baby steps. That is to be expected.

Humans are funny creatures. We want to be “certain” before taking any action. That is NOT the way Earthlings operate. Earthings understand that it is the ACTION itself that creates the CERTAINTY. It is the courage to move and to change one’s thinking and circumstances that creates CERTAINTY. If the action is true Earthlings are without doubt. If the connection within is strong enough it will carry you beyond the initial resistance, fear, doubt and constant and endless evaluation.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt. Human nature. It has ensured our very survival. No matter how bad or horrible the situation, humans adapt. Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. The fact that humans can adapt to unhealthy situations and relationships reveals just how frail we really are. The compromises, of course, are to our own detriment. Change is upsetting. It’s costly. It’s risky. Unless a situation is so incredibly horrible people will adapt and live their lives by continually adapting. Self-doubt keeps one in prison.  Un-Adapt.  Lord have mercy.

What are the benefits to staying in this situation? Well, changing is inconvenient. It involves living with uncertainty. Humans live in “unhealthy” because of the perceived benefits. As you go through this month the focus is on seeing, knowing and doing. It is always a good idea to check in with Self, “is this the truth for me? Is action really necessary?” I highly recommend that when you ask yourself these questions take the opposite point of view with yourself and see what kind of response you get. Test it. Challenge it. In the end, if this is your truth take action. Trust yourself!

“My heart is old, it holds my memories, my body burns a gemlike flame. Somewhere between the soul and soft machine, is where I find myself again. Kyrie Eleison, down the road that I must travel. Kyrie Eleison, through the darkness of the night. Kyrie eleison, where I’m going will you follow. Kyrie eleison, on a highway in the light.”

Many just go through the motions of life. Others fulfill a social function. More act by what their culture or family expects of them. Expect a call to action in April. Discomfort becomes greater when we do not respond to our own destiny. Vacillation and ambivalence. It takes time, planning and contemplation to alter one’s life circumstances. Attachments have been created. There could be a lack of confidence. How long will you wait to make a change you know is needed?

As a whole we are coming out of mass avoidance and group addiction. Don’t believe me? Observe yourself. What does your mind tell you? Do you use reason, emotion or the “general consensus” to make choices for yourself? Be honest with yourself. Many voices within, only one is true. Who do you listen to? Maybe reason, how about faith? What about the assumptions or someone else’s authority, do they affect decision-making?

You know yourself better than anyone, so you also know your own tendencies in how you will know and act. Complaining this month does little good. Turn off judgment and self-righteousness. This month, to great or small degrees, everyone will make a break for freedom. No longer bound to the shackles of feelings and social conditioning, everyone has power. Use it! What you overcome this month will give you great confidence for the future, especially in July.



If your birthday is +/- 3 days of January 4th, February 2nd, March 4th, April 3rd, May 4th, June 4th, July 6th, August 6th, September 6th, October 7th, November 6th or December 6th you will feel this strongly all month. If you have personal planets at 11-15 degrees of any sign you will feel this quite strongly.

If the Cardinal Cross falls in your 1-4-7-10 Houses (Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn) you will feel this shift strongly. You are being asked to look at your own self-interest and motivations in relationship with your partner (personal and professional). Look at parental and familial conditioning. What were you taught the purpose of a relationship is? That’s your focus! If you are angry, the question is “who allowed this to happen?” Go look in the mirror. You’ve changed a great deal over the past 3 years. How has your relationship changed? Mars will trigger a change in an important relationship at work/home. What unhealthy behavior have you adapted to?

If the Cardinal Cross falls in your 2-5-8-11 Houses (Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces) you will feel this shift externally. You are being asked to look at how much “value” really costs you? Changes in friendships are due as well as the value you assign your own creations, be it children, art, love. What value do you assign those you associate with? What’s the real benefit to you? That’s your focus this month. Mars will trigger your “hopes, fears and peers.” Expect change. Are you keeping “tit-for-tat” score? What unhealthy attitude have you adapted to? If you find yourself angry then the question to ask is “what expectation is not being met here?” Go look in the mirror!

If the Cardinal Cross falls in your 3-6-9-12 Houses (Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius) you will feel this shift very rather deeply complex, very karmic in nature. You will probably see the greatest change of all three groups. Imagine you have a superpower. What would that superpower be? Why that one? How does it make you feel safe? Karma pays a visit to the neighborhood. You are being asked to see how “cause and effect” is at work in your life. Mars will trigger that superpower and you will see clearly the power of your words, thoughts and beliefs, for better or worse. What power do YOU give to the words, thoughts and beliefs you speak? That’s your focus this month. Ask and you shall receive. What happens in April was caused by choices going back to 2010. Break it down. You will see. What unhealthy belief have you adapted to? Go look in the mirror!

“When I was young I thought of growing old, of what my life would mean to me. Would I have followed down my chosen road, or only wished what I could be. Kyrie Eleison, down the road that I must travel. Kyrie Eleison, through the darkness of the night. Kyrie eleison, where I’m going will you follow. Kyrie eleison, on a highway in the light.”


8 thoughts on “Blueprint of Destiny – Cardinal Cross (Uranus square Pluto – Part 5 of 7)

  1. Wow – holy hell – my saturn/neptune conjunction is right in the middle of this, conjunct transit pluto, on the 3rd house cusp… natal Pluto ascendant is sextile to transit pluto too… Transit Neptune continues to conjunct natal moon/venus conjunction… I’m looking ahead excitedly. Transformation is emminent and I’m already out the door and running across the field to meet it!


    • Oh my, I smell “change.” Congratulations on embracing it, that’s the biggest battle, welcoming it all! You’ve got the wind at your back to help you over any “speed bumps.” And the truth shall set you free! I’d love to hear back from you in a month to see what you discover in the way of opportunity. We can compare notes!!! “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” – Lao Tzu 🙂


  2. Hi Robin, Thank you for the heads up! Sounds like April will be a Tipping Point for most of us. I hope I can start living my ‘New Truth’ after April. I am trying to keep my expectations low though! Just in case I need to wait longer… 🙂


    • Ali, just trust yourself and all will be well! You’re already living your “truth!” April is going to be a great month, because everything is “unstuck.” There is movement, we gain the momentum, collectively, to bring about some much needed change. Oh, it won’t all change overnight, but in a month we will at least be able to see the road ahead! Remember Ali, you do not have to participate in other peoples drama! be well, my friend 🙂

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