Unpolitically Correct – Uranus square Pluto (Part 4 of 7)

Lyrics: TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND – Made Up Mind 

“I know you wish that you could see in my window.  Wishing you could pull up the vine and I’m wearing my Romeo flowers.  Just being my made of mind.  I know you lack of all in my garden.  Apple yourself a big bouquet.  You can spell them I know, it’s just like I told you, I’m in a higher place.” 

Spaceship Earth is NOT home for just one group of people, one nation or one religion.  There are 7+ billion points of view residing here.  Life is simple.  Humans complicate it.  The only way to know if we are making the “right” choice is by making so-called “wrong” choices.  We assign “right” or “wrong” status to everything in life based on how we perceive it “affect’s me.”  There is no right or wrong, but there is a great deal of “different.  Welcome to the New World Dis-Order!  Unpolitically Correct! 

The planets do NOTmake us do anything.  Astrology is a mechanism of “timing” to alert us as to when certain changes will occur.  It’s thousands of years old.  It’s based on pure geometry.  Roughly every 45 years the Uranus, the Great Awakener and Pluto, the Lord of Transformation interact with one another. The turbulent 60’s saw them meet in Virgo and the seeds of service planted during that time period are now sprouting.  Their next tense 90-degree meeting is on November 1st at 9 Aries/Capricorn.  Unpolitically Correct! 

Capricornwants to maintain the status quo at ALL costs.  Aries demands change.  It’s time for us, as a race, to determine the DOLLAR VALUE of a human being.  Nope, I am not talking about Corporations that are considered people, just humans.    Is a white person more valuable than a black person, or a Hispanic?  Are Germans more valuable than Greeks or Irish, or British?  What about the ill and sickly?  Is a healthy person more valuable than a person with cancer?  Are red states more valuable than blue states?  Is a child in Ghana more valuable than a child in Bejing?  Creating tension in Aries and Capricorn the question is “what am I worth and how do I take back my life from the Man?  Unpolitically Correct! 

“I got a made up mind.  I got a made up mind and you’re thinking about it all the time.  You’re all fine.  I got a made up mind.  I’m going higher.  I’m not afraid.  Licking my finger trilling the page.” 

This is the 4thof 7 meetings between these two outer planets, which affect generations at a time.  We’re in the middle.  Dissension.  Tipping point.  A turning point for Humanity.  Had we made different choices over the past 40-some years we would be watching something different unfold.  Can’t change the past.  We have work to do!  Keep it real.  LEARN TO WATCH.  Pay attention.  Turn the volume down in your brain.  It’s terribly distracting.  Change takes time.  Compassion and empathy are always welcome, please open the door to your heart.   

Perspective.  John Adams (6th US President) said “there are two ways to conquer a nation.  One is by sword.  The other is by debt.  Lebanon.  Congo.  Vietnam.  Iran, 1952.  Guatemala, 1954.  Ecuador, 1981.  Venezuela, 2002.  Iraq, 2003.  It’s called “How to Build an Empire in Three Easy Steps.”   

Step 1: Identify a country that has resources you want.  Arrange a huge loan for that country. 
Step 2: Instead of giving the money to the country getting the loan, it goes to a large national corporation that builds the infrastructure needed/desired by the borrowing country.  Power plants, industrial parks, ports.  Things that benefit a few rich people in that country, in addition to the large National/Multi-National Corporation that profit from providing infrastructure.  Then you leave the citizens of the country holding the HUGE debt.  The debt is so BIG they can’t pay it back. 
Step 3: Can’t pay your debt?  Not to worry, just sell your oil to our oil companies cheap, and while we’re at it, we’ll build a military base in your country, oh, and you can send troops in with ours if need be to neighboring countries that need our help, or, you can vote with us at a particular UN vote that we need help.  Something like that! 

“Well you better see me out on a contest ‘cause you lost me at the crossroad sign. Year that was an old man.  Now you can’t hold me.  All cause of this made up mind.  Yeah you’re looking for me up in the basement.  You can look down in the Milky Way.  Oh holla’ my name and I won’t hear you cause I’m in a higher place.” 

Repeat steps 1-3 again:

Step 1: Refinance the old bad debt.  Allow them to pay even more interest. 
Step 2:Demand quid pro quo.  Like for like!  It’s call “good governance.  Translated into English, that means “now you have to sell off your resources because you can’t pay your debt.  (Note to self: pay attention when anyone stars talking about “governance.”)
Step 3:Resources to be sold off can be a country’s penal system, education system, insurance systems, utilities.  Anything of value.  What is of value in your country? 

Uranus/Pluto interaction always brings out the protestors, activists, hacktivists, whistle-blowers, marchers and occupiers.  There’s a Million Mask March globally November 5th.  Click here.  The Occupy Movement is still going strong.  They’re organized and actually doing more than just protesting.  Click here.  They’re helping families get rid of debt, one family at a time.  Concerned about GMO foods?  A Buycott is the opposite of a boycott.  The Buycott phone app helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles.  Click here.  Start a petition online.  Volunteer in your own community.  Between now and the next meeting of Uranus and Pluto in April there will be more change.  Unpolitically Correct! 

The tragedy is that many humans are not listening or paying attention.  Humans get caught up in fear, desire, frustration and conflict.  TRUST YOURSELF!  We didn’t come to Spaceship Earth to eat bon-bons and get foot massages (oh I wish), we each have a job, a mission for the greater good of ALL!  We each have a personal responsibility to Earth, Mama Gaia.  She provides for us, what do we do for her?  Personally, the really BIG question is what resource do you want/need that someone else has and what resource do you have that someone else wants/needs?  Value!  Be fair.  And DEBT!  Who owes you and who do you owe?  We’re re-creating and re-building everything, Age of Aquarius style.  Unpolitically Correct! 

If one gives, what does one get?  Show up “honestly” for each day!  We are ALL human with insecurities, weaknesses and indeed, many, many strengths.  Be ready.  Be prepared.  Trusting Inner Self is a new skill we are all learning.  Intuitiongets a bum rap in today’s scientific culture.  Yet, once we have learned to listen to it, our lives take a quantum leap toward “easier.  BALANCE!  What happened to common sense?  Never get too busy to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and personally.  One more thing!  Children are not here to validate our choices and our lives.  And don’t forget, it’s okay to laugh at ourselves!  Keep your sense of humor!  It’s time.  Unpolitically Correct! 

Nature is chaotic perfection through balance.  The “Obamacare” we are birthing today will be very different in 25 years.  Next April it will be different.  The question is who profits by keeping our Sickcare System the way it is now?  Follow the money.  Always follow the money.  It’s time to start “doing.  What can you possibly do today to be “doing something?  We’re not talking about last year’s dream.  I’m talking about the big dream you’ve had forever.  What we see today will be different in six months.  The solutions we need will come from millions of average humans in thousands of different places loving and defending their local community.  Small solutions, over time, solve BIG problems.  Say “hello” to your Conscious Self!  One step at a time.  You’ll see.  All is well.  Unpolitically Correct! 

“Oh I got a made up mind.  Always be there up all the time.  Sure as the moon as the stars gonna’ rise I got a made up mind.  I got a made up mind.  Some made up mind.  I got a made up mind oh, oh, oh, oh.  Now this all be over and my mind is made up.  I got it made up.  I got it made up.”


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