Step 7: Activate System D – October 2016 Astrology

Credit: Parablev

Credit: Parablev













Orphic – (adj.) mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding.

Necessity is the Mother of InventionSystem D is French slang for “débrouillard (dey-broo-yar).”  Originally it was used to describe a person that is resourceful, ingenious and a self-starter.  Chefs invoke System D to describe someone with a unique skill-set of joyously improvising with ingredients and circumstances that just so happen to be available.  The keywords are adapt, improvise and “make do” when facing any challenge.   Without endings there can be no possibility of a “fresh beginning.

Sweven – (n.) A vision seen in sleep; a dream.

System D is also used to describe a fast-growing-entrepreneurial-shadow-economic-model in an Economy of Desperation.  It is a product of intelligence, resilience, self-organization, and group solidarity, but more importantly, it follows a number of well-worn though unwritten rulesAdapt!

Alexithymia – (n.) An inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner.

Half of the world’s workers (about 1.8 billion) work in System D, that is, off the books, in jobs that are neither registered nor regulated, getting paid in cash while avoiding paying taxes.  Desperate people turn to System D and it is currently the 2nd fastest growing economy on the planet, behind the US GDP ($14 Trillion) at $10 Trillion GDP.  At its current rate it will overtake the US in this century.  System D looks a lot like the “future of the global economy.”  Welcome to a New Reality!

Cynosure – (n.) Something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc.

The New Moon on September 30th (EDT) is @ 8 Libra, the Natural 7th House of “my other self – friends/family/lovers/partners and those I disagree with.”  Libra seeks Balance.  The fastest way to “know thyself” is through “my other self.”  Get your débrouillard ‘on’ because the Universe sends the “it’s time” signal to “reset” and expand our relationships with Self and others.  Everything in life is cyclically restored by “letting go of the old.”  Adapt!

Internecine – (adj.) Mutually destructive.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  We have the same relationship with everyone and everything (including money) that we have with ourselves.  It’s easy to believe we are having different relationships with different people/things.  It’s what we “project.”  It’s what we “want” to believe is real.  It’s easy to get “trapped in truth.”  Projecting happens when “what Is” does not match “what we believe Is.”  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Kalopsia – (n.) The delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.

September brought change.  Breakdowns are an opportunity to learn how to deal with restoring, repairing and improving whatever is “falling apart.”  Humans are learning a brand new level of self-sufficiency.  Heartache, disappointment, death and decay are rarely seen as beautifulWhy do we see “sadness” as a threat to happiness? Improvise – Adapt – Make-Do!

Selenotropism – (n.) Growth in response to moonlight.

Venus (attraction/money) rules Libra (long-term relationships/ Animus/ enemies /balance) and at her highest she will act as a Great Unifier, the Queen of System D.  She’s visiting Scorpio blowing kisses to NeptuneGive me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free – Venus says.

Hebetude – (n.) The state of being dull or lethargic.

But alas, these two ‘dancing in the depths’ createbubbles.”  It’s a delicate balance!  We are witnessing one of the biggest financial experiments of all time, as Central Banks have run out of levers to pull.  Deflation – Inflation – Balance!   Rates are near Zero and an unprecedented amount of liquidity has been pumped into the system through quantitative easing (QE).   The Derivative Markets have been estimated to be worth $1.2 Quadrillion.  Derivatives are contracts between parties that derive value from the performance of underlying assets, indices, or entities.

Gluggavedur – (n.) “Window-weather;” weather that looks nice through the window rather than being out in it.

At her lowest, she could meltdown into a full-blown-Southern-Style-Hissy-Fit, acting out all her passive-aggressive-projections.  Fairy Tales always begin with “once upon a time,” but Southern Fairy Tales begin with, “girl you ain’t gonna’ believe this sh*t.”  Southern Fairy Tales can come to life leading up to October 6th, when Venus and Black Moon Lilith meet up at 15 Scorpio.  Any lingering relationship fears/ shadows/projections will be brought up for review.  Engage EmpathyBe generous with laughter/humor.

Aquiver – (adj.) Quivering, trembling.

Think back to the last time you were overcome with total JOY.  Do you remember the “moment?”  What was the “trigger” for the overwhelming JOY experienced?  Was it real?  What made it “real?”  Dig deep!  Define “real” please.  The “body” never lies!  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Melliflous – (adj.) A sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to the ear.


The Full Moon on October 16th (EDT) @ 23 Aries activates Eris, the sister of the FM ruler MarsAn adjustment is required.  In 2020 Americans will Party like it’s 1776Eris is our own personal Seal-Team-6.  The House where she resides is where strategic help to overcome obstacles is readily available.  Radical Forgiveness is needed to overcome resentment, letting go of unrequited love and coming to terms with addiction.  Has America become the very thing that birthed the American Revolution?

Ineffable – (adj.) Too great to be expressed in words.

Karma is stepping out of the Big Picture leaving Irony in charge.  Think 250 years in to the future.  Every thought, deed, word and action taken is rushing back from traveling around a “black hole.”  Back to the Future – 19 Years Ago1997!  It wouldn’t be the first time.  Think Outside the Walls!

Peer Pressure is the New Black!

People standing up for injustice.  What is appropriate when we witness someone getting bulliedEris is The Fact-Checker!  All that is really going to change is the number of people who “recognize” what they believe to be “true” isn’t true at all.  We’ve been living in uncertainty and confusion.  Contrast provides the context.  It’s been “training” for the future, starting NOW.  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Do the Unexpected!

Be Counter-Intuitive! The definition of insanity is doing the same over expecting a different outcome.  Look back over the last few years.  I am sure there was some “event” that brought cause for pause.  Looking back is it possible to clearly see the “moment” when “fear” took control?  Think with the Heart, Feel with the MindObserve Self!  What does “fearfeel like in the Mind?  Yes – We-Are – All in the world, but not everyone is “of” the world.  It’s a personal choiceLet go so that “I” may be restored.    Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Hiraeth – (n.) A homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Mars entered Capricorn September 27th thru November 8th.  Mars is “out-of-bounds.”  The upside is a healthy dose of courage, stamina, confidence with a “splash of panache.”  The downside is angry, rash-impulsive, narcissistic and self-centered behavior.  Ouch!  Anger/Fear occurs when something unknown becomes known.  But, is it “real” or a “projection” where words and actions did not match?  There is a difference.  Check motives and pace yourself this monthThink outside the walls!

The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.”  ~William Blake.

Conflict is nothing more than a “Clash of Wills.”  If “I am right” then someone “has to be wrong.”  That’s the “dog-eat-dog-paradigm.”  October presents each of us with plenty of opportunity to create WIN-WIN scenarios.  No one person/group owns the “TRUTH.”  Would it surprise you to understand that the “Left AND Right” make decisions from different parts of their brains?  The “Right” are more risk-averse and make choices from one part of the brain.  They want to know all the details in advance.    The “Left” make decisions from both sides of the brain and while they know there is a problem/issue, they believe they can fix-it-along-the-wayThus – The Clash!

Epoch – (n.) A particular period of time in history or in a person’s life.

Mars (Willpower) in Capricorn (status-quo) will create tension with Jupiter (faith) on October 5th, merge with Pluto (God-Particle) on October 20th and create serious tension with Uranus (frequency) on October 29th.

Sonorous – (adj.) An imposingly deep and full sound.

Another brick in the wall comes down this monthTension creates movementMovement equals change.  It’s time for “Next Steps.”  Humans love “winners.”  We’ve been taught to worship and “love’em.”  Invoke System D!  When conflict appears, understand there is a 3rd Option.  No one has to “surrender” their truth, nor can we “force” the unwillingother” to submit to “my truth.”  “Step back” to “cool off.”  Without placing BLAME, ask yourself “how did this get started?”  Find the “root” of conflict within Self first (my agenda).  Improvise – Adapt – Make-Do!

Long-Term | Big Picture

For a quick refresher, take a look at the dates below.  These are the dates Mars and Pluto have “clashed” since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008!  Look at the distance that has been traveled and the ground covered.  If you are reading this, then understand your success rate for getting through Bull-Sh*t is currently 100%.  Congratulations!

Serendipity – (n.) The chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.

December 29, 2008 @ 1 Capricorn

December 14, 2010 @ 4 Capricorn

November 28, 2012 @ 8 Capricorn

November 11, 2014 @ 11 Capricorn

October 20, 2016 @ 15 Capricorn

Limerance – (n.) The state of being infatuated with another person.

It only takes one person to step back to change the scenario.  Humanity is moving away from the “fight-or-flight” system of Duality.  It takes time!  A brave and confident Mars knows that energy and vision are contagious.  Whether the contagion is “defensive, angry and afraid,” or, that ‘we are each unique and a treasured member of the whole Human Race,’ focus on what you are afraid of “losing.

Bombinate – (v.) To make a humming or buzzing sound.

The bigger question when confronted with conflict is – are we making a choice to “follow fear” or “my own strength and values?”  October is the month to figure out what “investment” we each have in our own personal conflict(s) with self and Others.  Is it possible that someone is “digging up bones that are better left alone?”  We answer that question next month!  Adapt – Improvise – Make Do!

Convergence Ahead Next Stop – Step 8 November!

Old Archetypes are dying.  In November Neptune and the South Node are going to meet at 9 Pisces.  The “child within” knows what it needs.  Atonement.  While difficult to watch at times, the balancing has begun.  Notice all remnants of the “past” reappearing as we approach November.  It’s okay to “just say no” to anything that drains us emotionally.  Forgive Self for all imperfections (they really are perfect though).  Identify what can and cannot be changed.  Be realistic.  Be practical.  Be physically active, get out and enjoy nature in all Her Glory!   Above all, keep your sense of humor.  Respect all of Life’s Colors, not just your favoritesWhen impermanence is accepted we are in tune with The Universe!  Life is NOT happening to us.  We happen TO Life!  Here we “grow” a-gain!

Epiphany – (n.) A moment of sudden realization.

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Step 6: Conquering the Illusion – September 2016 Astrology

spirale,-fraktal-153866“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

There are 3 kinds of knowledge; the “known,” the “unknown” and the “unknowable.”  Conquer the Illusion.  Does the physical body serve the Spiritual Self or does the Spiritual Self serve the physical body?  Hmmm.   Life Observed.  Without the projector of good or bad, right or wrong, me or you, male or female, straight or gay, young or old, religious, spiritual or atheist, redneck or educated, left or right, life is calm, peaceful and stableThe Space of the Interdependent Self.  Collections of “thoughts” create belief(s).  Comparison creates Separation.  What do you believe?

September is the halfway point in the 2016-2017 Astrological Year.  We’ve spent 5 arduous months making space for the Interdependent Self to be activated and housed in a Human body.  We reached Critical Mass (Step 1) in April.  We learned how to “depolarize” (Step 2) negativity in May.  June brought the “Heart Crossing” (Step 3) and, in July we started the process of Building Character (Step 4).  August revealed how and what we were taught to love and hate as children (Step 5).  Recognition!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

Step 6 – Conquer the Illusion!  The New Moon Eclipse on September 1st @ 9 Virgo opens the door for the Trans/personal Self to get acclimated and activated as an  Interdependent Being in the Human Paradox Field.  As the last sign of “selfVirgo is the Bridge between “me” and “we.”  In order for the Transpersonal Self to function it is necessary to “turn off the mental-emotional projector.”  One of the fastest ways to Conquer Illusion is to simply Observe Life.  “WE-ARE” what we “think” and what we “think” is what we projectRunning out of options clears the path to progress.

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

How many people have to be sacrificed to keep one person alive?  The power of the people is in their wallet.  Stop spending to feed the Consumerist Machine.  If all politicians “lie” then why do “the people” continue to vote them into office and then act all surprised when they do-not/cannot full-fill campaign promises?  For those who complain about jobs going to China, stop buying products Made in China.  Buy Local.  The “common cause” is moving away from “the party” and moving towards what’s best for “all the people?”  Inter-dependence!  Whatever the complaint, stop “feeding” it!  Conquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

The past catches up to us1997!  Time lines mergeMacro – Micro.  Virtual Reality – Reality.  Visible – InvisibleMercury (Soul data gatherer), Chiron (Paradox), Ceres (pregnancy), Vesta (mating with God/Universe) and Kore/Persephone (survivor) all co-rule the earthy Virgo, home to the Natural 6th House, sign of The Virgin.  Any woman who has ever given birth remembers how uncomfortable the weeks leading up to birth-event were.  The desire to “give birth” overrides the pain of staying pregnantThe Natural Way!  “Surrender” to the bodyConquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

The Nodes are the balance point, the halfway mark, between here and there of the Interdependent Self.  The Nodes are Invisible – think “quantum-self.”  The space between!  Polarity is the natural partnership between “complements.”  Each gives something the other needs.  It’s a Paradox!  Traversing the Virgo/Pisces Axis humans are forced to confront the “real and ideal.”  Balance!  At their highest Humans  achieve the balance between Inspiration and Perspiration!  Trying to maintain a reality of “either/or” becomes more painful.  Conquer the Illusion!

Where were you in 1997?

T-Square – Eclipse opposite Neptune square Saturn – How much “time” (Saturn) do you have for your spiritual practice (Neptune)?  It’s not about “youorme” it’s about the Human Legacy.  The Universe is sending information and instructions while the Higher Self sends the “it’s Time” signal.  Recreating healthy boundaries is a priority.  During the September 1st/16th 1997 Eclipses at the same degrees, Saturn was conjunct Eris @ 19 Aries.  We learn Compassion through CrisisEris was also a Healer and protector of the elderly and childrenSeptember 10thSaturn and Neptune create tension @ 10 – Sagittarius/PiscesTime to stop playing the Victim CardConquer the Illusion!

We’re not traveling in a straight line – We’re riding a Spiral!

Time to open the “Inner Eyes.”  Eclipses arrive in “pairs,connected and interdependent.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16th @ 24 Pisces brings the “big reveal.”  Neptune (Quest for the Unknowable) rules the natural 12th House of Pisces aka, the Womb, with Jupiter as the Traditional Ruler.  How we handle our “faith” in a Higher Power, trusting in God/Universe and the meaning of Life are all part of the Quest for the UnknowableJupiter enters Libra on September 9th.  Lighten UpCreating “new” RelicsConquer the Illusion!

What if there is noup/down” and it’s really “in/out?”  Ride the Spiral!  “Me” + “You” equals a third entity, an Interdependent Relationship!  The Unknown becomes KnownIf you have astrology software, load your Natal, Pre-Natal Solar and Lunar Eclipse charts to create a chart for your Interdependent Self.  That’s you looking at another you with New Eyes.  Want more of the In-Out-Rabbit-Hole?  Make a “composite” of your own Natal and these 2 Eclipse charts.  Watch the transits over the next 6 months.  We-Are Multi-Dimensional BeingsConquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

September 22nd – Mercury Direct | EquinoxThe tide turns.  Do you remember when you were a child and playing, someone would shout out “do-over?”  Dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s” as Rx Mercury in Virgo encourages “thinking with the Heart AND feeling with the Mind.”   Consider Intuition and Rational Thought as “equal and Interdependent.”  Communication is tied to Emotional Security.  As my grandma used to say “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”  If that’s the case some people would never speak!  Be calm and assertive.  Words are “tools.”  The question is “how can I use my words to IMPROVE the situation?”  Common sense returnsConquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

The Equinox brings BalanceEqual Light and Dark.  Truth and Justice for All!  In the Northern Hemisphere we are descending into the Dark of Winter, while the Southern Hemisphere is ascending into the Light of SummerMatter is Ascending and Spirit is Descending.  After three glorious months of acceleration we prepare for another three months of more expansion of the new Interdependent-SelfDon’t hold on too tightly to plans – be open and willing to receiveLaughter Heals!  Be conscious when participating in/with your “Community.”  The Universe is going to be speeding up meetings between “Souls.”  We are planting new roots for future use.  Each of us has something we “bring to the table.”  We are in this “together.Conquer the Illusion!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

September 26thPluto station @ 14 Capricorn | Saturn square Nodes | Uranus conjunct Eris – Expect sudden transitions between Inner and Outer Spaces during September!  There will be some “tense moments.”  Twists and Turns!  Expect a “course correction” for the world at large.  Imagination is the engine of creationUse generously!  Life has a strange way of working things out.  This is a potent day(s) and leading up to it life will feel stranger, fate will spin the wheel and Time is keeping score.  Over-driving (stuck in rational thought) and self-blocking (giving up before starting) isn’t going to cut it anymore.  We have unfinished business to take care of now.  No one gets a “hall pass” to avoid participating in Life.  Find the In/Out BalanceConquer the Illusion!

Be gentle with self, take breaks and listen to the bodyIt NEVER lies to us.  Since the Nodes entered Virgo/Pisces our point of view has been changing – gradually.  It’s speeding up and by standing still now we are dismantling the Status Quo of the past.  Can you see how Neptune’s magic fairy dust has changed the viewSynchronicity is alive, it’s permeating and it’s active.  Remember – Big-Picture – Long-Term!  Drop the labels.  Have you noticed how relationships/work/home are changingHave you noticed how your body makes you feel around certain people, situations and events?  Giving away “pieces of Self” to make “someone elsefeel better is no longer an option.  If you are alive and breathing on this planet you are contributing!  We can be in the world but NOT of it!  Conquer the IllusionWelcome to the Human Paradox Field!

“I invoke the blessed ‘We-Are’ to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds and words for the Highest Good of everyone today.  So Be it.”  ~Daily Prayer

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Step 5: Teach the children well – August 2016 Astrology

Teach the children well...

Teach the children well | Credit: Disney

“You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, you’ve got to be taught from year to year, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear, you’ve got to be carefully taught.  You’ve got to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made and people whose skin is a diff’rent shade.  You’ve got to be carefully taught.  You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, before you are six or seven or eight, to hate all the people your relatives hate, you’ve got to be carefully taught!”

~South Pacific – Lyrics: You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

The USA is now the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country behind Mexico and the 2nd largest English speaking country behind China.  No matter who gets elected President of the USA Inc., America will experience what is needed to restore balanceWe-Are witnessing a Generational Changing of the Guard.  It’s called a “Turning.  Four 20-year-cycles make a Turning.  Teach the children well!

The first-quarter (first 20 years) starts off in a High Cycle (1945 – 1965).  Twenty years later the “Awakening” occurs (1966 – 1986).   Next comes the Unraveling (1986 – 2006).  We finally arrive at “The Crisis.”  And here We-Are halfway through “The Climax of Crisis” (2006 – 2026).  Since America’s inception we’ve had 3 Turnings.  We are in the 4th Turning (An American Prophecy*).  Teach the children well!

The latest polls indicate that the USA Inc. is the #1perceived threat to world peace” by non-US countries.  Palestine is #2.  Americans do not understand why the world hates them.  It’s the best kept secret in America.  For those who do not understand why black people can’t get past the whole “slavery thing,” the better question is “why can’t I get past the whole Civil War thing?”  The Civil War is slowly fading from America’s ‘collective social memory.’  Teach the children well!

Its history soon to be relegated to the “distant past,” but it’s an ugly stain carrying bitter memories.  No one alive was there so all we have to go on are the memories of our youth received from Elders as an Oral HistorySeeds were planted on BOTH SIDES!  How old is the oldest person from your childhood?  That’s how far your memories go back.  The more the narrative is repeated the longer it takes to remove the “stain” and “restore balance.”  Why must we define people by “RACE?”  Teach the children well!

It’s not like we didn’t know any of this was coming.  The 2 keywords for the next 6 months are “Check Yourself.”  That means “emotional-self-regulation.”  It’s called Emotional Sobriety.  No person, country, religion or belief system has Soul ownership of “Truth.”  Check Yourself.  Spreading hate in the guise of Love helps no one except those who dine on narcissism.  Individuals and Mobs have 2 different decision-making processes.  It’s so easy to “lose control in a mob.”  Check Yourself.  The continued use of “left OR right” promotes “separation.”  Drop labels.  We each belong to the Earth Party.  There is ONLY ONE RACE, the Human RaceTeach the children well!

“Anytime you’re gonna grow, you’re gonna lose something. You’re losing what you’re hanging onto to keep safe. You’re losing habits that you’re comfortable with, you’re losing familiarity.” ― James Hillman

There’s a New Moon @ 10 Leo on August 2nd.  Leo is ruled by the Sun (Sol) and is the natural 5th House of “romance, children, inner child, innocence, creative play and raising hell.”  Keeping the balance on the other side of the fence is Aquarius, the natural 11th House of “hopes, dreams, wishes, ‘out-there,’ friends, Soul-Mates, Kindred Spirits, fellowship, and Future-Forward.”  It’s time to start “accepting that this is where We-Are and get past the hypocrisy.”  Let go, and hold on.  It requires all-encompassing-acceptanceStep 5: Teach the children well!

Full Moon @ 25 Aquarius

August 18th the Full Moon @ 25 Aquarius brings an adjustmentUranus, the Rebel Without Pause, rules the show.  After delivering surprises at his U-Turn Rx station, on July 29th, we get a good look at just how our society is being driven by an ever accelerating wave.  For those who consider themselves “awake” it’s time to Wake Down.   It’s a ParadoxReverse the processU-Turn.  Spirit descends into Matter.  Let go, and hold on!  What is becoming Self-Evident (suddenly seeing and/or understanding)Think 100th MonkeyTechnology is being used to create tomorrow’s disruption, creating exponential change and growth.  Waking DownTeach the children well!

If you were born between 1947 – 1953 Uranus/Eris is merging with your natal Sedna asking you to “tune in to a new-inner-frequency.”  Humans live in a confusing world.  It appears to be chaotic.  Any “shaking up” in life is yanking up the deep-deep-seeded-old roots.  Some days feel like being on “shaky ground.” Instead of focusing on finding the “answer,” focus on asking “the questions.”  Look back into your early childhood to see what “groups” your grandparents and parents disliked.  That’s a clue!   You are not imagining things! And no, there are no words to describe it either!   Teach the children well!

Saturn square Neptune | Jupiter square Saturn

Over the past year we have been tested with the closing squares of Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune.  It’s called “Heavy Lifting.”  Life is not for the faint of heart!  The culmination started in 1989 (Saturn-Neptune) and 2000 (Jupiter-Saturn).  We each get a “do-over” in a choice we made and this the 4th time we’ve made the choice.  Choose again2020 is going to be a bold year when Jupiter/Saturn merge in Aquarius and a brand new cycle begins.  2020 – “Pluto in Libra” for President!  Teach the children well!

Pluto’sthousand-death-march” through Capricorn, since 2008, is tearing down all the “walls” of the Status Quo.  Anything left standing when the Inner Alchemist enters Aquarius in 2023 will be of great use and value for the Social Rebuilding.  Millennials born between 1988-1992 have had a One-Planet-Wrecking-Ball traverse over their natal Uranus-Saturn-Neptune in Capricorn.  Add Uranus squaring the “Young Rebels Without Pause,” and it’s no wonder they’re fed up!  No need to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.  He’s been replaced by an App!    Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th and puts the ball into motionChange is on the way.  Enjoy this brief lull!  Teach the children well!

“The more you talk about it, rehash it, rethink it, cross analyze it, debate it, respond to it, get paranoid about it, compete with it, complain about it, immortalize it, cry over it, kick it, defame it, stalk it, gossip about it, pray over it, put it down or dissect its motives, it continues to rot in your brain.  It is dead.  It is over.  It is gone.  It is done.  It is time to bury it because it is smelling up your life and no one wants to be near your rotted corpse of memories and decaying attitude.  Be the funeral director of your life and bury that thing!  ~Shannon L. Alder

Jupiter – North Node | Neptune – South Node

Generations regulate the velocity of Social Change Jupiter, the Giver of Truth, and the North Node, “the path” met 3 times this year.  (Cue Mission Impossible music)  If you were born between 1965 and 1969 then know that you have officially been notified, awakened and called-on for a “mission.”  Your “mission” should you choose to accept it, is to stand up, speak up, speak out!   You are the first “modern-day-latch-key-kids” so you have some-serious-survival-skills the world is in desperate need of.  Your group is very protective of its own children.  Teach the children well!

What Gen X brings to the table are “liberty, survival and honor.”  Your group is cunning, hard-to-fool-realists who prefer to meet problems head-on and adversaries one-on-one.  Just what we need – practical realistsMorals and Values.    Gen X is the 13th Generation to call itself American.   Teach the children well!

hqdefaultNeptune and the South Node are doing the “longslow-dance.”  Co-Mingling with “shadows and ghosts.”  They will meet and merge in NovemberA generation’s self-perception is its sense of direction and a generation can collectively choose its destiny but no one can choose their generation.  There is a visceral sense of nostalgia and many long for a past that they “remember” as safe (saved).  Is it real or is it “Memorex, the Ideal?”  This nostalgia for a unique past, while expressing urgency for a time-limited future, comes into sharp contrast when trying to comprehend one’s own mortalityA Paradox!  Teach the children well!

Generational aging is what translates the rhythm of the past into the rhythm of the futureNeptune’s long sojourn through Pisces is just what the doctor ordered to melt away fears of “mixing races” and any lingering Male-Savior-Complexes.  Upon entering Aries in 2025 – – (finally the door is wide open) – – Humans can save themselves!  Twisted, manipulated, indoctrinated and taught to seek answers “outside of selfNeptune asks everyone to retreat Within.  Instead of seeking a Male Master from Without, hear the Feminine Spirit WithinWake down!    Time is shaped like a Spiral. Boomers are the Elder Prophets teaching the children about “Values.”  Here’s what Boomers have started doing to make a change in the “name of love” for their grandchildren, click here and here.  No one wants to arrest Nana!  Question: do you judge others as harshly as you judge yourselfTeach the children well!

Mars conjunct Saturn | square Neptune & Nodes

Every word ever spoken out-loud is our Legacy.  Thanks to Mobile technology it’s live-streamed for instant consumption.  The world has changed very little, but our ability to “watch it Live” makes it hard to ignore.  That’s different!  Saturn, the Inner Teacher, stations direct on August 13th @ 9 SagittariusCheck yourself.  After back-tracking it’s “time” to “make-way.”  Humanity is trying to give form to something that has no form.  We’ve never been in ‘this moment‘ before.  Mars steps out of the Rx shadow to meet with Saturn, Neptune and the Nodes the last week of August.   The end of August brings tension to a head to shake off out-dated roles we’ve been playing and alliances we’ve outgrown.  Expect news from a Tech Titan and be on the lookout for the Media to want to “try” to do the “right thing.”  The last week is connected to February 2017 Eclipses.

Mercury Rx 29-14 Virgo –Evolution of Heart

Life is not randomThere is a planThe Devil’s in the detailsThe Mind is a PROJECTOR.  Do you know where your “MIND” is physically located?  Think – because it’s not in my brain.  Every thought is neutral until an “emotion” is attached to it.  Mercury is the “data-miner” of our Cosmic Reality.  Retrograding in the sign of “service/body/sacrifice” brings us to the point of “waking down.”  Counter-Intuitive.  As Spirit descends into Matter, Mercury reveals a path to connect the physical body to the Transpersonal Self.  The sacrifice required to turn off the projector” is moving past the futility of “holding on” and hypocrisyTrust the process. Teach the children well!

During the Rx period, Mercury will re-trace the steps of Jupiter/NodesCreating or re-creating strong boundaries are necessary to take the steps to connect the physical and non-physical Self.  This is brand new territory.  Can we stop demonizing “others” for just a moment please?  The purpose is to disconnect the “projector” so that the new neural pathways can be opened, created and/or restored.  September brings dissolution and revelation.  We “pivot” in next month!  Teach the children well!

“Reflections and ripples of other lives flow into yours, they are not yours.  You do not exist in the same world as in investment banker, a crop-duster or a mother in India.  Yet some of you choose to take on the beliefs of everyone else because it is safer, more comfortable and there is less self-responsibility involved.  If you are focusing on others, there is never a reason to focus on yourself and your own inner work.   What you are doing and how you are living is no one else’s “fault.”  You think, you create, you provide action….own it!” ~ Creator

*Information about The 4th Turning: An American Prophecy comes from a book I re-discovered several months ago.  Originally published in the late 90’s it’s a good read and easy to understand. History keeps repeating itself, but we can change our own history.  Click Here!


Step 4: Building Character – New Moon @ 12 Cancer



Lyrics: The Beatles – We Can Work It Out

“Try to see it my way.  Do I have to keep on talking till I can’t go on?  While you see it your way, run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone.  We can work it out.  We can work it out.  Think of what you’re saying.  You can get it wrong and still you think that it’s alright.  Think of what I’m saying.  We can work it out and get it straight, or say good night.  We can work it out.  We can work it out.”

Life begins at the End of Illusion.  Think of the period between Solstice and Equinox as Accelerated Learning.  Exponential Growth.  Personally.  Collectively.  Together We-Are each “tuning forks,” vibrating in varying shades of ConsciousnessWe affect one anotherFeel with the Mind – Think with the Heart.  Old rules of Being, thinking, seeing, expecting, hearing, having and believing are gone.  Because we are not used to living at the “speed of Light-Thought” many are afraid.

Character is defined as the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing, a moral or ethical quality, qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrityWe-Are translating personal values into calculated action – – Building Character through Emotional Self-Regulation!

New Crayons from the Universe!

The New Moon @ 12 Cancer, ruled by the Moon, on July 4th brings us to the “next step,building characterCancer is the natural ruler of 4th House of beginning, endings, first breath, end of the matter, home, family, Mom, patriotism, habits, behavior patterns, childhood, feminine, Yin, the Alpha and OmegaUndivided from Self!

All Humans share one Home – Earth.  We are culturally wired for quick fixes and pain-free solutions while our line of sight seldom extends beyond the next election or quarterly earnings cycle.  Cancer is a Cardinal Signexpect change over the next 4 weeksInclusive without exception!

Spirit descending into Matter!

It will become painful to NOT heed the call for UnityThe Paradox continues.  Responsibility unexpectedly comes into conflict with one’s deepest values.  The New Moon brings to us two ideals that we believe in deeply.  The good news is that through this process of elimination each of us is more in touch with our Core Values and PrinciplesBuilding CharacterSelf-Inquiry opens doors.

Inner calm, confidence and courage are required to adapt to the new frequency (Uranus) of Inner Alchemy (Pluto) to get to the Heart of the Matter (New Moon) that will be shared (Mercury) with others.  The Heart is the hub in the Grand Network of Souls who are incarnated, regardless of space or time.  As individuals we can choose to be part of the Grand Network of “coherent energy” or Not.  The single most important thing we can do is to practice the Heart’s Intelligence (Venus) in our everyday, moment-to-moment expressions.  This is our time!

Can we appreciate Life in all its forms with a Love without judgment?  The Intelligence of Lovesteps down” into “Matter” as it connects to humans through the heart.  That’s why the heart forms before the brain in a fetus.  It literally prepares the human body to receive Soul Consciousness.  It is through the Heart that We-Are connected to the Universe.  The Heart is our umbilical cord that connects us to everyone and everything.

“Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.  I have always thought that it’s a crime so I will ask you once again.  Try to see it my way.  Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong.  While you see it your way there’s a chance that we may fall apart before too long.  We can work it out.  We can work it out.”

The Collective Miasma

Everyone that was alive in 1966 is going through the Group Chiron ReturnWe-Are witnessing and experiencing the Psychological Fallout.  Welcome to the Twilight of Uncertainty.  Globally We-Are searching for answers.  Oil is the Mother’s Milk of economic growth and there is only so much to go around.  It’s irreplaceable.  Cheap energy and abundant resources are the “American Dream Enablers” and they will eventually disappear.  Post-Natal Inheritance.

For the first time in history future generations are not expected to live as well as their parents or grandparents generation.  We still have time to correct the course.  It’s complex.  Can we do more with less?  How can I reduce my carbon footprint?  What changes can be made to “my” lifestyle and behavior?  Did you know that one gallon of gas produces 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned?  Can we get back to basics and can we work together?  To measure your footprint click here, here or here.

Face reality as it is.  Our current energy, environmental, and economic trajectories are unsustainable.  The quicker we internalize this fact—deep in our hearts—the faster we can build the political will needed to effectively engage.  Do you have any grassroots organizations where you live?  We are neither “helpless or victims.”  Are you focused on “short-term” or “long-term” solutions?   Jupiter enters Libra in September and change will be initiatedWe-Are choosing the path between forces.  Building character!

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

The Heart Intelligence has great capacity for clarity when it is UN-Conflicted.  When “conflictedWe-Are uncertain, confused and out of alignment.  Imagine you are a radio station broadcasting your signal out into the Universe.  The “signal” is strong, pure and clear without the presence of emotional turbulence.  When the “signal” is compressed it gets LOUD (that’s why some radio stations are louder than others).   The less inner-conflict the easier we can access the Heart Intelligence Frequency and the clearer the broadcast signal.

It’s not words or actions, but “feelings.”  How easily can you express emotional support without the filters of history, memories, expectation or judgment?  Our culture prizes intelligence over feeling.  Feelings are NOT a weakness and are NOT subordinate to the Mind-Brain.   Over the past 300+ years the Heart has been reduced to a “pump” to distribute blood.  Metaphysics has cast the Heart in the role of emotional center without its own Intelligence answering to the Mind.  The Mind-Brain is run by the Ego.  In reality the Mind-Brain SERVES the Heart Intelligence.

When the Original Source (aka God/Spirit/Buddha, insert your Deity here) connects to the human body it enters through the Heart and travels to the brain and the rest of the body.  Humans can actually feel the “connection” when we feel hormones released in the brain.  The Heart Intelligence is always flowing through us, if we can pull ourselves away from the Ego-Mind’s diversions.  It takes practice to self-regulate emotion, but that’s how we build character.

Everything that comes to me flows through me!  So simple.  So elegant.  So pure.  Drink from the water of the Heart’s IntelligenceNew Moon IntentionWe-Are creating new perceptions of reality.  Like a diamond.  Move in one direction or another and the prism of light changes color.  Such is the Heart Intelligence.  Many think “I can’t make a difference, what can one person do?”  If potential were not present humans would be nothing more than a commodity.  Every heart counts.  Selfless contribution.  The brain cannot absorb the frequency but the Heart Intelligence can.  Everything that comes to me flows through me!

“Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.  I have always thought that it’s a crime so I will ask you once again.  Try to see it my way.  Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong.  While you see it your way there’s a chance that we may fall apart before too long.  We can work it out.  We can work it out.”


Bridge of Hearts (Part II) – Full Moon @ 29 Sagittarius | Solstice

The Bridge of Hearts

The Bridge of Hearts – Credit: Janikal Heit

Lyrics: Avett Brothers – Ain’t No Man (Watch the Video here – Independent Musicians)

“There ain’t no man can save me.  There ain’t no man can enslave me.  Ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in.  There ain’t nobody here who can cause me pain or raise my fear cause I got only love to share.  If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there.  You got to serve something, ain’t that right?  I know it gets dark, but there’s always a light.  You don’t have to buy in to get into the club.  Trade your worries.  You gotta show up if you wanna be seen.  If it matters to you ma, it matters to me.  I’m going to fall hard, yeah I know I am.  When the crowds crack up, I laugh with them.”

There’s a Change of Season as we embrace the Summer of Change in the North and the Winter of Discontent in the South.   Old Codes are in the process of being absorbed by the New Codes.  The Paradox continues.  We learn when we earnWe earn when we learnWe fall down, we get upWe get up, we fall down.  Living circles in a continuous cycle.  Some are doing great, while others don’t have any more “sh*t’s left to give.

Life is becoming much more self-evident across the “Bridge the Hearts.”  Humans don’t agree on anything these days.  The “system” isn’t working for most people in its current state.  There is an undeniable feeling in the air that something has got to give.  The Full Moon on June 20th @ 29 Sagittarius signals the end of the Reverse Moon Cycle that started in January 2015.  Jupiter rules both Full Moons (May 21st @ 1 Sagittarius).

One Face – One Race

Uranus-Pluto brought contrastSaturn-Neptune offer context.  Crossing the Bridge of Hearts has opened hearts and minds so that we can now humanize groups while suspending judgment.  Think with the Heart and Feel with the Mind.  A Society “thinks” as it acts and acts in accordance with its Value SystemWe-Are “the People” have all the power.  But we don’t act on it because the “individualValue System mirrors Society’s Value System.   What does your country spend the most money on?  That’s the top priority of the Society!  What’s your personal top priority?

JupiterNorth Node in Virgo are meeting one last time and if anyone has been in the dark about a direction, here’s your sign.  This is an Initiation as we embrace our past and a door opens to move toward “next steps.”  The Paradox is that a Human can’t choose “wholeness” from Separation.  It is impossible.  The moment a Human chooses to participate in Life, “wholeness” is made available WITHIN the chosen experience.  The ultimate separation occurs in a Human Body.  It’s the perfect vehicle for separation.  It’s how we hide and mask the True Self!  Native Americans call this type of Paradox Heyokah!

“There ain’t no man can save me.  There ain’t no man can enslave me.  Ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in.  There ain’t nobody here who can cause me pain or raise my fear cause I got only love to share.  If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there.  You say you look funny, I say you’re a star.  I say you’re whatever you think you are.  Watch the naysayers fall right in line.  If we believe that they’ll say, “She is so pretty, he is so fine.”

The Big Picture Plan INCLUDES every Soul on Earth.  What if we were to discover that Humans are neither God nor God’s Creation, but rather WE-Are the “relationship” between the two?  What if the reality is that we are neither individuals nor ‘the whole?’  Might be time to redefine how we think of “individual” and the “whole.”  The irony is that “separation” is the key to uniting us!

Uranus – Eris – Ceres @ 23 Aries inconjunct Mars @ 23 Scorpio offers to unlock the Codes of Knowledge.  Feminine Rising – Hello Beautiful! Masculine Rising – Just Fine.  Men AND women both carry Masculine AND Feminine Codes.  Drop the labels!  The left moves right and the right moves left.  History will be written during the Summer of ChangeCeres in Aries teaches her children how to be Independent and self-sufficient.  Think for your-Self.  She’s not looking for a Knight, she’s looking for her Sword.  Uranus is the Rebel Without PauseEris offers a choiceMirror – Mirror-on-the-wall-who-is-the-fairest-of-them-all?

Wisdom – Power – Beauty

The 29 degree of any sign is mysterious in nature and holds the Cup of Wisdom of the sign.  At 29 Sagittarius we meet The Presence.  Humans talk about “freedom of choice,” but what if we were to discover that “choice” is what we are trying to escape from?  When humans trust themselves, there is no need for choice – one simply KNOWS.  Beliefs change over time.  They are invaluable to the Human Experience because they provide a framework to “re-experience” an experience that already been experienced.  Repeat until no longer needed.  It is a Paradox and a conundrum!  If “I” don’t know what “I AMdoing, then how can “Ido what I knowJust BE yourself!

Credit: Anne Taintor

Credit: Anne Taintor

Each Soul was “seeded” for this moment in time.  Breaking the chains that bind us to an ancestral past takes time.  Embrace it, don’t run from itUranus and Pluto made an unprecedented 7 squares between 2012 and 2015.  They will remain close for another year.  If you have personal planets 10-20 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, then you have received quite a wake-up call.  The US Sun is @ 13 Cancer.  When the Mind and Spirit are joined, acting for the Highest Good we can recognize our function – –  We-Are more than capable of full-filling it.

“There ain’t no man can save me.  There ain’t no man can enslave me.  There ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in.  There ain’t nobody here who can cause me pain or raise my fear cause I got only love to share.  If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there.  You got to go somewhere, ain’t that true?  Not a whole lotta time for me or you.  Got a whole lotta reasons to be mad, let’s not pick one.  I live in a room at the top of the stairs.  I got my windows wide open and nobody cares and I got no choice but to get right up when the song comes through.”

An Apocaloptimist is defined as someone who knows it’s all going to sh*t but knows it’s going to turn out okay.  Get some perspective, long-term and big-picture.  We need Donald Trump to “be” Donald Trump.  The GOP is preparing for an inversion maneuver, right before our very eyes.  Sedna is crossing The Donald’s MC and Pluto has passed over the GOP’s IC.  It will cross their Chiron next year.  We need Hillary to “be” Hillary.  She’s helping to redefine Feminism.

Everyone complains about Mexicans, but from their point of view, the US stole their land.  History as we were taught has been “white-washed,” pun intended.  For the first time ever Cable News will televise a Town Hall interview on June 22nd with the Libertarian Party, as CNN says, “for those looking for alternatives.”  That has never happened.  Hey CNN/ MSNBC, how about charging Donald Trump for advertising instead of giving it away for free?  The Republican Lt. Governor of Utah (age 40) “came out,” at a vigil for the Orlando shooting victims, and apologized to “gays” he did not treat well in his youth.

Rape Culture got a “YUGEwake-up call in the form of the anonymous Stanford rape victim.  She was violated and her attacker was found guilty of 3 felony counts but only received 6 months.  The judge who sentenced him was removed from another similar case and there is a petition to remove him from office.  If you haven’t read it, you can read the letter HERE.  And ISIS – here is something very interesting about Hollywood’s influence on the growth of terrorism.  Guess what?  We all believe we’re the “good guys.”  The only way to disarm the enemy is to LISTEN to them!   It’s 3 minutes for a different point of view – click here.

The Full Moon opens the gate to the “feel-good-side-of-goodbye.”  The Bridge of Hearts!  Clarity is needed and the only way to find it is to LISTEN WithinSomething is calling out, asking to be acknowledged, to be expanded, to be allowed to unfold, unravel and untangle.  While the next steps include some heavy lifting and concerted effort, anything and everything is possible nowBe Yourself, you are more than enough!

“There ain’t no man can save me.  There ain’t no man can enslave me.  There ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in.  (That can change the shape my soul is in).  There ain’t nobody here who can cause me pain or raise my fear cause I got only love to share.  If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there.  If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there.  If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it.”