Showdown at the ‘Last Chance Corral’ – Full Moon @ 3 Leo

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

Lyrics: Toby Keith – Beer for My Horses

“Well a man come on the 6 o’clock news, said somebody’s been shot, somebody’s been abused. Somebody blew up a building. Somebody stole a car. Somebody got away. Somebody didn’t get too far yeah, they didn’t get too far.”

A Full Moon requires an adjustment be made after the intentions set at the New Moon. Fine tuning! The Full Moon on January 23rd @ 3 Leo is the 4th Full Moon @ 3 degrees. We are less than 2 months from the next Eclipse cycle, so expect to feel a “quickening” during this Full Moon, as the Universe nudges each of us in directions we’ve been contemplating since the 2015 Autumn Eclipses: Is it better to be the victim or the victimizer? What hurts “me” hurts “you” and what hurts “you” hurts “me.” An interesting Paradox for consideration!  Guilt is resentment at NOT making others happy!  Remember that!

Insanity is the new black. A “fear porn addict’s” wet dream! In 2016 we witness more to the End of the Era. It is an intense time as humans learn to balance morality, “thinking with the heart” and “sovereign security.Stop kicking the can down the road. It will take time to get through the transition, a generation at the least. Expect the volume on rhetoric and the passion for change to go UP a notch or two as we all meet in the middle in the Twist-o-verse we call Life! Welcome to the Showdown at the Last Chance Corral.

Everything and everyone is connected and balance is required.

The Full Moon in Leo is ruled by the Sun! Loud and Proud. If all the world is a stage, then Leo is the “Star.Leo is playful, a showman and S/Hero for others. Who is playing the role of ‘Donald Trump’ (Leo Rising) in your world? The perfect bully narcissist. Make America great again? Define “great” please. When was the last time your life was “great?” When was the last time America was great? There are many great countries on the planet. What makes the USA Inc. special and above the rules? Says who?

“Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son ‘a man had to answer for the wicked that he done.’ Take all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys. Hang them high in the street for all the people to see that.”

The Sun (Sol/Soul) is in Aquarius (immigrants), which is ruled by Uranus. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both are Anti-Establishment. The Donald is a perfect portrait of ‘goodold-boy ‘Merica.’ He’s represents the bully America is growing away from.  That’s who we “used to be.”  We are changing though.  He says out loud all the things what some are secretly thinking (~wink * wink~). Bernie Sanders has been consistently seeking alternative solutions to ‘New-World’ problems. America is the land of immigrants. If we are “All Onewhy is nationalism so popular? Room for Growth!

Uranus (Rebel with a Mighty Cause) is in Aries (initiate), which is ruled by Mars. Something happened on the way to the election. Politics as we know it changed but few were paying attention. It’s called “Politicaltainment.” It happens when the Media gives free airtime to politicians in exchange for “eyeballs” so Media can sell “air-time.It’s a win-win for everyone, right? Who needs Super-Pacs when advertising is free? They can spend money, winning 3%, but that does not guarantee “power or control of anything anymore.” The world changed and this election will be the last time the USA Inc. has a Pluto-in-Leo President for at least 250 years. It’s the End of an Era. In 2020 Pluto-in-Virgo takes over!

We've all aged, but she will forever be young!

We’ve all aged, but she will forever be young!

Mars (will to survive) is in his Home-Sign of Scorpio (death/rebirth), which is co-ruled by Pluto. In order to get-down-to-the-nitty-gritty “what is so?What works and what does not work? Relationships can provide the impetus for breaking free of self-sabotage because a “secret” is about to be revealed. Suddenly, everything makes sense and just like the cogs in the wheel, the Full Moon sets the wheel—of-change-in-motion. Globally, we see what bullying other countries to give up resources creates. Set the table for peaceful negotiations and expect to be surprised. We both give and get. Find common ground.

“We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds. We’ve got too much corruption, too much crime in the streets. It’s time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground. Send ’em all to their maker and he’ll settle ’em down. You can bet he’ll set ’em down ’cause….”

Mercury (Guide of Souls) and Pluto (transformation) are in Capricorn (power), which is ruled by Saturn. Oil is Middle Eastern Gold! Follow the money! At the core of the Madness is the fight for “control of the status quo.If ain’t broke, why fix it, right? It’s not a problem when you own/control all the oil. It becomes a problem when competitors start hurting your sales and bottom line. Cut the price of oil and wait for your competitors to go out of business. That’s how we roll here in the USA Inc. Survival of the fittest is the driving force of the global economy. We are all Pioneers right now.

Saturn (responsibility) is in Sagittarius (justice), which is ruled by Jupiter. Time passes and no one is immune to gravity.  Put a big red circle around January 6, 2019. There’s a New Moon Eclipse @ 15 Capricorn, right where Pluto/Mercury sit right now. Choices made this month affect the future. Saturn and Pluto will both be heading toward a meet-up @ 22 Capricorn in January 2020. The Future is NOW!

Jupiter (Higher Power) is in Virgo (stewardship) side-by-side with the North Node (Soul’s Compass), which is ruled by Mercury and Chiron. What does it mean to be a “good steward” of self, family, community and planet? Look at those who inspire you or irritate you the most. Are they “good stewards?” Of what?  Hopefully in the upcoming election Americans will vote in some “good stewards.”

Mercury (communication) is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, while Chiron (paradox) is in Pisces (Universe), which is ruled by Neptune. Those who call themselves ‘Lightworkers’ are going to get a glimpse of “things to come” and no, you are not imagining it, the Universe begins pulling back the curtain of the veil and it will all be revealed by March 24th. Clarity is coming. Steady. Neptune (formlessness) is at home base in Pisces. She reminds us that the “seeds of the stars” shine brightly for those willing to enter the darkness to see the light.

Who is the victim and who is the victimizer? What hurts you hurts me.

Something BIG is going on! If you are standing outside under a clear and beautiful night sky and suddenly, out of nowhere, you see a shooting star.

Do you – – a) make a wish, b) wonder what “message” the Universe is sending you or c) quietly say “thank you” and stand in awe that you are standing on a hunk of rock, traveling 66,000 MPH and you’ve just witnessed Earth moving through a Comet tail?


“Justice is the one thing you should always find. You got to saddle up your boys. You got to draw a hard line. When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune. We’ll all meet back at the local saloon. We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.”

All is well! :-)

“and now……back to our regularly scheduled programming” – New Moon @ 19 Capricorn

YASOTHON, THAILAND - MAY 10:  A young Thai man jumps in the air and cheers as his rocket takes off at the Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival on May 10, 2015 in Yasothon, Thailand. During the Bun Bang Fai rocket festival, Thai residents launch enormous home-made rockets into the air to gain Buddhist merit and to celebrate the beginning of the rainy season. (Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images)

Photo Credit: Taylor Weidman/Getty Images)

Lyrics: Soul II Soul – Back to Life

“Back to life, back to reality. Back to life, back to reality. Back to life, back to reality. Back to the here and now yeah. Show me how, decide what you want from me. Tell me maybe I could be there for you. However do you want me, however do you need me. How, however do you want me, however do you need me.”

The holiday rush is behind us. The tinsel, lights, pretty paper, rituals and that yearning for an ideal (incorporated into every glossy magazine ad) that couldn’t possibly exist in the real world, is packed up for another year. US shoppers caught on to how the “shopping game” is rigged and in 2015 spent less money and bought fewer big-ticket items. Good. People are starting to understand that their “power resides in the wallet.

A New Moon is the reset button for goals and intentions. The first New Moon of 2016 kicks off the New Year on January 9th @ 19 Capricorn. It’s the 2nd New Moon with the North Node in Virgo and the 4th New Moon @ 19-degrees. Saturn (time/maturity/responsibility/structure/discipline/patience) rules Capricorn (status quo/big business/government/daddy). Time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming we call LIFE!

It’s time to give form to that which is formless. Take the long-view! 2016 in many ways is a continuation of the same issues we were all addressing before the holidays. Saturn (form) is loosely squaring (tension) Neptune (formlessness). Define Reality! Here’s the deal, they really are trying to work together, but it may not feel that way some days. It can be frustrating because humans are not used to this much disciplined action. Not to fret! Saturn and Uranus are working in harmony, so we have High-Octane-Rocket-Fuel for Dreams to Come! Use it wisely and pace yourself.

We’ve been living in fast-forward so it’s time to take a pause, as the Chinese like to say. Rewind! Mercury (communication/travel/thought process/hearing/ seeing/ transactions) stations retrograde on January 5th and therein lies the “Spark of Hope.” Think back to December 19th-20th as Mercury merged with Pluto, the Lord-of-let-me-get-my-shit-together-and-let-go-of-useless-baggage, and we finish the conversation on January 25th, when these 2 meet back where they were December 19-20. Whew! As an FYI, Mercury will station retrograde with Pluto right before Christmas 2016 at this sensitive degree, yet once again. Remember lessons learned from the 2015 holiday please.

Jupiter (expansion) and the North Node (Soul Desire) are travel partners in the sign of Virgo (service/health/sacred) right now, with the first BIG MERGE coming January 23rd. Jupiter stations retrograde January 7th, so understand that something might get put on hold, have faith, because once Jupiter and the North Node meet on January 23rd, at the least, we each can see where a door has opened. HAVE FAITH!

NOTE: Think back to July 1994. Do you happen to remember if you were mesmerized or attentive to Comet Shoemaker-Levy breaking up and slamming into Jupiter? If so, your faith is going to be restored in something you gave up on long ago. Expect a “sloppy kiss” from the Universe! Enjoy your new-found-wisdom and yes, that old saying “good things come to those who wait” is most appropriate now!

“Back to life, back to the present time, back from a fantasy yeah. Tell me now, take the initiative. I’ll leave it in your hands until you’re ready oh. However do you want me, however do you need me. How, however do you want me. However do you need me, however do you want me. However do you need me.”

2016 is a year chock-full of “hello and goodbyes.It’s a Mutable Year. That means be adaptable, be flexible and above all, be practical. Saturn square Neptune is the “big transit” this year, guiding each of us as we re-create reality-step-by-step. Nothing is carved in stone…….YET! The best way to make progress is with practical daily steps in the desired direction. It’s amazing how all those “small detailed steps” add up to big change! There will be NO skipped steps in 2016 and we are each responsible for our own future.

Fill in the blanks:

“I think rich people are ____________________.”

“I never have enough _____________________.”

“Times are tough because __________________.”

“I can’t get _____________________________.”

“I wish I could __________________________.”

“Life is _______________________________.”

Your answers are your Personal Law, what we each believe about our lives. Humans are continually subconsciously re-programmed everyday via TV, radio, internet, print and movies.   Choose your self-programming consciously. Are you in the work situation you want? Do you have the relationship you want? Capricorn is about power. The amount of money you have is a “power.” Your relationships are a source of “power.Power is always for sale.   How powerful are you?


It takes courage to offer yourself to the world. Everyone has something to offer. Relationships are definitely going to feel change this year. Not everyone is going to want or accept your heartfelt feelings. Fear of rejection is something all humans experience. Experience teaches us through rejection that we gain strength, overcome fear and clarify our self-expression. Examine your motives. Then again, there are those who simply cannot or will not receive what you have to offer. Adjust and move on. Let go! And always, always, always be open to giving love to someone who will appreciate it. Do not look for instant gratification. Flow with the “GO!” Work with the “force” of “power” in your life now. “And now…….back to your regularly scheduled programming!

“I live at the top of the block, no more room for trouble or fuss. Need a change, a positive change look, look it’s me writing on the wall. However do you want. However do you. Back to life, back to the day we have. Let’s end this foolish game. Hear me out, don’t let me waste away. Make up your mind so I know where I stand.”

All is well!  :-)

I invoke the blessed WE-ARE to lead, guide and direct my thoughts, deeds, words and actions for the Highest Good of everyone I encounter today. So Be It!~Daily Prayer











And the Universe said, “color outside the lines” – Full Moon @ 3 Cancer

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Lyrics: Miranda Lambert – The House That Built Me

“I know they say you can’t go home again. I just had to come back one last time. Ma’am I know you don’t know me from Adam. But these handprints on the front steps are mine. And up those stairs, in that little back bedroom is where I did my homework and I learned to play guitar. And I bet you didn’t know under that live oak my favorite dog is buried in the yard.”

From here to (t)here!

2015 ends with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces inconjunct Uranus in Aries.

2016 ends with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries inconjunct Chiron in Pisces.

A Mighty Paradox!

Time gives us “perspective.” Before we can “make peace” with others we must “make peace” with self.  Look back at how many times you’ve tried to “make peace” with others while not being “at peace with with myself.”  One of the most fascinating aspects of astrology is being able to see all the components working together (past-present-future). We will end 2015 asking the question “why do I have to color inside the lines?” We each find our own answer by Christmas 2016. Color outside the lines!

“The words ‘many are called, but few are chosen’ are singularly appropriate here, for the development of personality from the germ-state to full consciousness is at once a charisma and a curse, because its first fruit is the conscious and unavoidable segregation of the single individual from the undifferentiated and unconscious herd.” ~Carl Jung

There hasn’t been a Full Moon on Christmas Day since 1977, the same year Star Wars was released!  It’s been 38 years, that’s one Saturn/Neptune Synodic Cycle.   The Force Awakens!  December 25th brings the 3rd Full Moon at 3-degrees (3 Cancer). The Moon (full and fecund) rules the natural 4th House of Cancer, a Water sign. Emotion. Water is the most powerful force on Earth. It will go around what it cannot move and carves out space along the way. Cancer is the sign of home, Mom, the beginning and end of life, sanctuary, re-creation, nurturing, patriotism and the family mythology (similar to Religious Mythology). Home for the Holidays! Color outside the lines!

Merry Ho-Ho! Santa (1288) is conjunct the Galactic Center so everyone receives new crayons from the Universe for Christmas. How we use them is up to us. The difference between God and Santa is that Santa only visits once a year.  RightIt’s time to re-imagine an old situation/scenario from a new point of view. Imagination is creative fuel for the Soul. What if and why not? Color outside the lines!

“I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here it’s like I’m someone else, I thought that maybe I could find myself if I could just come in I swear I’ll leave. Won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.”

tumblr_nf1evfA1XX1qbwnuho1_500CHANGE (n.) — A deep and often painful realization that the ‘Old You’ didn’t make it, but that the current ‘New You’ survived. ~Rebelle Society

Personally: It is easy to lose our “sense of Self” during the Holidays. Expectations! The “New You” made it, but the “Old You” didn’t.  If you are spending time with family members, take a look at the family mythology. Who is obligated to whom? And the bigger question is “why?” It comes down to one word – – – FEAR! That’s a Cultural Myth. “Obey me or else” comes from Religious Myth. Once a human is no longer afraid to be afraid it’s amazing how quickly a situation changes. This Full Moon finds us standing at the door of “my real self.Color outside the lines!

“No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side. Or you don’t.” ~Stephen King

Christmas Day Uranus, the Master Rebel, stations direct @ 16 Aries. He’s a real-live-Showstopper-Scene-Stealer! A brand new color in the crayon box! Expect the unexpected because more than The Force Awakens on Christmas Day! Uranus vibrates to authenticity and delivers a healthy-heapin’ of serendipity (right on cue) to show us the “true face behind the Mirror.” Stay present. You will not miss this opportunity. Life is a journey, there is no destination. Above all, keep a healthy sense of humor! Color outside the lines!

And then we have 2 pesky Yods! You want to take action, but what kind of action are we talking about? Back and forth. Back and forth. I smell a smidge of passive-aggressive behavior. Respond rather than react. Something that has been taken for granted for way too long is no longer acceptable. Seek balance and understand that checking one’s motives is most appropriate before taking ANY action. Color outside the lines!

How will my actions ripple out to others,” is the question of the day! Christianity offers the promise of Jesus’ accomplishments but does not establish the means to accomplish them. What would Jesus do? Be honest with self and others, be consistent, be willing and appreciative of Self and Self’s possibilities. If questions are asked looking for a “yes” or “no” answer, then there will not be discussions of “right” or “wrong.” There’s a big difference in yes/no and right/wrong. Color outside the lines!

“Mama cut out pictures of houses for years from ‘Better Homes and Garden magazines. Plans were drawn, concrete poured, and nail by nail and board by board Daddy gave life to mama’s dream. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here it’s like I’m someone else, I thought that maybe I could find myself. If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave. Won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.”

  • What if humans were to discover that the biblical version of God is nothing more than a man-made-creation used to keep us in line with the wishes of the “powers that be?Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to discover that we do not need a go-between to have a relationship with The Universe? Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to discover that our familial myth mirrors our religious myths? Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to discover that no one on Earth owes us anything? Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to discover that we owed The Universe for the privilege of getting the Trip of a Lifetime here on Earth? Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to discover that we’re addicted to the Cultural Kool-Aid? Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to discover that science doesn’t really understand any more about The Universe than religion does? Color outside the lines!
  • What if we were to find the “meeting space” between Religion and Cosmology? Color outside the lines!
  • Why don’t we use the same criteria-rules-hoops for gun-purchasers that we have for women seeking abortions?  Color outside the lines!

The Universe communicates with us at all times. Pay attention! It might be a song, a conversation overheard, an old book, magazine or something read online, but we have to be able to “color outside the lines” to hear the message! Color outside the lines!

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

This is the halfway point between the Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016 Eclipse Season. We will come out on the “other side” in March. The pressure will build in the coming months that will test even the most “spiritual” of folks. Color outside the lines!

What if our Spirits really just wanted to experience duality in the 3-D world? Nothing more. Nothing less. Indeed, we are in the world but that doesn’t mean we have to be “of the world.” Slow down, the madness, anger, rage and fury will be coming to a close in just a few short months! We all have something to contribute to the “whole.” No “one” is more important that the “other,” remember that! Color outside the lines!

“You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can. I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here it’s like I’m someone else, I thought that maybe I could find myself. If I could walk around I swear I’ll leave. Won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.”

All is well! :-)

Life in Motion – New Moon @ 19 Sagittarius

Credit: Dali

Credit: Dali

Lyrics: Emerson Lake & Palmer – I Believe in Father Christmas

“They said there’ll be snow at Christmas. They said there’ll be peace on Earth. But instead it just kept on raining a veil of tears for the Virgin birth. I remember one Christmas morning a winters light and a distant choir, and the peal of a bell and that Christmas Tree smell, and EYES full of tinsel and fire.”

Once a caterpillar wraps itself in its cocoon it turns to liquid so it can transform itself into a butterfly. Formlessness turns into Form. Much like the Human Condition right now! We morph! The New Moon represents a new beginning. Re-New. December’s New and Full Moon represent the halfway point between the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Eclipses. Square. Tension. It’s “choice time.Life in Motion!

The New Moon on December 11th is @ 19 Sagittarius. Jupiter rules the day @ 22 Virgo. The focus is on CONTRAST. Hot and Cold. It is easy to see the contrast between Knowledge and Belief. Knowledge has no boundaries. Belief creates boundaries. Life is a process of Paradox. We find truth by discovering what is false. We need this push to breakaway and many find themselves liberated. Life in Motion!

What do you “believe?” What is happening under the surface is that we are each setting up a “leap” to be made next February (Chiron conjunct South Node in Pisces opposite Jupiter in Virgo), based on choices made this month. Beliefs and boundaries. Life in Motion!

It is easy to fall into “victim” mode. It is easy to give in to depression. It is easy to give in to hopelessness. Saturn | Neptune bring negative thought processes, dysfunctional relationships and outdated ideals up for review, since the September Eclipses. Stay present. We are building strength, character and integrity. Stay conscious and curious. Stay alert to the internal voice. Life in Motion!

At this stage we are just beginning to give new form to that which is formless. The chasm is widening between humans. Keep fear porn at a minimum. Keep a firm grip on motivation. Compassion and empathy are always welcome, but there comes a point when we have to accept that others are not quite ready to step out of their self-imposed-limitation, called BELIEF. Beliefs are “thoughts.The paradox is that without self-imposed-limitation there would be no growth for a human. Life in Motion!

This is the 3rd New Moon @ the 19-degree mark. Step 3! Halfway! Emotions are the “next frontier” to be faced, understood and hopefully conquered. It is easier to understand “intent” when emotional motivation is understood. There is no magic pill for emotional immaturity. It requires effort. Where do you want to be in 3 months? What is your top priority? What do you want to know? What do you not know? What can be resolved? What are you not willing to resolve? Just be yourself, you are more than enough. Life is a day-to-day-process called Paradox! Life in Motion!

“They sold me a dream of Christmas. They sold me a Silent Night and they told me a fairy story. ‘Till I believed in the Israelite and I believed in Father Christmas and I looked to the sky with excited eyes. ‘Till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn and I saw him and through his disguise.”

Mercury – Ceres – Santa (1288)Chariklo (10199) are way out of bounds. Ready for some Mystical Truth transforming into “material reality?”  Santa is conjunct the New Moon @ 20 Sagittarius. What was/is your “belief” about Santa, the true meaning of Christmas Spirit and giving/receiving for you personally? Were you upset when you discovered the truth about Santa’s identity? Belief creates limitation! Life in Motion!

Respect Natural Law – Group meditation and prayer have been proven to raise the vibration of the planet, but, why do humans give special significance to certain dates (10/10 – 11/11 – 12/12) when the man-made-calendar has been manipulated to the point that a particular date no longer falls on the true 10/10 – 11/11 – 12/12? When you see 11:11 (any combination of numbers repeating) simply say “thank you.The Presence of Prime Source Creator surrounds us 525,600 minutes a year. Just because everyone agrees to something does not make it true. Life in Motion!

Saturn is at 8 Sagittarius, the degree Mars will station retrograde on next April. There is no forward or backward, there is a left or right turn now. Every moment of every day is connected to the past and will manifest in the future. Currently Mars in Libra is opposing Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The New Moon brings our attention to beliefs that created our personal limitation.   Our “Collective Demons” have to be faced realistically. Seeing the limitation means we can break-free or not. It’s a personal choice! Life in Motion!

Venus-Juno in ScorpioRepressed? Suppressed? Coming to the surface for air! Relationships will offer a great deal of contrast for each of us. At their highest, they offer an opportunity for some serious Soul Excavation and letting go of habits/behavior that does not serve the greater good of The Relationship. “1+1=3,” they say. There’s “you” and “me” and the Relationship is the 3rd Entity. Venus/Neptune smooth the way for “healing grace.Life in Motion!

Empowered? At their worst this is Piranha Bitch and Thunder Bitch. Piranha Bitch just needs airtime to vent some frustration. Thunder Bitch, on the other hand can turn into some serious passive-aggressive manipulation with a full-frontal assault to subdue any and all perceived “wrong-doing or what’s been brewing for some time.” Be aware. Time to clear the “air!Life in Motion!

Is it possible that humans are afraid of their own “Will” and “happiness?” It’s okay to “not know” right now. Give yourself permission to “not know” anything. Surrender. Beliefs keep us locked into patterns that are no longer useful to survival. One way to finding the “truth” is to RE-COGNIZE the truth, which in turn, leads humans to the source of personal peace or sorrow. When “contrast” is recognized humans can make valuable decisions.   There is a Master Plan at work here, even if we do not understand, just yet. Understanding comes during Step 4 at the New Moon @ 19 Capricorn. Life in Motion!

All is well! :-)

“I wish you a hopeful Christmas. I wish you a brave New Year. All anguish pain and sadness leave your heart and let your road be clear. They said there’ll be snow at Christmas. They said there’ll be peace on Earth. Hallelujah Noel be it Heaven or Hell. The Christmas we get we deserve.”






Reality Check – Full Moon @ 3 Gemini

Credit: Greg Braden

Credit: Greg Braden

Lyrics: Aerosmith – Living on the Edge

“There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today. I don’t know what it is. Something’s wrong with our eyes. We’re seein’ things in a different way and God knows it ain’t his. It sure ain’t no surprise. Livin’ on the edge. Livin’ on the edge. Livin’ on the edge. Livin’ on the edge.”

The Dunning-Kruger Effect hypothesizes that competent humans overestimate others’ skill levels. But the error is more complicated for the incompetent. They overestimate their own skill level and lack the ability to realize their error. In other words, they were too incompetent to recognize their own incompetence. The incompetent are very confident. Improving meta-cognitive skills helps self-assessment to better evaluate of our own limitations.

Happy Thanksgiving America! Are you feeling thankful, grateful or hate-full? Sandwiched between Our Lady of Illusion (Neptune) stationing direct on 11/18, the truth meets reality of Saturn squaring Neptune (11/26) and The Master Alchemist (Chiron) stationing direct on 11/28 this Full Moon @ 3 Gemini brings each of us face-to-face with Reality! Do you over/ underestimate yourself? Time to unleash the Inner Explorer!

Mercury rules the Full Moon, but takes a back seat to more important matters at hand. What is the Message? Remember, humans are in Transition. Going from “I AM” to “WE ARE” is not without speed-bumps along the way. The main message of this Full Moon is to bring to our attention any illusions operating in life, and, how easily it is for a human to fall back into their all-time-favorite-safety-net – – FEAR! Whoa, slow down!  Inhale.  Exhale.  Repeat.

Think back to mid-June 2015. What was happening in your life? What message were you trying to communicate? What was being communicated to you? This Full Moon marks the point of “full opposition” in that conversation. We are halfway through that Cycle. It’s all coming to head now. Face your Tears with Joy! Remember we are going through a massive generational transition. The New Moons fall on the 19th degree and Full Moons are on the 3rd degree between now and the Spring 2016 Eclipse Cycle. Baby steps!

“There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today. The light bulb’s getting’ dim. There’s meltdown in the sky. If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin, then mister you’re a better man than I. Livin’ on the edge. You can’t help yourself from fallin’. Livin’ on the edge, you can’t help yourself at all. Livin’ on the edge, you can’t stop yourself from fallin’. Livin’ on the edge.”

The 2015 Word of the Year is not a Word. It's an Emoji - Face your tears with joy! Humans without words. Imagine that!

The 2015 Word of the Year is not a Word. It’s an Emoji – Face your tears with joy! Humans without words. Imagine that!


The Full Moon in December falls on Christmas Day @ 3 Cancer!

Unexpected Miracles Arrive!

Mothers, teach your children well. Why do humans “war-ship” money? Mothers do not kill other mother’s children. Self-mastery. Self-regulation. Self-tracking.   Peace-keeper, Soul-Changer, DNA-enhancer and Chief Alchemist-in-charge. Changing form. Half-god. Half-human. How would Jesus handle the situation? Each of us is part of everything! We were taught that we are separated from everything and everyone. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Counter-Intuitive action is the key. Listen to how you might be mimicking others—instead of listening to your own true voice and PLEASE examine the value of what is being defended righteously. Pain and suffering are helpful to understand next step(s) to be taken. Life is neither kind nor unkind. It is HOW each human reacts to it. It’s all a “projection.” We truly get what we focus on! Unfolding. Chain Reaction! One thing leads to another.

Reality and dreams collide.

Globally: Humans no longer rely on Mainstream Media to deliver a daily dose of corporate-sponsored-60-second-news-bites. Thanks to the Internet we all have access to Alternative Media. It’s the Law of Unintended Consequences. In an effort to rid the Middle East of Syria’s dictator, Bashir al-Assad, we have created a common enemy called ISIS/ISIL/DAESH.

Everyone on this planet has DNA going back to the Cradle of Civilization in modern-day Iraq. ISIS/ISIL/DAESH has brought to our attention to our own ignorance, hypocrisy and greed. Greed kills. They laid the bait and the western world re-acted!

To get a better understanding click here. The question that will dominate 2016 is “do the western-powers-that-be- have a moral responsibility to help those we displace?Who pays for Collateral Damage? What do you think? Are we simply repeating history or can humans re-write Herstory? Only time will tell, but the Paradox of Gemini will be to see countries work together and stop the Proxy War. The irony is that we must work together to “contain” the problem. The Universe works in mysterious ways. :-)

“Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion. Complication – aggravation is getting to you. If chicken little tells you that the sky is fallin’ even if it wasn’t would you still come crawlin’ back again? I bet you would my friend, again and again and again and again and again.”

Personally: Emotional Sobriety means being aware of your emotions, the good and the bad and allowing yourself to feel them. The temptation with our lives is to give in to the anger and frustration. Take a deep breath and step back to see the Big Picture. America is in its adolescence and coming face-to-face with the need for approval, status, relationship, security and dependence on others to “feed me emotionally” is un-nerving.  Click here for great information about Emotional Sobriety. It helps. We are all addicted to something!

This Full Moon brings into sharp focus our own “projections.” Most are simply dancing with their own shadow but do not realize it. Remember, “fear” is the handy-dandy-go-to-safety-blanket preferred by humans. There is emotional residue and debris that needs to be tidied up. Because this week is Thanksgiving we all get a chance to look at our ancestral heritage (family dysfunction). Doors close and windows of opportunity open when dreams and reality collide! LISTEN and TRUST yourself, and never, ever underestimate yourself!

Got it? Good! All is well!

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“Something right with the world today and everybody knows it’s wrong. But we can tell ’em no or we could let it go, but I’d would rather be a hanging on livin’ on the edge. Livin’ on the edge. Livin’ on the edge. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Livin’ on the edge.”