Circular Paths – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 14 Libra

A different kind of Heart!  Credit: Kancano

A different kind of Heart! Credit: Kancano

Lyrics: Cat Stevens – The Road to Find Out

“Well I left my happy home to see what I could find out. I left my folk and friends with the aim to clear my mind out. Well I hit the rowdy road and many kinds I met there. Many stories told me of the way to get there. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out. There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out.”

Heart Rising! Are you having a Revolution or a Revolution in your life? Revolution is defined as “an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed” AND “a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.” The Universe hides what we want so She can give us what we need. Have you ever noticed that? Frustration occurs when we have not considered all our options. What we seek must be united with how we find our truth within. Circular Paths.

Is this a Revolution or a Revolution?

We live in layers. There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th at 14 Libra @ 8:06AM EST. Libra is ruled by Venus, the Heart of the Matter, the natural ruler of the 7th House of “my other Self” aka “partner | relationships.Venus is currently home in her other home sign of Taurus (value/money) so as the Hostess with the Mostess of the Big Event, expect party favors. Standing at the Gate of WE ARE, there is no more I AMletting go” or “release work” to be done. Between now and the New Moon on April 18th please pick up and dispose of any refuse or trash left over from this cycle. If apologies or amends need to be made this is the time. Time for a Revolution! Circular Paths.

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Life is A Relationship. Hard to believe. We believe we are having different relationships with different people/things/situations. We have ONE relationship with everyone and everything. Venus rules love and money. Ask a Financial Planner about people and their relationship with money. This Eclipse is tucked in between Passover and EasterVenus is 3 steps away from Sedna in Taurus. How ironic. Sedna is the only known female to be transformed from human to god.  Just like Jesus.  Expect this Eclipse to ignite a Resurrection of the HeartA Party of OneCircular Paths.

Pluto | Moon – Earth – North Node | Sun – Psyche – Uranus – South Node | Cardinal T-Square. We are in an intense process of emerging into the next cycle of life. From I AM to WE ARE. Up to now the “shifts” have been more gradual but the next few months will probably bring more rapid and sudden “shifts” without much time to pause for contemplation or indecision. We have been preparing for this particular “shift” in Awareness since 2010. We are more than prepared and can put to use the experiences and wisdom we have accumulated up to now. Circular Paths.

“Well in the end I’ll know, but on the way I wonder through descending snow, and through the frost and thunder. I listen to the wind come howl, telling me I have to hurry. I listen to the robin’s song saying not to worry. So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out.   There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out.”

Globally: God won the war. God’s children keep fighting. Welcome to the Era of Transparency. Since 1776 the US has been at war 218 out of 239 years. We are not fighting a war, we’re building an Empire. The Eclipse is impacting the US, Syria, Iran and Israel’s nativity. Expect unrest. There has never been a peace-time President. Expect change in direction soon. Who owes who what? Why? Follow the money. The world will soon project their Dark-Shadow on the US. Jupiter is sitting on ready and rocking on roll at 12 Leo. The Gate opens on April 8th. Jupiter is going to “pop” the question. If God is the ocean, then we are the drops. Circular Paths.



Personally: Know Thyself.  The Illusive Shadow-Self! Which “self” are we talking about? Well, let’s see, there is “my Soul Self, my Conscious Self, my Unconscious self, my Subconscious Self, my Ego Self, my Thought Self, my Emotional Self and my Physical Self.” That’s quite a few “me’s.” Which one of your “Self’s” currently captures most of your time and attention? Different Selves have different destinations. We live in layers. “Thyself is Timeless.” Circular Paths.

This Eclipse allows each of us to do a “gut-check” on our own. Stand back from Instant Gratification, ignore the need to Control and forget about the Next Big Thing. The need for speed is the fastest way to ignite the Ego. Many will take the Ego-Path. Within 2 weeks of this Eclipse each of us will have an opportunity to assess if the desire for “quick, fast and in a hurry” is really taking “me” to “my” real goal. And what is the “real goal?” Hmmm, I bet it’s not the Next Big Thing. What is lacking is discipline. Slow down. Stay Neutral. The Road to Find Out leads everyone to their own Living TruthHeart Rising! Circular Paths.

Libra is co-ruled by Vulcan (h46) Hephaestus (2212), Hera (103), Juno, Pallas Athene, Minerva (93), Paris (3317), Eros (433) and Psyche (16) the Soul. Is it possible that Karma is the gravity that holds us hostage here on Earth? Is it possible to be “enlightened” while my brothers and sisters are still living in war, poverty, abuse and depression? How can one hold the energy of “equality” in one’s heart while focused only on one’s spiritual growth? None of us have “made it” until we all have made it. That’s an interesting thought. Circular Paths.

“Then I found myself alone, hopin’ someone would miss me. Thinking about my home, and the last woman to kiss me, kiss me. But sometimes you have to moan when nothing seems to suit ya’. But nevertheless you know you’re locked towards the future. So on and on you go, the seconds tick the time out. There’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out.”

This is The Trip of a Lifetime, so let’s talk “destination.” Where exactly are you going? Would you believe me if I told you there were not any “lessons” to learn in life? What if we were to discover that it was simply a control mechanism used to “keep me in line?” It’s called the Intimacy of Opposites.  Meeting in the middle.  Balance. How would that affect one’s outlook about “what I am doing, why I am here and where I am going?It is a Party of OneDrama is optional. Circular Paths.

Be bold.  Take risks with your feelings, and more importantly, take risks with the Truth of who you are, the Truth you Know in your Heart and Soul. There is no longer a need to be subjected to conditioned fears of letting others know one another. Just be yourself, you’re more than enough. Don’t believe me, TRUST YOURSELF, above all.  We each have the strength to deal with others reactions and rather than play it safe, allow Self to be vulnerable. Circular Paths.

The love that you are seeking everywhere is already present within you. It may be evoked by any number of people or events. A mountain can evoke this love. A sunset can evoke this love.  A child. A partner. Inner-Peace.  You. Me. WE-ARE the Love. All of us! But it starts with “me.The source of all love is within you, me and WEA Party of OneCircular Paths.

“Then I found my head one day when I wasn’t even trying and here I have to say, ‘cause there is no use in lying, lying.’ Yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now? Kick out the devil’s sin, pick up, pick up a good book now.”



The Soul knows what’s coming next – New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 29 Pisces | Equinox

The Swingtime - Credit: NASA

The Swingtime – Credit: NASA

Lyrics: Lorelei – The Mortal Immortal (Part 4 – Lore of Lies)

“In this tale of a lost soul a tale of the tired and insane. In this world of nothing science has forgotten him and the world is moving on. Cursed to love no one. He can never die in vain. He amounts to nothing as he stands alone because the world is fucking gone.”

The Swingtime is the gestation period for the Soul before birth into human form on the Mothership Earth. I would imagine there would be someone there to say “Bon Voyage.” Maybe an Angelic Travel Agent going over our Itinerary for The Trip of a Lifetime one more time (yep, I got it). She offers one last piece of information, before we forget, when she says “whatever you do don’t drink the Kool-Aid.”  What is Kool-Aid?  “Life is but a dream, remember that.

The Soul knows what’s coming next.

For those who use symbolism, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th at 5:45am EST speaks volumes. Total Eclipse of the Heart. At 29 Pisces we have reached The End of the Zodiac. This is also the degree that began the Age of Pisces 2000+ years ago. The Swingtime lasts until the next Eclipse on September 13th.  At 6:44pm EST the Sun enters Aries and, for a moment, we reach perfect equilibrium. Equinox. Half-day. Half-night. BALANCE! Deep breath. Exhale slowly. Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Pisces (Spiritual Universe) is the home of the natural 12th House, aka The Womb. Ancient Astrologers called it the “House of Self-Undoing and Hidden Matters.” Modern Astrology sees it as the “House of Cosmic Reflection | Human Projections.” A Mirror! That which “Ilove or hate in “you” is what “Ilove or hate in “me.” Toxicity in others reveals where “I” stand. The physical and spiritual components can never be separated from each other. They directly impact everything we can see in Life. They impact what we cannot see with our physical eyes.

Pisces (Unseen) is ruled by Neptune (Soul) and co-ruled by Jupiter (expansion), Venus (relationship |Esoteric Ruler), Lorelei (Magic - 165), Siren (Enchantment - 1009), Dionysus (Divine Bridge of Christ3671), Odysseus (Path Home1143) and Penelope (Loyalty/Fidelity - 201). Neptune takes in heat from the Sun, but has an unexplained internal heat source so it puts off more heat than it takes in. Interesting! Neptune dissolves boundaries from within. Neptune dissolves reality so we can see the Truth (whatever that is to each of us).

“Is this how it ends as he stands to fight a battle he can never win? Is this how it ends as he stands to fight a battle he can never win? Tell me how it ends! Now he can reach the stars, for he is one of them. A severed story of a false constellation would turn back time with no hesitation.”

Think about trying to nail Jello to a tree. It finally slides off the tree in November. Neptune is in Pisces. He’s the vengeful god we read about in the Bible. He also rules earthquakes, water, glamor, celebrities, consciousness, Soul Remembering, alcohol, drugs, addiction, mental health, movies, illusion, transcendence, confusion, mercy, compassion, empathy, deceit, intuition, feet, loss of memory (Alzheimer’s Disease), abandonment and abstract thinking. He gets around.

Think of this New Moon as a “Coming Out Party.” It sets the tone for the next 6+ months.

The Soul always knows what’s coming next.

Cue the Cosmic Dancers.

Leap-frog. Swing-time-dance! Yods are quirky Mission Statements that we like to ignore because they require effort. Two 150-degree angles point toward the Mission. The 2 planets at the base support one another to bring the Mission to our attention by catching us off guard. Major lesson in balance! There are multiple layers of reality and it is good to be open to “experiencing” what “I cannot see.” This Eclipse is a “transformational Soul experience,” make no mistake. We are leaving our Savior Complex behind. Coming out! Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

“What does this mean to me? A mindless tragedy? What will it take to free my mind from insanity? Frozen in time, melting inside. Too old to live. Too young to die. Do I pray to a god, or just pray to me? From the brink my mind is severed for no one can truly live forever. Forever.”

Mission – Neptune | Lorelei | Mercury @ Apex with Jupiter and North Node @ the base. Listen more. Talk less. Over the next 6 months our Cultural Beliefs will be challenged. That’s a good thing! Time to speak up! To be healed we must believe in the possibility of healing. We cannot avoid Spirit. Sometimes people NEED Ceremony. It creates the Magic that allows healing to happen. Sometimes a move is as much symbolic as it is physical. Sacrifice and effort create Dreams. What is your definition of “timelessness?” What is your relationship with “timelessness?Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Find 20 minutes to sit in the dark, quiet your Mind and listen to your Soul. Please.

Mission – Jupiter @ Apex with Pluto and Neptune | Lorelei | Mercury @ base. What’s the difference between Equality and Equity? Sometimes what our Ego wants and what our Soul wants are two different things. That small still voice within will be getting louder over the next 6+ months. LISTEN. Then speak out. Remember, we are all working on dropping our Savior Complex. Who is your Savior? Are you playing Savior to another? What is your definition of a Savior? What roles does spirituality/religion play in your life now? Is it a lifestyle or something you do when you have time?

Mission – North Node @ Apex with Neptune and Venus @ base. Life is A relationship. New opportunities will be forthcoming in the next 6+ months in the House where the Libra resides but Neptune requires that we “surrender” or “let go” of a very deeply ingrained belief that no longer serves us. What practical steps can be taken to follow the Soul’s true-heart-desire? Where do “I” need to “take charge?Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next. Humans want peace. We believe.

Mission – Black Moon Lilith @ Apex with South Node | Uranus and Penelope (201) @ base. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Get fooled three times and I think we can officially call it the beginning of an abusive relationship. BML only rears her head when we avoid standing up and speaking out about a behavior that is not appropriate. Abuse comes in many forms too. Oddly enough we find that many abusers do not see their behavior as abusive. Sad, but true. Be faithful to Self! TRUST YOURSELF! Be true to Self! Get out of the “comfort zone.Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Mission – Sedna @ Apex with Odysseus and Pallas Athene @ base. The journey to discovering How-To-Be-An-Advocate is rarely linear. “Moldy-White-Bread-Exceptionalism.” Pay attention to the number of “entitled” people you come across. Our governments are projections of us. Term Limits for Congress? Ouch!  Planting a seed.  Be strategic when dealing with organizations, groups or religion/spirituality. There is an Advocate in your presence somewhere, or perhaps you are an Advocate for another. If we don’t reach out and help one another, we will continue to be lost at sea like Odysseus for 10 years.

“This is the story of the lost in a time where time is lost. The mortal immortal. Is he blessed, or is he cursed? To live for death is his only thirst! Doomed to wait, the end is near left with nothing but his thoughts is the only thing he fears. I stand along with my past looking back at me. My future’s dim and I’ve seen all there is to see. I’d take it back just to rewrite history but now it’s gone and I’m stuck with my misery.”

The Journey from “I AM” to “WE ARE” is not without pitfalls along the way. There are no magic potions. Moving into the “new” is going to require a great deal of work, personally, locally and globally. It all starts with “me.” We have to take chances and a few risks. Be a “contributor.” Getting stronger!   Many will find themselves disappointing others. Plans may change. No matter what listen to the Inner Soul, the Inner Knowledge, the God-Spark Within. Time to reclaim personal Spiritual Authority! Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Every storm runs out of rain. Coming out of the Uranus-Pluto square is gratifying. But it’s time to get ready for the Next-Big-Thing. Saturn squares Neptune and can make creative/practical adjustments. They operate on a 36 year cycle and we are coming to the End of a cycle in the not-to-distant-future. Uranus/Pluto was about sprouting “seeds,” but Saturn-Neptune is about the Harvest. Resolution! Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Saturn and Neptune met and merged in 1989 @ 10-11 Capricorn. 1998-99 brought their opening square @ 29 Aries | Capricorn. 2006-2007 brought opportunity for growth through their opposition @ 17-21 Aquarius | Leo. 2015-2016 brings the closing square @ 7, 10 & 12 Sagittarius | Pisces. Can you see your own progress? If you have personal planets at any of these degrees you already feel the internal-engine-of-change-refueling-process. Remember, the Soul knows what’s coming next.

Saturn stationed retrograde on March 14th at 4 Sagittarius (mutable fire). Life is a cycle in a cycle in a cycle. Structure for the Soul.  Defining Perception. Two distinct points of view. Reality meets illusionResponsibility meets fantasy. Between a rock and a dream. And something’s gotta’ give.

Dipping our toes back into the murky Scorpio swampland this Summer will allow each of us to review unconscious fears of death, sexuality and the power of the almighty dollar, the most favored Western God. As we grow up we realize that the fantasy “somewhere out there someone is going to come and save me” must be faced realistically. “Happily ever after” cannot survive either. Youth passes into maturity and can never be regained physically, but memory and wisdom offer us Saturn’s most precious gift, Patience.

Yes or no?

yinyangWelcome to the Swingtime.  In dealing with the frustration of toxic people and situations clarity comes quicker when we move away from “either/or.”  Ask Yes or No instead.   STAY NEUTRAL.  Here are a few questions to help get you started.  Make up your own.

Is this person irritating me trying to protect a personal belief they have? Yes or no?

Is this action good my own personal growth? Yes or No?

Is someone trying to do something they do not want to do or believe in? Yes or No?

Do I need to re-consider a belief that I have? Yes or no?

Does my frustration come from a fear of appearing different? Yes or no?

Am I using the full capability of my imagination to find a solution? Yes or no?

Does this really have anything to do with meYes or No?

Remember, the Soul knows what’s next! Trust yourself!

“Commoners in the life we waste away. The world crumbles, you stay the same. To live forever is a hard thing to bear. Mortal immortal, your end is near.”

For those who have been in a stressful situation please CLICK HERE and take the Adrenal Fatigue Test (3 minutes).  Look at your score and decide for yourself if you need to contact your healthcare professional.  Saturn is our “body.”  Take care of it!

Changing of the Guard – Uranus square Pluto | #7


RIP – Leonard Nimoy | Live Long and Prosper

Lyrics: Don Henley – The End of the Innocence

“Remember when the days were long and rolled beneath a deep blue sky. Didn’t have a care in the world with mommy and daddy standing by. But ‘happily ever after’ fails and we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales. The lawyers dwell on small details since daddy had to fly.

The only thing we are guaranteed in life is Change. Here comes “different.” Some things on the world scene simply defy description right now. And some days we get a blast from the past. Mr. Spock (LLAP – Star Trek premiered in 1966) has officially “beamed up” and Jimi Hendrix is back from the dead with a new un-released cut called Station Break (1966).

Uniting humanity is no easy feat. Oddly enough it is our separation that unites us right now. Who said the Universe doesn’t have a sense of humor? Paradox! Hope is about the only thing left on this planet that has not been commoditized. And that’s questionable, depending on who you ask.

Gratitude. Compassion. Forgiveness. Humility.

The Dance! The darkest times often take us to the brightest places. Have you ever noticed that? Since 2010 Uranus in Aries (True-to-Self-Sovereignty) and Pluto in Capricorn (Dismantling-the-Status Quo) have been dancing back and forth in a tense 90-degree angle. Their 7th and final square occurs on March 17th. Thunder (Pluto) in my veins and Lightening (Uranus) in my heart! Pure genius! In time we will understand why we had the experience we’ve had, and to what ultimate purpose we are being led.

They will remain in close contact until 2018, when Uranus enters Taurus and finally makes the “break.

Toxic people are always the best teachers. We’ve all had our share too. Whatever we suppress or deny and attempt to keep out of conscious awareness will show up somewhere, somehow, at some point as our “shadow.” At some past-point we put them out of our consciousness for good reason, yet they remain contained by shame and guilt, until the time is ripe for release. It’s time! The Uranus-Pluto square is the time to allow these elements to surface and embrace them, whether they are perceived as positive or negative. Love yourself and all your flaws.

“But I know a place where we can go that’s still untouched by men. We’ll sit and watch the clouds roll by and the tall grass wave in the wind. You can lay your head back on the ground and let your hair fall all around me. Offer up your best defense but this is the end. This is the end of the innocence.”


Roughly every 125 years Uranus and Pluto (Synodic Cycle) meet and merge to begin a brand new Cycle. Their meeting in 1850-1851 launched the Industrial Revolution. They met at 18 Virgo in 1966 (1 of 3 meetings). The decade of the 60’s was characterized and defined by this meeting. Flower Power! Starting in 1961, with the introduction of The Pill, women experienced their first real taste of freedom that helped incite the Sexual Revolution. Civil Rights. Equality. Ecology. Mysticism. Holistic. Vietnam Conflict. Rise of Military-Industrial Complex. Voter-Suppression. Slavery. Jim Crow. Many more!


Fast forward. The “Opening Square,” as it is called in Astrology, reveals what progress has really been made since their last conjunction, where each individual stands and the amount of work needed. The Uranus/Pluto Opposition in Virgo/Pisces will be here before you know it. 2046-2048. Time flies even when we are NOT having fun! Between now and then we will travel the distance from I AM to WE ARE. Let the Journey begin!


All those born in mid-60’s are close to 50 years old now. The Changing of the Guard is set to begin. Boomers are aging out and in 20 years the Millennials will be preparing to step-up. Uranus and Pluto are outer planets thus they vibrate global social change and reform. Here is where the real work begins.


Without effort no-thing changes and hope withers. Authenticity. Courage. Vulnerability. These 3 words are part of our daily language now, but how many times do we stop and truly consider their true meaning for “myself?Real time, with all its tastes, smells and sensations is irreplaceable folks. We have a choice each moment about who, and where “I” want to be.


“O’ beautiful, for spacious skies but now those skies are threatening. They’re beating plowshares into swords for this tired old man that we elected king. Armchair warriors often fail and we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales. The lawyers clean up all details since daddy had to lie.”

Say farewell to the old and please honor the new by releasing self-imposed resistance to the truth that is trying to become Self-Evident. This is a chance to develop that project you have been thinking about, embark on an adventure you have dreamed of and take chances in initiating what your intuitive Self has been telling you to do. As this prospect becomes increasingly visible and real, doubts and uncertainties may arise. Rest assured, just as the dawn that inevitably turns into day, by TRUSTING your own inner guidance, aka God-Spark, you will succeed.


Re-Engineering Life! Everyone on Mothership Earth has felt the impact of this powerful vibration. No matter what country you reside in pay attention to any call-to-action-Patriotism. Question everything!!! Especially your representatives and leaders. This is how governments stay in control. They want us to believe there is an “enemyout there so they can protect us (thank you Mommy and Daddy) and in the process take away our inalienable rights. Always-always-always-always-follow-the-money!


Be the solution…..Not a problem.


Where am I on the “game-board?” When you read the sentence above what was your initial internal response? Did you assume I meant you were part of the problem? Did you assume I was encouraging you to be “be the solution and it’s not a problem to be the solution?” Or some other variation thereof? It’s important because before any external change can occur internal change has to occur. Projections. “White Lies” and dirty little secrets always come out in the end. Point of view! Remain neutral for clarity.


Let’s do a quick check on our “isms.” (Hat Tip to IC) – Christians click here. For those invested in “Organized Religionclick here. Progressives click here. Pat Condell (The Godless Atheist) Home page – click here. This guy does not discriminate. For those interested in a new concept of God | First Source please click here (use your own discernment). Trust yourself!


June 26th, 2012: 8 degrees

September 19 2012: 6 degrees

May 21 2013: 11 degrees

November 1 2013: 9 degrees

April 21 2014: 13 degrees

December 15 2014: 12 degrees

March 17 2015: 15 degrees



Jimi “It’s all about the guitar” Hendrix

Each of the 7 meetings over the past few years have acted as Light Code Activations. Or, think of it as an “upgrade” to our individual Operating System (OS) aka DNA. Uranus calls out to the “radicals” and Pluto wants to maintain control by calling out to “conservatives.” No ONE is in control. Re-defining the “status quo.” There is NO quick fix. It takes time. The more resistance we offer up, the more painful life becomes. There is no movement without tension. Chaos always precedes birth. The Quickening!


“But I know a place where we can go and wash away this sin. We’ll sit and watch the clouds roll by and the tall grass wave in the wind. Just lay your head back on the ground and let your hair spill all around me. Offer up your best defense, but this is the end. This is the end of the innocence.”

Jesus was born during a Uranus-Pluto opposition and we’re still trying to integrate and define the simple message of the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. This is going to take a concerted effort on the part of many and the real work is about to begin. Technology, the Internet and the digital world will help to expedite matters. Yep, that’s all Uranus territory. Privacy. Free Speech. Can we say “internet trolls?” Where is the line in the sand? Who gets to decide? Expect change in the Internet here in the US now that the FCC has become involved. Change. Change. Change.


So, what’s a human to do?


How about getting to know someone you disagree with? Several years ago I met a Christian Blogger (here) and I would never thought he and I would be friends. Guess what? He’s a triple Scorpio and he squares my Aquarius/Leo stuff. Our blogs are different but I know him, as a person. Here’s a great story of a truck driver who called Muslims “scum” after the fire at a Mosque in Texas recently. The Iman invited the truck driver to come by and yes, there was a “happy ending.


How about being real with people? We all have strengths and weaknesses. Accept both. The reason I have this blog is because I had resisted change for so long that I had the rug yanked out from under me. Fell flat on my face. I considered asking for help a “weakness.” I asked for help. I have found that I can share my story of survival with clients who are struggling. We ALL struggle from time to time. Be yourself, you are more than enough, I promise. As Dr. Suess said, “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


How about unplugging from technology? This moment, right now, right here is all there is. Go outside, BE in nature. Leave your phone inside when you’re outside. Can you turn it off for a few hours and just Be? If technology is so wonderful why do all the Tech Giants send their children to private schools that do NOT have computers? Hmm.

Find your imagination again. Try something new, anything, for 21 days in a row. Little things. Write down goals. Write down dreams. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? How many times have you failed? Did you get back up and try something different? We only fail when we do not get back up. Time is the most precious commodity we have. Once you spend it, time exists only as a memory.


The Changing of the Guard!


“Who knows how long this will last. Now we’ve come so far, so fast, but, somewhere back there in the dust that same small town in each of us I need to remember this. So baby give me just one kiss and let me take a long last look before we say goodbye. Just lay your head back on the ground and let your hair fall all around me. Offer up your best defense, but this is the end. This is the end of the innocence.”


Going Up on the J-Curve – Full Moon @ 14 Virgo



Lyrics: The Emotions – Best of My Love

“Doesn’t take much to make me happy and make me smile with glee. Never, never will I feel discouraged ‘cause our love’s no mystery. Demonstrating love and affection that you give so openly, yeah. I like the way ya’ make me feel about you, baby. Want the whole wide world to see.”

Sometimes you can lose everything just in the nick of time to find your Soul. “Mistakes and failures” are signposts pointing the way toward the “road to recovery.

The J-Curve refers to a “J” shaped section of a time-series graph in which the curve falls into negative territory and then gradually rises to a higher level than before the decline.   Look at the graph, that’s “us.” The J-curve is a measurement of how well a business’ marketing is working. It’s the “return” received for investing “time and resources” for an extended time period. The Wheel of Life turns continuously. Humans learn by encountering differences in others. The stronger we Be-Come the gentler we will be. Going up on the J-Curve!

There’s a Full Moon @ 14 Virgo on March 5th. Think back to September 2008. Remember? Think back to August 25, 2014 because this FM is the half-way point between that New Moon and the next New Moon @ 20 Virgo in September 2015 (Solar Eclipse). Every thought is connected as is each moment in time. What was going on in your life last August and September 2008? What were you focused on? The Full Moon always brings an adjustment | change in point of view.   There is Intimacy in Opposition. We are learning to B-A-L-A-N-C-E opposition! It’s time! Going up on the J-Curve.

Virgo (Virgin) is Mutable Earth ruled by Mercury (thought | intellect) and co-ruled by Vesta (what’s Sacred to me), Ceres (Mother Nature), Persephone 399 (Maiden archetype), Mary 2779 (Virgin Mother | Mary Magdalene | Jesus Wife), Astraea 5 (Virgin Goddess of Justice), Artemis 105 (Goddess of birth | protector of animals), Isis 42 (Goddess of Magic and Giver of Life) and Chiron (balancing Human & Divine). Going up on the J-Curve.

Virgo is the sign where we transition from child to adult. Humans EVOLVE in Virgo from the individual into the Collective of Libra. This month Mercury’slogical thought” is outnumbered and outmaneuvered by a real-live Estrogen Posse! Virgo helps us “break it down into little pieces” so we can discard what is no longer useful on our Journey. Going up on the J-Curve.

When did we forget about our Cosmic Mother?

This Full Moon brings an opportunity for Healing Crisis between now and the Eclipse on March 20th. The J-Curve. Gaining strength! Soul Recovery. Everything comes to the surface now. GROWING UP! Mercury and Vesta are merging in Aquarius (Divine Wisdom from Heaven) square Wisdom 3402 in Scorpio (death/birth). There is buried deep within the human Soul Ancient Knowledge that has been lost and needs to be remembered.   Intentional Spirituality is morphing into true “in-the-moment-ness.” The symbols that we use to represent the ideas of God, operating in their Divine Order and System, are part of our Consciousness (Pisces). Pay close attention to symbols and signs. Going up on the J-Curve.

“Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Goin’ in and out of changes, the kind that come around each day. My life has a better meaning. Love has kissed me in a beautiful way.”

Black Moon Lilith merges with the Moon in Virgo shining a light on the darkness. Imagination. Receptivity. Feeling perception. Getting in touch with our “dark side” is what makes us Whole. Dancing with all “my ism’s.Lilith, Queen of Self-Sabotage, will bring up old-un-resolved-anger if it has not been dealt with. Darkness becomes Conscious. How many “ism’s” are operating in your life? Transform the fear of change into the courage to embrace change. Fever pitch! Life happens “from” us, not “to” us. Going up on the J-Curve.

Persephone | Sun | Yeshua | Chiron all merge at 13-17 Pisces creating a one-of-a-kind-point-of-view-infusion-cocktail. Service and Sacrifice. Is it possible that humans don’t want to get involved because they fear they may have to make a sacrifice or perhaps, that “I will have to give something up?” Is it possible that Humans actually FEAR being “happy?” What if we were to discover that all we are really afraid of is our own “free will?” When Humans come face-to-face with their own “Will” everything else is irrelevant. Going up on the J-Curve.

What would Jesus do,” is a question often asked, perhaps we could ask “how would Jesus behave?” An entire religion was built around this man. Why can we not accomplish the State-of-Being that Jesus acquired? Which religion offers a means to Jesus’ State-of-Being? How many times have you ever felt guilty or afraid of your own unconscious? Look at personal “ism’s.” Children are taught who and what to fear. What we see\feel\fear is projection from our unconscious. Oh yes, let the Sun shine inside me! Going up on the J-Curve.

President Obama is NOT the first black President, but rather he is the first MIXED President of the USA. He’s BOTH white AND black. Why don’t we call him the first Mixed President? What are Americans projecting? Once we understand that what we see is within us it is much easier to forgive what we see and feel. Christ-like behavior is always welcome on Mother-Earth. Going up on the J-Curve.

Artemis | Mars | South Node | Uranus | Venus all merging at 9-15 Aries is creating a Solution for our Soulution! “OR - And-both.” Separation is created when we perceive something is “different.” For or against. Man or woman. Light or dark. Good or bad. Left or right. We can all be together but not the same. Separation exists so we can experience Self through opposition. Ending separation will take several generations. Since 2010 everyone has felt the effects of Uranus and Pluto squaring off. Seeds are opening from the 60’s conjunction of these two. Expect an event because Mars will ignite Uranus and square Pluto on March 11th. This is pure potent volatile combustible energy that seeks release. Soulutions are needed! Going up on the J-Curve.

Oh, you’ve got the best of my love. Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Whoa, whoa, you’ve got the best of my love. Demonstrating sweet love and affection that you give so openly, yeah. The way I feel about ya, baby can’t explain it. Want the whole wide world to see.”

Credit: Sierra Club

Credit: Sierra Club

Jupiter (expansion) sits at the apex of a Yod (the mission) @ 14 Leo with Sun | Pluto providing the base of support for some Soul-Full action. The House where Leo resides is the House of YES or NO. Let’s change up the “OR” can we? Instead of looking through the separation-colored glasses of “right or wrong” let’s focus on YES or NO. Pluto is practical in Capricorn and the Sun is shining on the Collective Pisces Soul. Yes or No? Can we? Going up on the J-Curve.

Both are out-of-step with Jupiter’s expansive nature. There is a BIG difference in “right or wrong” and “yes or no.” This approach will shine a light on what we are willing to RE-Solve and what we are NOT willing to Re-Solve. Sounds like the beginning of a solution. We are approaching a goal and although things will not be completely set, decided or “grounded,” these new conditions will ultimately lead to success. Trust yourself! Going up on the J-Curve.

Saturn in Sagittarius stationed trine Rx Juno | Rx Isis 42 in LeoSaturn (Time |Aging | Maturity) is preparing to station retrograde on March 14th, Juno (Marriage | Divorce) stations Direct on March 13th and Isis stations Direct on March 26th. Life is relationship. Why do Humans hunger for the “answer” when the Journey of Life is “the answer?Isis operates on two levels – – Veiled (attached to the illusion of emotion and desire in the astral realm) and Unveiled (knowledge of the hidden truth). It is through relationship that Humans learn the most about self. The Intimacy of Opposition. The question is “why MUST I fit into society’s relationship box?” The bigger question is “who says we have to?Going up on the J-Curve.

Saturn always manifests our wounds through our biological spacesuits (body) if we do not confront them and heal. Humans are very attached to their emotional pain. Think back to 1984/85. Saturn is Re-covering that territory. Gather up the pieces and put them back together again. Saturn and Neptune are setting up tension for each of us in the House of Sagittarius and Pisces. They will begin to bring forth all our fantasies up for review, so we may see some-cold-hard-truth. Better now than later. Pisces | Virgo will be tested. Gemini has to make hard choices. Going up on the J-Curve.



Review the past year and ask yourself what the most important lessons you have had to learn are, what you have accomplished, and what dreams and visions you want to manifest in the upcoming year. Whether it has been a relatively smooth ride or a challenging series of events, acknowledge your experience as being the work of Creator-Source, no matter what your judgments, fears, or joys are. Honor whatever has happened over the previous several months with gratitude and forgiveness. Then let it go. You are more than enough, just BE YOURSELF. Some days it’s hard to know who to believe and trust. Trust yourself more! Welcome to the Spring Equinox Eclipse Season.  Going UP?  

“Oooooooh, but in my heart you’re all I need. You for me and me for you, Oooooooh, it’s growin’ every day. Oh oh oh oh oh, you’ve got the best of my love. You’ve got the best of my love. Oh, givin’ you the best of my love. My love, ooooooooh, my love. Givin’ you the best of my love. My love oooooooh, oh yeah. Oooooooh, oh oh oh oh oh, you’ve got the best of my love.”





New Moon @ 29 Aquarius

Credit: The Daily Beast

Credit: The Daily Beast

Lyrics: The Killers – Spaceman

“It started with a low light, next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed and then they took my blood type. It left a strange impression in my head. You know that I was hoping that I could leave this star-crossed world behind, but when they cut me open, I guess I changed my mind.”

The Human Race is in the process of reconciling the progression of change, adjustment and readjustment. We are marching toward a new and unrevealed Planetary Destiny. There is a New Moon on February 18th @ 29 Aquarius at 6:48pm EST. The Sun enters Pisces at 6:50pm EST. This is the 2nd New Moon in Aquarius and is called a Black Moon. It’s also a Super-Moon because the Moon is closer to the Mother-Ship Earth than normal. This is the last New Moon in the Eclipse Cycle that started with the October 23rd Eclipse @ 0 Scorpio. Setting the stage. The End of the Beginning.

Energy. Vibration. Frequency. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can be transformed. Everything in the Universe vibrates, including you and me. The question is “what frequency am I vibrating at?Uranus rules Aquarius. Uranus vibration is electrical in nature and when active in a chart oftentimes feels like “thunder in my veins and lightening in my heart.” Rebellious in nature the goal is to be true to myself above all. We KNOW what we KNOW, but how can we KNOW what we don’t KNOW? Time to Embrace our Ignorance!

Without Embracing Ignorance, there is no room for creativity, invention or innovation. There is little or no ability to leverage Knowledge beyond what is required to maintain the status quo. Over a hundred years ago Madame Helena Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine) identified the human illusion that we are the Center of the Universe as our biggest liability. This is the illusion from which we now have to free ourselves in order to build a new set of relationships and share the planet with a changed intention. It takes TIME!

Uranus (Cosmic Rebel/change agent) is in Aries (self) closing in on the 7th tense aspect called a square (tension) with Pluto (transformer) in Capricorn (status quo) on March 17th. Moving from the 3D duality paradigm of right/wrong, good/bad and light/dark is not without growing pains. Many lives are being sacrificed because we do not yet have enough people vibrating at a high enough frequency to affect change. But we will. The world we live in today is going to be quite different in 10 years. What would you like to BE in 10 years? Ponder that please.

“And you know I might have just flown too far from the floor this time, cause they’re calling me by my name and the zipping white light beams. Disregards the bombs and satellites. That was the turning point. That was one lonely night. The star maker says, ‘It ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna’ make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.”

Would you like to meet your Multi-Dimensional Self? Let’s play a little game, shall we? Go to Google and type in a search for your name (ladies use as many last names as you’ve got and guy’s, use your middle name in variations).  Just play with it.  Start looking at the people you share a name with. Who are they? I do not suggest you do this to compare yourself to others, but rather to see what you “share” with others with your name.

Imagine that there is ONE (fill in your name here) and all of you are living out different versions of the same NAME, in multiple lives/dimensions. See? There will be older and younger versions of your name. Who are these people? What do they do? Involved in? Life is lived through the process of elimination and there are many variables to Life. True Wisdom comes when we realize how little we KNOW.

Perspective. Think back to 1990 – 1992. Conjure that up in your Mind. If you and I had first met back then what “story” would you have told me about your life? This year Pluto (re-formation) will cover the degrees that Saturn (time/responsibility), Uranus (change agent) and Neptune (the collective fantasy/multiple dimensions) traversed through Capricorn (structure/patriarch/Daddy authority/status quo/profit) during that time period.

If we met today what would be the “story” you share with me? What is different between then and now? Pluto says “your CULT-ure has taught you from birth that Wholeness is found ‘out there somewhere’ and can be purchased on credit, no less. Communion with Source? That is an inside job.

How much do I not know about my current challenge(s),” is the first step in Embracing Ignorance. Make a list of as many aspects/facets/sides to the challenge (or that will seriously affect the challenge) that you do not know. The first few will be easy. See if you can come up with at least 15 to 20. We are likely to find the most useful and fruitful beginnings for breakthroughs in those last 5-10 aspects that we worked so hard to discover. The only way to embrace something new is to see the gap it will address and feel the need to address it.

“Well now I’m back at home, and I’m looking forward to this life I live. You know its gonna haunt me so hesitation to this life I give. You think you might cross over. You’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. You better look it over before you make that leap. And you know I’m fine, but I hear those voices at night sometimes. They justify my claim and the public don’t dwell my transmission cause it wasn’t televised.”

Oh those pesky Yods! We can all be together but we do not have to be the same. Don’t believe me, then go back to the Google search. Pluto/Ceres and Chiron act as the base of a quirky aspect called a Yod with the King of the Gods, Jupiter, sitting at the apex point. Healing (Chiron) comes from upsetting the Status Quo (Pluto/Ceres). We are all on a Mission (Jupiter) to speak up and speak OUT. Here comes a big dose of courage!

Jupiter says, “to accomplish the miraculous one must attempt the ridiculous. Before one attempts the ridiculous one must announce it to the world. If one does not have the courage to announce it out-loud then at least whisper it in the dark. It is very important to hear SELF say it. Then take action. Are you sufficiently ridiculous to do this?

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo is acting up with the South Node/Uranus in Aries. Oh tsk – tsk! As we mature we no longer have need of her services to bring awareness out of the darkness. Her message is clear – – “it appears that things have to get pretty bad before enough people are ready to give up their security and embrace change. And oh my darlings, the darkness will continue for as long as it takes in order for critical mass to be reached.” We still NEED the Dark Force.

In multiple dimensions we do not create polarity/darkness/contrast. We INTEGRATE it. WE BE-COME the Higher Realm. Everything simply IS. As long as the world continues to live in the Land of Contrast, aka 3D, we will all experience the challenges. Many are learning how to operate in the 5D world. Uranus comes to the rescue starting this Summer when, starting with those 60 and older, will have to turn in their favorite Kool-Aid-Cup-Holders. Uranus works in “waves.

“My global position systems are vocally addressed. They say the Nile used to run from East to West. They say the Nile used to run From East to West. And you know I’m fine but I hear those voices at night sometimes. The star maker says, ‘it ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.’ It’s all in my Mind. It’s all in my Mind. It’s all in my Mind. It’s all in my Mind.”

Just as Uranus/Pluto finish their dance it’s time to prepare for the next big thing – -Saturn square Neptune. We are getting a small taste of “things to come.” This is what could be called a Reality Check. Saturn is the cold hard truth and called Father Time. Milestones. Memories. Maturity. If Saturn is death, then Neptune is Life After Death. We’re all One, right? There are 7+ billion “One’s” residing on Mother Earth with 7+ billion different points of view.

Credit: Snappy Croc's Garden

Credit: Snappy Croc’s Garden

We can all be together but we do not have to be the same. Got it? Good! Some of the topics we will be covering over the next 20 months will be re-defining God/religion/spirituality, mental illness, aging and right to death, corruption at the highest levels and “what I project onto others.” Do not allow others to influence us to the point that we get all riled up without double-checking for “myself.” The big vaccination debate is a great example. It’s good to question experts and authorities. Projections are obvious and easy to spot. TRUST YOURSELF!

Everyone is much more powerful these days. For better or worse. Have you noticed your own new “super-powers?” Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Unveil. Upgrade. Unlock.

When the Mind and Body are BOTH Awake, one is truly Awake.

When the Mind and Body are BOTH A-sleep, one is Dreaming.

When the Mind is Awake and the Body is A-sleep, one is lucid-dreaming.

When the Mind is asleep and the Body is A-wake, one is sleep-walking.

The goal is/has been to Awaken what has been locked away within so we can re-establish contact with “my higher Self” so “I” can remember “my purpose” here on Earth.   It all begins with self-observation and listening to “my” heart. Pure Esoteric Knowledge, aka the God-Spark that resides Within.

Expect Magic. See a Miracle. Be yourself, you are so much more than enough. Don’t listen to self-help-gurus who have a “secret” to sell you. Don’t listen to me. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Question everything especially the TRUTH. The truth is hidden in plain sight for those willing to see past their own ignorance. The path to Wholeness is located within Self. It’s called the God-Spark. Simple. Direct. Honest. Welcome to The End of The Beginning!

“But, it was the turning point, oh what a lonely night. The star maker says, ‘it ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.’ The star maker says, ‘it ain’t so bad.’ The dream makers gonna make you mad. The spaceman says, ‘everybody look down it’s all in your mind.”